Heroes: Eris Quod Sum: notes and thoughts

Starting with Peter, I would just like to say, what the hell.
After his fall instead of getting a blood transfusion from Claire he just forgets that that's exactly how he fixed Nathan's wounds after going nuclear over New York. Even with the reminder standing right in front him.
As for the falling out the window and surviving, many things could have happened. 1. Sylar saved him. This is probably the most likely. He went to Pinehearst with that intention anyhow. 2. Arthur saved him. Possible, but less likely. He does have the abilities, but does this fit in with his master plans? 3. Peter saved Peter. Very unlikely, as he seems to be stuck in a position of being able to do absolutely nothing for himself. Maybe his abilities were only suppressed. With the Haitian's powers in the background, a halting of Arthur's theft of powers could have been an autonomic response, like the automatic healing. Things to think about: Peter may have an ability not yet fully used-He saw the invisible man before he wanted to be seen, and when Hiro froze time in season 2 Peter was unaffected. Sylar also moved in season 1 with time frozen, so maybe there is a subtle muting power not shown that they both inherited. Sylar regained telekinesis after the loss from the Shanti virus, and future Sylar has Ted's power. Which implies that absorbed powers may be regained. So there may be a very slim chance his powers are regrowing.
The loss of his powers, at least currently, would explain why he was scarred in the future, and why Claire could shoot him to death. Maybe future Claire was out of range of Peter. Or maybe her dyed hair has the power sapping drug as an ingredient. But, then again future Peter has other powers, courtesy of the labs of Pinehearst and Mohinder?
I've got to give the baby Petrelli credit, he sure is proactive in at least attempting to get things done.
Oh, and Future Peter is a butterfly killer. Stepping all over them and Effin' up the future.

Parkman pulled a pretty nice trick on Knox, making him think they were dead. Once Knox leaves he tells Daphne his dad could do that. Perhaps he did do that. Or Arthur for that matter. There is also a nice change of pace that Parkman is the only character showing growth in a fairly realistic manner. He is definitely getting better at deception.
Being deceived is another story. Or maybe not. Future Daphne was still with Pinehearst. Although I believe Usutu told him the future he saw was already changed, so maybe he thinks he is changing it. But then again, maybe he knows Daphne is still working for them now.
When will he get the talent for knowing when others are "looking for him"? Like when Molly was looking for the "Nightmare Man"(Maury), assuming it's because of her thoughts, being a mental function.
When is Molly returning anyway?
I also noticed that when Parkman took the Usutu drug, he needed headphones(music), as Usutu did at least once, but Hiro went out without it. Possibly something to watch for?
There is always the chance that the turtle is running everything from behind the scenes.

Hiro Nakamura should stop being an idiot. He swore off going back in time to change things, but if he didn't come back from the future in season 1 Peter would have blown New York to hell. Besides that, did he really change history? Didn't his lady friend promise him that she would tell the stories he grew up with, thus history remains the same?
Time travel has so many issues. In heroes the past(the time from Kensei until now) has remained, so far, unchanged in any noticeable way. The present(which is the future's past) is somehow malleable. Subject to alterations. Why doesn't anyone go back before this started, after much preparation and planning of course, and change things? As of now Hiro and Arthur are the only two that could do this.
When does Hiro become awesome Hiro from season 1? Or was the newest incarnation of future Hiro the current path he is on? Maybe Future Ando killed a shape shifter. He was arguing with him about the formula, but what would having it matter if others(Ando) had already received powers? Doesn't make sense.

As a geneticist, Mohinder sucks big time. He spends season 1 trying to finish his father's work. Moves on to the Shanti virus, a sort of extension of the work. Then forgoes all scientific process because of an epiphany, and injects himself with something completely untested. Smooth move genius. Now he is turning into a spiderman ripoff monster.
Did Arthur Petrelli refuse to take Mohinder's mistake, or just make Mohinder question his having it.
He also appears perfectly willing to start testing on humans. Way to mull that one over. Even when it's on Peter, someone trying to stop the coming turbulence.
Then he doesn't believe the future can be changed, even though he has seen it done by stopping New York from being levelled.

I don't hate Elle as much now as I did in season two. She has become more down to Earth. More relatable with her current state of affairs. With her abilities going haywire, she has no where to go without daddy covering her ass. No safety net.
The powers malfunctioning may be from Sylar slicing her head open, but he usually preserves the brain for inspection. Could the Shanti virus still be going? Or mutated?
Her choice to take aerial public transport, instead of driving, a really bright idea. Where is homeland security when needed? Hey, everybody, LOOK AT ME, electricity is discharging from my body and putting people in jeopardy.

Now for Claire. Claire should shut the hell up. Ohhh nooo, I can't feel pain. Boo-Hoo. Looks like someone bought a first-class ticket on the complaint train. (Whoo-Whooooo). Pain is a function to tell the body that something is wrong. If you heal from pretty much everything, pain is unnecessary.
While the chance she may lose other feelings is there, why waste it whining. She still has emotions, which are working in overdrive. Teenage angst in overdrive.
She has also developed an undeserved sense of courage. She can't be hurt in the traditional sense, so she decided she was going to be a vigilante now. So what if her step father, Noah, has been doing this since before she was born? What does he know? So what if you can heal, you may not be so lucky with other specials. Black hole guy? Yeah, you got lucky. Puppet master guy? Super freakin' lucky.
I seriously hope that someone shows her that non-physical pain can be much worse than what she is dealing with. True pain.

Noah is slowly returning to what he was in the first series, a badass. He knows how to deal with these people. Fear is as much his weapon as it is for Knox. When is his old partner, the Haitian, going to reappear. Team juggernaut of Primatech.

