Tomb Raider: Lara Croft a Villain?

     Let me start this post off with- I absolutely love this game, and I think it's a great thing that they've made Lara Croft more than the object her character had become.  In fact I hope they make many more games in the series.  BUT...
     ...Ok, this is gonna sound VERY terrible- but I'm going to play Devil's Advocate here- but what if Lara was the villain?  No, really- think about this. 
     I'm just throwing this out there because I see all this hubbub about Uncharted's Nathan Drake being less realistic.  I've read people saying that he makes jokes about all the people he kills.  He doesn't show remorse, he doesn't regret the things he does.  Well, Lara does... once.  After her first actual kill... for like a minute.  (not including the deer she hunted)

     Think about this, the first person to die as a result of her actions was the crazy beard guy in the cave where Lara awakens hanging upside down.  The man with the beard that claims he's there to "help" her- and you know what?  I believe he was there to try and help her.  Look at the state of this man- beard, back pack, worn attire.  He was trying to get to her in a swift manner, possibly so the guards wouldn't spot him.  This isn't just a random goon.  He's someone that was on the run and hiding from the rest of the people on the island.  In Lara's defense, he did go about trying to "help" her in a poor manner.  Granted, his time on the island, presumably scavenging and scrounging for sustenance, may have made him lose some of the general courtesy of introducing oneself to a person in need.
     But anyways- this man died in a botched attempt to assist Lara.

     Later, after wrestling with a man definitely intent on killing her, shoots a man in self defense.  Shortly after that she comments to Roth that it was almost too easy.  (I believe the quote is, "It's scary just how easy that was.")  Could this be the start of another Drake?  Give this some serious thought.  After a single kill, she goes on what appears to be a murder spree.
     She displays sadness for learning (or re-learning) how to use a bow by killing a deer for food. That lasts until she's stuffed her cake hole and moved on.  Really, the mechanic wasn't to learn to hunt and forage for things to keep you alive. It was just for one moment of feeling an ounce of emotion.  And it ended up being the perfect foreshadowing for her killing her first human later on.  A minute of regret and she's off to slay any number of enemies in her path.
     I would say it's pretty damn similar to Drake, because she slays hundreds of others on Yamatai.  All of them would probably rather be alive.  All of them would kill her if it meant surviving.  I would even go as far to say they would even kill to save their friends-   Just.  Like.  Lara.

     Why didn't the game makers show the struggle a bit longer. (perhaps have a stealth option for a NO kills run, like many other recent games)  Make her have extra wobbly hands and horrible accuracy?  It's one thing to be able to hunt animals, but it's a different thing to kill other people.  So I can account for a little of her great initial skills with weapons.
     What might be nice to point out that this situation on the island is a life or death occasion.  Kill or be killed.  Mathias wants to find the Sun Queen's new vessel so she might be appeased into letting people get off the island.  He wants to help his people, just like Lara.  Trying to save their friends.

     In the end, to save her friends, Lara kills a majority of the inhabitants of Yamatai.  In the end it's either Himiko the Sun Queen or Sam.  One would die.  (Also of note, the only human female I recall Lara killing is Himiko)
     Nobody thinks they are the villain, and I suppose to the people that were already struggling and holding on for dear life on the island, Lara was it.  Lara has become just like all of the "enemies" on the island, savage and brutal in their learning to survive.  They should be hiding.  She is coming for them. 

RUN!!!   Even bunnies aren't safe.
     I can only imagine this is what it was like for Robert Neville at the end of Richard Matheson's "I am Legend" -that disturbing moment when he realizes he's become their legendary killer, the stalker in the night, he's become their "Dracula."  He is the villain.

Kick-Ass 2 Red Band Trailer

There's a dog on your balls!
     It's been a few years since reaing the original Kick-ass comic series, and a bit less since the first film- but DAMN does this second one look great!  I was worried when they adapted it for film that it wouldn't be as brutal or funny, but they did remarkably well and produced a highly enjoyable comic book movie.  Now I have no reservations for this one.  As it stands, there will be plenty of moments of laugh out loud humor in regards to horrible violence, something quite typical in Mark Millar's(wrote the comics) body of work.

     Of course Cloe Grace Moretz's Hit Girl and Jim Carrey's Colonel Stars and Stripes are stealing the show in the red band trailer.  If you've read the comics, they pretty much steal that show as well.  Hit Girl is trying to fit in at a school with all the "normal" girls and kids, and Stars and Stripes is a former bad guy, being a born again Christian trying to do "good" by turning away from his old ways.  Sounds like a recipe for violent and absurd humor to me!

     This'll be a must see.
Here's a link to the trailer(having trouble with the embed function): http://youtu.be/7UMbwxbgv8U


Metal Gear Solid V= Ground Zeroes + The Phantom Pain

     Well, at the Game Developers Conference the legendary Hideo Kojima confirmed that The Phantom Pain and Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes combined make Metal Gear Solid 5.  This announcement sort of makes me wonder about what the extent of that combination is though.  He has been talking about games moving towards episodic release- so could this be a marketing hint at Metal Gear becoming a chapter based story?  This game looks undeniably amazing, as it is run on the new FOX Engine.

     In this video we see a bunch of semi familiar faces.  People that resemble Psycho Mantis, Revolver, and one that looks a bit like "Master Miller" from MGS1 appear.
     And these 2 statements, in particular, make me very curious:
From "FOX" Two Phantoms were Born
V has come to.

     So is this going to be like Twin Snakes?  Maybe another super soldier program, other Snakes were made, and this could be their story?  Might it be a retelling of one the earlier games from other perspectives?  The viewpoint of Big Boss perhaps?  Will the "Two Phantoms" be secretive covert ops soldiers we have never met?   
     Is one of the 2 games just a portion of the other?  There is a "9 year gap" spoken of by a Doctor in the trailer.  Is it anything like Metal Gear Solid 2- with multiple protagonists?  So much to speculate on, and only vague confirmations.  So many questions.
     Regardless of what it is, it will be great.  As is the fact that it is an "open world" game on top of it all.  Kojima is the future of video gaming.  Always carving new paths. 


The Wolverine Full Trailer Thoughts

     After getting my hopes up for a more gritty and realistic Wolverine movie, my hopes are dashed again.  Especially because we got 2 teaser pics, a 6 second and a 30 second teaser for this full trailer.  Really... the train sequence looks completely absurd.  All the ninjas in the snowy well-lit pagoda area?  Also absurd.  Wolverine bemoaning his immortality- meh.  This is another cartoony looking film, and my expectations weren't even that high to begin with.
This'll be better than Origins?!?  You sure, Bub?
     Wolverine looking to be made "mortal" is so overdone.  He couldn't even survive without the healing because of metal poisoning from his skeleton.  It would be easy to guess the old sickly fellow (Lord Shingen?) will probably take the healing for himself while Logan cries about his continually bleeding blade holes during his mutant mid-life crisis. 
Is this The Silver Samurai?  Probably.
     Seriously, weren't we promised something better than Origins?  This only looks slightly less ridiculous.  Barely.    
     Come on Marvel- get someone like Darren Aronofsky back on board.  You know why the Batman: Dark Knight series did so well?  Because it was aimed at serious mature audiences, not campy teenage idiots.  Make it worth our time.  Adapt Frank Miller/Chris Claremont's story, adapt Barry Windsor-Smith's Weapon X.  We want true Wolverine, not mopey emo Wolverine.
     Market and make the film we need- the fans will follow.

     On a positive note- I believe we finally got to see the Silver Samurai. (see above pic)

Links to trailers:  http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/03/27/the-full-trailer-for-the-wolverine-is-here


Guacamelee! Release Date Announced!

     After a LONG wait, we learn the date of Guacamelee's release!  We will be getting Juan the agave farmer's story on April 9th(North America) with Playstation and Vita (Cross-buy) for $14.99. 

     Soon we will be straddling the divide between the living and the dead with a supernatural luchador.

Borderlands 2: More Bank Storage FINALLY!!!

     Gearbox has been doling out all kinds of good news- here's one I've been complaining about since Borderlands 2 was loaded on my PS3- MORE inventory/storage/bank space.  This has been needed since the game's initial release, and we were promised that we "wouldn't have to worry" about storage space- so this will be a wonderful addition.
     The ammo expansion SDU is a pleasant surprise.  The larger Eridium capacity will be nice as well.


The Wolverine Pics, Poster, and 6 seconds of footage

Caught in his zipper!
     I see there is a plethora of new things for the upcoming film The Wolverine.  Horribly photoshopped posters and 6 seconds of random movie pics have not increased my hopes of this being better than X-men Origins.
     Apparently tomorrow we'll be getting to see 30 seconds of footage, and then the next day- an actual trailer- so I'll wait to see more.  The fact Jean Grey has been spotted is questionable.  Maybe she's just a cameo shoved into it.  Maybe a flashback, I don't know.  The cheese factor in the first 6 seconds is pretty high.

     Seriously Marvel- what the F***!- just give Wolverine the R rating and real grit.  I want dark and feral.  He is the best there is at what he does and what that is is a killer.  Not a hugger.  Make this and you will have a film to rival DC's Batman (Dark Knight) series.  It's what the fans want.
     Really, give this the real dark treatment.  We want Barry Windsor-Smith's Weapon X.  We want Chris Claremont and Frank Miller's Wolverine.  Wolverine deserve's an overhaul.

Valiant Comics: World's Worst Superhero Teaser

     Valiant comics, since their reappearance on the comics scene, have been positively outstanding.  Here's their teaser for something this summer-
     This sounds VERY intriguing.  I don't know if it's a humorous series or not, but I can guarantee I will be buying it- as the revamped Valiant Universe has not let me down yet.  They have, however, made me excited once more for comics in general.

     Keep up the good work Valiant!

Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles Fully Cast

     We are one step closer to having our beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ruined forever.  Michael Bay's (and Jonathan Liebesman's) Ninja Turtles reboot, possibly being aliens, and not even teenagers, has been fully cast.  Well, just April O'Neil and the 4 turtles. 

Alan Ritchson as Raphael
Pete Ploszek as Leonardo
Jeremy Howard as Donatell
Noel Fisher as Michelangelo
Megan "Cardboard human" Fox as April.

     Apparently the turtles themselves will be motion captured, and that fact does absoluetly nothing for consoling my low expectations for this probable tragedy.

This Ninja Turtles is slated for release on June 6, 2014.


Tomb Raider: Modern Archeology with Lara Croft

     I've finished the single player campaign and played a few hours of the multiplayer in the new Tomb raider about a week ago and have a few things to say.  But since it became an unreadable novella length writing, containing both serious and non-serious things, I've decided to break the article up into more manageable segments.  So here's the first-

Modern Archeology with Lara Croft
Oh look, free shit!
     Lara Croft, like her younger video game sibling Nathan Drake, is the progeny of an adventure hero many current middle aged gamers grew up with- Indiana Jones.  Lara follows in those footsteps quite well.  After watching the Indiana Jones films repeatedly over the last few decades, and playing all the Tomb Raiders and Uncharteds, they've been giving some bad impressions of current trends in the field of archeology.
     Where's all the adventure in real life?  When I watch the History channel (when they play shows about history, and not the crappy "reality" programming they've been so keen on airing in recent years) I don't imagine that a dig site could be so dangerous.  Nazis, militias and stranded crazies abound in every locale that contains these hidden treasures from the past when our heroes arrive.  Why don't the scientists and doctors on these shows get attacked for the valuables lost by ancient civilizations they've retrieved?  Surely the various enemies looking to get rich or obtain mystical powers are eager to take these items once they've been unearthed.

     Hundreds of treasure hunting goons should be flooding the dig sites in search of magnificent booty.  I mean what good what it be for me to have to go through all the work of excavating something when I can just kill someone and take it after they've done the job so nicely?  I mean Yamatai is swarming with people... except for the tombs.  Why is that?  Is it because they are waiting for me to solve puzzles that have been clearly set up by someone not long ago?  And with all the things that got set up- why did they leave the goodies?  All the giant gold chests were left unopened.  Very suspicious if you ask me.  Not to mention the fact there are extremely valuable historical trinkets and baubles left out around all over the place.

     Where's the cut off?  Exactly when is it ok to desecrate a resting place in order to profit?  Whether it's for money or knowledge, there seems no clear answer.

     After the few tombs I've raided, or more accurately- the graves I've robbed as Lara Croft in the new game, I've come to the conclusion that if it's for educational purposes "tomb raiding" is considered archeology... even to the point of looting the still warm, seconds old corpse of someone I just killed.

     If I was on Yamatai, I would be the guy that sneaks into the tombs and lights all the thousands of candles.  The return of one of my alter egos- Jacob Wicklighter.  I'm not kidding.  Who do you think lit all those candles- the crazy beard guy?!?  Nope.  It was me.

Borderlands 2: Gearbox at PAX East summary

     Well, summing up most of my earlier posts into a single one:
"Roll for initiative, SUCKAS!"
     1)  April 2nd we'll be getting an Ultimate Vault Hunter's Upgrade DLC pack- adding 11 levels, a 3rd playthrough, and reintroduces pearlescent rarity weapons.  Free to season pass holders, $4.99 if not.

     2)  New 6th playable character- Krieg the Psycho.  He is encouraged to take damage to continually rampage and enjoys being on fire.  He'll be available in May for $9.99.

     3)  The as yet unnamed 4th DLC.  A short teaser trailer showed Brick, Lilith and Mordecai playing Pandora version of D&D called Bunkers and Badasses.  It was said it should be released by the end of June.

     I am fully ready for more looting on Pandora.  Hopes are high, as Gearbox is dumping everything into making this franchise worth it.  The 4th DLC is said to be the "biggest yet" which sounds amazing, but considering the first 3 were very short I won't get too excited just yet.  If it is bigger than The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, well, I'll be outright enthralled.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug preview part 2

     Now that the preview event is over, and I am sad to say there was not a trailer or teaser.  They did however show a small clip involving Gandalf and Radagast at Dol Guldur investigating the Necromancer.  Apparently all the rooms were broken out of, not in to.  It may be of note that Radagast is confused as to why (or how?) he is there.  Will this help show how the Morgul blade came to be in the hands of Radagast?
     Maybe we'll find out where Radagast goes after all is said and done, as I'm fairly certain he just disappears, no death scene or explanation.

Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Preview #Hobbit2SneakPeek

     Currently watching the Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug sneak peek online event with the code that came with the Hobbit Blu Ray.
     So far I got a couple screen captures of a scene.  It's Martin Freeman's Bilbo telling Bard the Bowman and the dwarves of something all Hobbit's learn at birth, the saying, "NEVER.  VENTURE.  EAST."

Borderlands 2: 4th DLC: Bunkers and Badasses

     At the very end of the PAX East show Mr. Randy Pitchford and Geabox showed off a short clip of Tiny Tina, Mordecai, Brick and Lilith playing a Dungeons and Dragons type game called Bunkers and Badasses.  Not much too go on, but it looks fun.  I enjoyed Brick calling his character as the Siren, and the most pretty one ever was the cherry on top.
    Anthony Burch called it something like Tiny Tina's giant racist adventure.  Most likely a huge joke.  Anyhow, it is slated to be released at the end of June.

Borderlands 2: PAX East: New Character- Psycho Bandit Krieg

     Here's the new playable character- a bandit with a melee or long range buzzsaw axe
Name: sounds like "Kreig."
     Bloodlust, Mania, Hellborn trees encourages friendly fire and taking damage to continue fighting and surviving.  He apparently enjoys being on fire as well.
     He'll be available in May.

Gearbox at PAX East- Level increase to 61! *DLC*

     New gear- 51-61 level PEARLESCENT gear, DLC, level cap increase and 3rd tier playthrough- Ultimate Vault Hunters pack added.  All confirmed!  Priced at $5, but free for season pass owners!

     Available APRIL 2!!!  So close!

     Already looking good Gearbox, and thank you Pitchford for keeping us loving Borderlands 2.

Game of Thrones: Jaqen H'Ghar: A Man is Awesome

     The 3rd season is almost upon us, and I was saving this meme I made of everyone's favorite Lorathian assassin and "Faceless Man" - Jaqen H'Ghar- since this episode happened last season.  Hopefully people enjoy this, as I made it with the intention of him being so absurdly confident in his abilities, that he is surprised that Arya would even question him.
     I wsa toying around with other "A man is..." sayings, like "A man is fabulous," but none of them seem to fit.  So I stuck with awesome, and that he is.


Gearbox at PAX East.

     Anyone else expecting a bunch of frivolous information from Mr. Pitchford at PAX East tomorrow?  Probably a bunch of vague, over-hyped statements mostly focused on their cash cow Borderlands.  They had the teaser for their new playable character stating that the new vault hunter was heading to PAX E, so at least we may get the full reveal.  I hope it's the previously mentioned "Quasimofo" as that sounds like an amazing character.
     Will they give any news on the raise in level cap or "Massive Expasion" for Borderlands 2?   How about the blunder called Aliens: Colonial Marines?  With a bit of work Aliens could be fixed.  By a bit, I mean a butt load of work.  It would be extremely nice if Gearbox would release statements on the mistakes made.  They can't ignore it forever.  A simple apology would go a very long way.     It would be nice to know that all the big promises we were given would actually be made right.

Gearbox's PAX East live panel-    (Sunday, March 24th at 12:30pm ET)

Grumpy Cat vs Joker

     Here's a filler post that is just for fun.  Finished this sometime back in January and left it for a time when I needed to break up this blog's focus on games.  Hope you enjoy it.


Riddick Teaser Trailer

     After that abominable pile of crap Chronicles of Riddick, I was surprised there'd be another movie at all.  Rumors and still shots didn't convince me they could remedy that turd, but low and behold, the teaser trailer has me genuinely intrigued.  It looks to be a darker more horror type adventure.
     Knowing Karl Urban will be joining Vin Diesel in this 3rd film in the Pitch Black series will guarantee my going to see this.  Will it be able to recapture the feel of the first?  Perhaps.  This trailer has given me a bit of hope... even though it contains a bit of cheese factor.

Trailer link: http://youtu.be/IFBrpKoiCq8

PS Vita will get 100+ games in 2013!!!

     IGN reported in an interview with Don Mesa (PlayStation’s Director of Product Planning and Platform Software Innovation) that it was said over 100 titles will be coming to the PlayStation Vita in 2013.  This is such wonderful news!  The Walking Dead, Mechanarium, and Lone Survivor along with TONS of others.  The Vita needed this so bad. 

     Luckily enough I bought a Vita last August, and it is such a remarkable portable gaming system.  I really mean that- after going through multiple Nintendo Gameboy Advance(s) and DS(s), the Vita blows them out of the water.  As for a portable system, this is really a portable Playstation.  Sure the Vita is currently lacking some of variety in games playable right now, but Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, and Assassin's Creed: Liberation show that the system is HIGHLY capable of producing console game quality on a slightly smaller scale.  I would even go as far as to say that these 3 games, in particular, are better than a great many of the Nintendo Wii games.
     The only negative part of the Vita (aside from the huge cost of purchase) so far was the poor selection of games.  There just weren't enough to choose from, and now that problem will be remedied.  Thank you Sony.

Here's the link:


Ant-Man: Edgar Wright

     Recently someone leaked a recording of the teaser trailer footage for Edgar Wright's Ant-man movie that was shown at San Diego Comic-Con International.  The small snippit I saw contains some very Wright looking shots, and has the feel of a classic era comic.  Ant-Man has a small but intelligent use of his shrinking powers to take out a couple guys guarding an elevator.  Is he breaking into somewhere or escaping?  The trailer also makes me think about the possibility of his Giant Man persona as well, and what kinds of things he'll use the ant communication abilities for.

     I know the IMDB site lists the main character as the Hank Pym version, but how will they handle him?  From the comics I'm familiar with the fact that he descends into an unlikeable character and ends up creating The Vision.  Which would be a wonderful tie in if they use Agent Coulson as the model.  Then Vision eventually leads to Ultron, a huge bad guy that is currently in Marvel's big crossover event Age of Ultron.  Hopefully, being the movie version they'll leave out the wife beating issues.

     Wright has a history of more lighthearted things like Shaun of the Dead, Spaced, Hot Fuzz, and most notably the wonderful handled video-game influenced Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  Which makes me wonder why he wouldn't want to go with the more morally ambiguous Irredeemable Ant-Man, Eric O'Grady.  Considering he was made by Robert Kirkman creator of the Walking Dead.  It would seem to be a much more fitting character for Wright, as the "hero" is highly reluctant, but ends up thrust into situations where he at least tries to do some good, and mostly sucks at it.  O'Grady, a low level S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, gets the suit from his best friend that had it when he died, and he primarily uses it for voyeuristic business, and as such he would make an interesting Ant-Man to watch, as he repeatedly lies, steals, cheats, but then tries to fit in by renouncing his ways and attempting to be a hero.  He would be the type of guy that would stop a robber, then shrink to tiny size to steal candy bars from a vending machine.

     If it is the Pym version, I'll wait to see how he is handled.  If it turns out to be O'Grady, my excitement will be much higher.  Because it's an Edgar Wright film I'll enjoy it either way.

     On a good side note- Wright is also responsible for my favorite fake trailer for Tarantino's Grindhouse films, a campy looking horror film called "Don't."  So well handled, it is absolutely hilarious.

Star Trek Into Darkness: New International Trailer

     With the release of this new trailer we get our first glimpse of Peter "Robocop" Weller, a bunch of snippets loaded with action, and a dash of new story info.
Dr. Marcus, a Redshirt, Bones(!), and Sherlock.
     I did see that there's an inexplicably scantily clad Dr. Carol Marcus.  Maybe all those explosions blew her clothes completely off?  No complaints here, she's a fit looking doctor.  Also- did anyone else notice the signifigant lack of Chekov?  Seriously, where's he been?  We are in need of more Pavel Chekov.

     I read that there's a hidden URL to an unused poster: https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEimB8zASQ85lqfA_YsFP9QC3LzDvGlDdOVJvLFcjJIbCIBtxSGXP0xF0yW1T5Yb3eTOo_wesQLpfqZElPsotZftzK2YL1oytpGkZbjyx0fOGu8CNUk89azn5ShqTe2t-mcm4zKyyDERtl8/s1600/trekhidden.jpg
As well as a shuttle named "Takai."  No pic unfortunately.

Here's a link in case the embed function doesn't work:


God of War: Ascension- Bros Before Hos Controversy

     When I first saw the video about Adam Sessler's thoughts on this trophy/achievement, I was a little put off.  Not that I'm offended or pissed or anything.  Typically I love most of his view, even when they differ from mine.  He typically makes great arguments, but on this particular topic- the action that nets the trophy or achievement and how it is made- was kind of stretched.  
     Here's Mr. Sessler's initial review with the comments: http://youtu.be/XjIpPUE8epA

     Being based on a common saying it's already a slang saying, and one I hear constantly.  On the flip side, I work in a hospital where easily 80-90% of my coworkers are female, and they have a saying quite like it- Chicks Before Dicks.  The "dicks" part has multiple connotations, of which you may posit a decent guess to.  And guess what- I don't care that I hear it all the time.  To them it's a saying that means "girls stick together."  And really, why would I have a problem with their sisterhood, even if they express it in with potentially harmful words?

     Many have already pointed out that it was in reference of characters working together and not about misogynistic deeds.  It just feels like the scene was misrepresented.  Much like the "rape scene" from the new Tomb Raider- one that was definitely NOT what it was made out to be, and this God of War Ascension debacle is similar.  The Trophy/Achievement comes from a particular male character getting Kratos to stop the Furies from abusing their powers and dealing punishment out unjustly.  The unjust argument is a whole other matter(for Furies and Kratos) however- as Kratos has single handedly destroyed pretty much ALL of ancient Greece in an over-the-top quest for vengeance.

     What I do like about what came from his comments are:
1) Sessler's response to his own comments in this DTOID video:  http://youtu.be/rkq1Mu2H80w
     Thank you for being so good at this thing.  Making people know that things got blown out of proportion, and taking the time to respond openly.
2) The renamed Trophy/Achievement-  Bros Before Foes is a far better play on words, and should have been used in the first place. 

     I must applaud Mr. Sessler for initiating these types of conversations.  It brings awareness to the gaming community and attention to the creators.  Thank you again Mr. Sessler. 

     As an end cap here are a couple decent articles:
     The first is Jim Sterling's response to the Sessler stuff-

     The second is sort of about the killing of female enemies in God of War.  I have a couple small issues with this.  1) Kratos slaughters pretty much everything.  Not just beautiful woman/creatures.  Thousands of men, creatures, and male creatures.  There's no sexual distinction.  2) Kratos isn't gunning for the ladies underparts.  It ISN'T sexual.  When he attacks a person or creature's torso- it would end up hitting at least a portion of breast.  And with the smaller size of the females in the game, it turns out breasts are unfortunately in the target zone.
     Would it be different if Santa Monica Studios put Priapus in the game?  Give Priapus the God of War treatment and have a 10 foot penis that Kratos slices into thin coins of wang meat?  Yes, and you know why, because it deals directly with genitals, and would put focus on sexual organs.  But what makes me wonder is- if they did would there be an outcry about "misandrist" game conduct?

     Anyways, it's good to see people talking about things in a civil way. 

Tomb Raider: No Single Player DLC?

     Well, in some sad news- it has been said there will be NO single player DLC... at least for "now" it isn't in the plans.(see pic and link below)  While I sort of understand from a designer standpoint (where would the stuff go on the island?)  I'm certain that there is still plenty of unexplored areas on Yamatai, so what gives?

     The Tomb of the Lost Adventurer was an all too short extra for the pre order bonus.  I noticed the entrance to the tomb was already in game, just bouldered up to prevent access until later.  Anyway here's a pic from the interview on Reddit with Karl Stewart (Global Brand Director for Tomb Raider) and Noah Hughes (Creative Director for Tomb Raider)
Here's the link to the interview:
     Not too much of a problem.  I DO want more story and play, but if they are focusing on saving the good stuff for future game installments, I'll be fine with that.  How about some co-op tomb raiding?  I wouldn't mind that.  Everything is team deathmatch, and it gets old fairly fast.
     On the flip side- the multiplayer is pretty good, but it doesn't play nearly as fluidly as Uncharted 3's, I mention it because they are VERY similar.  It gets choppy with high frequency, even with my PS3- which is high end and runs super smoothly with damn near anything.  The hit detection appears to be off- I'd unload an entire clip into a person's head and torso and they 2 shot me with a pistol?  What the hell? 
     There is an additional issue I have, many times during multiplayer I end up on a team of 2 against 6.  Seriously, the team switch needs to be fixed.  It's enough of a problem when it's 4 on 4, and one team is all level 40+ against a bunch of under level 10s.  There needs to be a bit more balance added. 

     I do have plenty more to say about this game, but because the post is like 5 pages long, I'll break it down into smaller bits over the next few days.


Supergiant (Bastion) have revealed their next game: Transistor

     The creators of Bastion have released a trailer for Transistor, their next game.  It seems to stick to the isometric view, with some side scrolling segments shown.
Here's the link to the official site and trailer:  http://supergiantgames.com/?p=1816

       And of note- it appears to be a bit Tron like, not that the characters are programs, but they seem to be electronic component parts.  Well at least they are running around places that highly resemble circuit boards.  Which is, I guess, where the title comes in.

The Wolverine: New pics and a teaser trailer date!

     I see The Wolverine's director James Mangold has tweeted info about the movie- "Clarity for all asking: I will tweet a peek (a "tweazer") on 26th. Full teaser online on 27th. 3D and 2D in theaters on the big screen 29th"
     So we'll be getting some sweet info in a week.  Hopefully Mr. Mangold hasn't created the next abominable pile of crap that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  Good lord it was bad.  Why didn't they just directly adapt Barry Windsor-Smith's Weapon X series?  Give him an "R" rated movie (or at least a hard PG-13) and make it about Wolverine's "business."  Make us believe he's the "best there is at what he does."
     Wolverine struggles with his animal instincts and violent nature.  Stop pandering to the young audience, and give Marvel's True Believers something they WANT to watch.  Look what Nolan did with Batman in the Dark Knight series.  Dark and meaningful, the movies need substance.  Marvel, you should follow suit.  Make it worth our while, and we the fans will love it.


Assassin's Creed: Rising Phoenix

     Ubisoft is leaking Assassin's Creed things like a child with diarrhea that's accidentally been drinking gallons of colon flushing juices to replenish the fluid loss. 
     Apparently, the Playstation Vita will be getting this game on October 10th.  That would be 3 weeks before Black Flag on the major next gen consoles.

     While I'm not the biggest fan of the Assassin's Creed series, I am currently playing the Assassin's Creed: Liberation on the Vita, and it is quite good.  It's not without it's problems, mind you, but very fun nonetheless.

Dragon's Crown Release Date!

    Someone sent a pic of some Playstation Vita release dates, and it included the elusive Dragon's Crown- (it appears set for released August 6th) to IGN from a Gamestop.  Well, I've been looking forward to this 2d sidescrolling adventure for some time, and the Vita needs more good games, and it needs them NOW! 

Here's the IGN article: http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/03/19/report-this-is-dragons-crowns-release-date-on-vita-and-ps3

But what about second winter?

     With the recent drop in temps again to damn near zero... AGAIN, I just couldn't help myself.  Spent most of my last 2 hours at work laughing about this in my head, so when I got home I had to make it. 
     For the most part- I sincerely hope you read it in his voice!
     PS: Someone needs to punch our forecasting groundhog friend Puxatony Phil in his tiny face.  Then again, he's about as accurate as a real forecaster...

Sherlock Season 3: Ep 1- The Empty Hearse

     This morning Mark Gatiss tweeted that the first episode of season 3 has begun.  The title of the First episode is The Empty Hearse, and I am hoping it maintains the exemplary writing, directing and acting as the last 2 seasons.  In addition the cast has been pretty much solidified for the 4th season as well.
     Perhaps the title is a rework of the A.C. Doyle story The Adventure Of The Empty House, fittingly taking place after his death in The Final Problem.  **UPDATE** The story is definitely going to be based on the book for sure.  Although how much so... I couldn't say.
     One would assume as much considering his fake death in the Reichenbach Falls.  I am extremely curious as to he survived the many story fall onto concrete.  It's clear he had the overlooked friend Molly's assistance and medical expertise, but HOW?  There appeared to be a medical team pretty much on hand and ready.  So did he have meds and an impact reducing exoskeleton under his coat?  I am truly boggled as to how they'll pull this off.  Without a doubt, it'll be brilliant, as I have yet to be let down by this show. 

     Holmes' return will mark a new era.  What can they do now?  Anything they want, without sacrificing the elements that are true to the characters.  Will this episode touch on the sniper/assassin Col. Sebastian Moran- who is closely tied to Moriarty?  With Moriarty's death, someone needs to be in the active villain role, and Moran would be a good fit. 
     Besides, we've already seen the use of a sharpshooter that had Watson in their sights during Reichenbach.  We could use espionage- a mole as to why Sherlock remains hidden.  Maybe there's a threat that he needs to weed out and Mycroft keeps that knowledge secret.  (In the book Mycroft knows Sherlock faked the death)

     Although, since Molly is the only person that knows he is alive, maybe Mycroft is out of the loop on this.  Sherlock may just be rooting out the network of people Moriarty had set up to eliminate his friends at the end of season 2. 
     Good lord am I excited for this.  Speculation will be done!

Joakim Mogren's Phantom Pains

     I've gotten a bit backlogged on the blog, and forgot to post this Friday-
     Well "Joakim Mogren" has released a video of himself showing off clips of Phantom Pains.  Many are quite sure this is Hideo Kojima's next Metal Gear game, outside of Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes. 
     Indeed, I too believe it is the next in the series and there is little to sway me otherwise.  Kojima is a brilliant marketing strategist, and I personally believe he has made up this Joakim Mogren and Moby Dick studios.  When I say made up- I mean not only the names, but the video is probably fake as well. 
     Seriously.  The fabled FOX Engine for gaming is rumored to be mind blowing- so I believe this bandaged man, that looks awfully reminiscent of a character in the Phantom Pain trailer, is 100% made up.  Granted I could be very wrong, but it does seem like a wonderful PR stunt to show off the capabilities of the FOX Engine.
     I think he could totally be a CG person, due to many small things in the video.  One- the 2 people are never in 1 shot together.  Two- Mogren's eyes.  The pupils don't seem to change.  Three- different lighting on the two man in conversation.  Four- Phantom Pains?  Maybe this video will prove to be more like Phantom Person.  Five- His nose bridge is a bit too flat. 
     "Accident" or not, this Mr. Mogren is either a stand in or made of CG.

     With the news contained in the video that we'll be finding out more this week coming week, we'll learn just how much potential the FOX Engine really has... 
          ...and the future of Metal Gear.


Dumb and Dumber 2 News... Sort of...

     With the 20th Anniversary of one of the greatest comedies known to man, Dumb and Dumber, arriving in 2014- the sequel may be on the horizon as well.  A few months back Peter Farrelly mentioned that the script for "Dumb and Dumber To" (the official title) was finished and it takes place 20 years after the original.  He told Entertainment Weekly, "It's not a firm greenlight yet because there are still negotiations happening, but that's what we’d like to do next. We have a script that's really, really fun."

     Now- after speaking to Access Hollywood, Jim Carrey has suggested it may be about time-
“Jeff and I are really excited about it and hopefully next year we’ll be able to do that."
     This movie could be the next mega comedy blockbuster.  Seriously, who wouldn't see it? 


God of War: Where to go from here

     After slaying most of the Grecian world, where does Kratos have to go?  God of War 3's ending had a semi-hidden symbology that points to one conclusion- the Phoenix.  A bird carved in the stone Kratos is bleeding on. 
     Kratos could become a phoenix of Greek lore.  A chance to rise from the ashes he's worn since the tragic day he slew his wife and child.  It would give him an opportunity for penance as opposed to the unbridled rage that wound up destroying the Greek nation.   Think of Heracles- a man going into a self imposed servitude.  Completing tasks to help those in need. 
     Kratos could focus his rage to help liberate other lands.  A world tour of destruction.  What would the Egyptian gods do when a usurper came to overthrow their tyranny?  How about the Thor of Norse mythology- could Mjolnir be enough to stop Kratos?  Fujin and Raijin could be a dual boss battle in Asia.  Anansi in Africa, Coyote from Native America, and Tezcatlipoca in an Aztec world. 
     There's a wealth of world mythos to draw upon.  Kratos has a chance to grow into something more than a petty vengeful god.  Will the series continue in a new direction?  We'll have to wait and see.

     There's also this recent potential hint from God of War: Ascension that may be a clue to the future of the series.  The cistern painting and it's change once the "puzzle" is solved.  Then again, maybe there's something in the series people have missed.  An eclipse maybe? 
     Is it another land?  What is that mountain fortress, and where is it?

The Last of Us Demo...

     Well, after picking up my copy of God of War: Ascension yesterday and getting everything loaded, I came across a fairly large disappointment- The Last of Us demo.  Or more accurately- the lack of said demo.
     Is Sony worried about the redundancy of Kratos' exploits hurting sales?  I am a bit ashamed that I preordered and bought GoW specifically for this demo, only to find that I'll be waiting until 2 weeks prior to the full game to demo.  What a joke.
     Seriously, the early access to the demo is slated for May 31, only 2 weeks before the game is fully released on June 14th.  I'm sorry Naughty Dog, but this marketing is crap.  Many gamers picked up God of War, with the hopes of actually playing the demo for The Last of Us.  Not for an 80 day countdown. 

     I'm very unhappy about this.  Don't market an early access demo, and have a sticker on the cover of GoW that reads- Contains Last of Us Demo, and then make us wait two and a half months for it.  Just because a game's release is postponed, doesn't mean the demo has to be as well. 

Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall

     This morning we got Arkane Studios announced Dishonored information teased at yesterday- this being the 2nd DLC available in the series.  We now get to experience key moments in the game from a new perspective- from the view of the mysterious assassin Daud.  Presumably he is the Knife of Dunwall- and we'll get another person marked by the Outsider.  The teaser pic from yesterday IS of Dishonored's opening with the assassination of the Empress.

     What's to see now is if Daud can attain redemption or fall into darkness.   And I'm curious to know if we get to experience that moment where, as Corvo, Daud gets either a 2nd chance(warning) or death???  If so, will it be swayed by the dark or light path taken by the player? 
     As Daud we'll get Void Vision and a bunch of dark powers similar to those Corvo received.  I'm looking forward to finding more Bone Charms, Runes, and a wonderful assortment of new weapons such as stun mines, choke dust, and a wrist bow.  In particular, the ability to summon assassins is very interesting.  Calling in reinforcements could change things nicely in this game.
     We also get to explore both old and new areas of Dunwall.  Revisiting areas like the Flooded District, and introduced to the Rothwild Slaughterhouse, a location where we finally get to see the enormous whales that the oil is harvested from.

     Lastly-here's an interesting note from Bethesda blog- a small hint towards the 3rd add-on:
      On your search for answers, approach each mission with your own style. Your redemption – or your turn towards darkness – depends on your skills and the decisions you make. Discover the mystery behind Delilah in this stand-alone chapter, and then conclude Daud’s story in the upcoming final add-on, The Brigmore Witches.
The Knife of Dunwall releases April 16 for $9.99 (or 800 Microsoft points).


The Venture Bros. Season 5 Trailer

     Here is a wonderful 5 minute preview of the new season of one of the most well written cartoons ever.
     This commercial is absolutely PACKED with things.  I saw Dr. Venture repeatedly tied up, Hatred with boobs, the return of Captain Sunshine, tons of robots, and a scene with the Hank and Dean dead... again.  I love this show.
     The Venture Bros. season 5 premieres May 19th at midnight on Adult Swim.

Dishonored News: Arkane to Announce News Tomorrow

     Look at this interesting picture tweeted by the Dishonored developers this morning-
     Could this be new DLC?  A whole new game?  It looks to be the Dishonored opener from the perspective of the assassins.  Could this be a subtle hint about what is to come?  I am quite curious to what is announced. 
     On a side note- Surely the Outsider had chosen others besides Corvo, so maybe, just on a super FAR OFF chance- maybe this is one of the Outsider's chosen that goes on to other things.  Somewhere, someone else bears the mark.


A Few Good Drafts

     Hello readers, it's been a very busy time for me.  Plenty of awesome new games are out, I'm heading back to school, there are tons of great movies this summer, and I have a slew of other miscellaneous things in the works (stories, art, comics, etc). 
     With tons of things keeping me overly busy I may get a bit behind on output here- but hopefully these back up posts (the 76 drafts) will keep people happy and returning to this blog.  Considering there's only a "few" drafts to keep me afloat I can never be too sure. 

     What readers have to look forward to- posts about the future of Star Wars, plenty of Metal Gear ramblings, self made fan art, mini comics about Dead Space, a half finished pic of Valiant Comics' Bloodshot, stupid memes I've made, and random little comic strips.  Plenty of small things I hope will entertain anyone that happens to stumble by.