Knox. The most useless power ever. Not the super strength from fear, but the ability to tell when someone is afraid, and feel the need to say it. Sure, Daphne was afraid, she was surrounded by a group of people that could kill her.

Nathan and Tracey are going visit Arthur to do what, exactly? Get dead maybe.

Whatever. I am done with this post my fingers hurt a little.


Pope of (Dr.) Pepp(er)

A short time ago I decided to become the religious-iest Dr. Pepper drinker ever. It started when I was younger, I was a nonbeliever. A Mr. Pibb-aholic.

Well, Coke went and changed the most delicious soda ever into a new and improved model.

Mr. Pibb became Pibb Xtra. More like Pibb Neutered. It has become too much like Cherry Coke. Too full of "Xtra", whatever that may be. It tastes kind of like pain. The church of Pibb has forsaken me.

But... my zealousness for effervescent goodness must be sated somehow. Where was comfort for the loss of my fallen liquid friend? Many long nights spent wandering in a decaffeinated stupor. I sought the nearest thing possible. Which was at a competitor, Pepsi.

Pepsi opened it's arms to me with a wonderful beverage. Dr. Pepper tended my emotional wounds. Mended the crushed heart in my chest with a refreshing goodness.

Dr. Pepper obviously put in the extra time to become a professional. It is, after all, a Doctor... of... ummmm... something. Oh, what joy, to be a part of something that tastes like pure happiness.

After years of dedication, I have proclaimed myself the Pope of Pepp. Street corners shall be warmed by me. I yell out the good word of the Book of Yum, wearing one of those cardboard ponchos reading "The Pepp is near!". Unfortunately many think I have escaped from a mental institution.

And previous studies I have undertaken have shown me that Lip Balm Dr. Pepper really DOES taste more like the Original Dr. Pepper. Whereas Diet Dr. Pepper tastes more like crap than the original.

Which is actually kinda funny because Dr. Pepper tastes more the like Original Mr. Pibb than Pibb Xtra does. Ouch.


The Potato Fairy?

Hey peoples this is just a recap of the morning of Oct 18, 2008. I woke up, got ready and left to get some delicious Panera breakfast. What did I discover? Low and behold, I had been visited by the Potato fairy! A rare and magical cousin to the Tooth fairy.

While I was in the land of sleep this little creature decided I was to be blessed with the gift of a raw spud upon my car's windshield. I do truely feel that a good thing has occured.

A beautiful sunny day and a visit from a formerly non-existant mythological being. What strange lives we live.



I would like to talk about the Petrellis, and their abilities. Specifically Arthur, Peter, and Gabiel(Sylar). All three have absorbtion/mimicry powers in some form. From the way it looks Sylar and Arthur need to touch the person(or brain), whereas Peter's appears to rely on proximity.
Arthur and Sylar seem to have an intuitive knowledge of how to use the powers. While Peter's power is set off in various ways. Such as times of need(healing), automatically(invisibility,phasing), or emotionally upset(Ted's power).

Here's the ones I can remember:

Peter's absorbed abilities:
Precognitive Dreaming(Angela Petrelli)
Precognitive painting(Isaac/Sylar)
Putting people in other bodies(Future Peter)
Healing(Claire/Adam Munroe)
Knowing an objects history through touch(Sylar)
Super Hearing(Sylar)
Liquefying objects(Sylar)
Space/time Manipulation(Hiro)
Nuclear radioactivity/Exploding(Ted/Sylar)
Super strength(Nikki)
Super strength from fear(Knox)
Blue Flames(level 5 guy)
Magnetic manipulation?(2nd level 5 guy(May not have gotten this)
Super speed(daphne)
Persuasion(eden/Sylar(not sure of this one))
Super memory(Sylar)
Power stopping/Memory steal(Haitian)
Electronic Manipulation(Micah)
Midas Touch/Gold(Elle's Dad/Sylar)
Sonic Scream(Jesse)
Mohinder's grossness(???)(future Mohinder)
Power Steal(Arthur)
(One future Peter has normal fire)

Sylar's Learned Abilities:
Telekinesis(guy in watch shop)
Freezing(Body of person where Parkman finds Molly)
Super Memory(Charlie)
Liquefying Objects(Zane)
Super Hearing(Mechanic lady)
Precognitive Painting(Isaac)
Nuclear Radioactivity/Exploding(Ted)
Midas Touch/Gold(Elle's Dad)
Knowing an object's history through touch(Bridgett)
Sonic Scream(Jesse)
Undisplayed(previous kills are mentioned, but the powers not shown)
(Maya's brother? Candace's view altering/shapeshift)
(some powers 'lost' from Shanti virus, but future Sylar(s) had/have Ted and Candace's powers)

All Peter's abilities(only electricity shown)
possibly has telepathy(implied)

Well, what I want to know is what the hell is wrong with Peter Petrelli? Future Peter is all badass even without the healing(that should have worked because of proximity to Claire in the future, unless he loses them to Arthur then picks up some other artificial ones). But anyway, present Peter seems to be an idiot about using powers. Like when he was retrieving the virus from the vault. He strained with telekinesis when he could've just phased through it. He also apparently doesn't remember that he has the Haitian's powers. Maybe he's using them on himself, and just doesn't remember. Then of course he could always heal and remember. So when he enters his father's room instead of using the Haitian's power stop, he walks in, becomes visible, and immediately does... NOTHING!
It serves him right to lose his powers to his father. Loser.
Although by Peter picking up Sylar's Ability, the understanding, the mechanics of how powers work, he therefore passed them on to Arthur, along with "the hunger". Perhaps this is a form of power poisoning?
Why don't they send the Haitian with some ultra-potent Shanti virus, and shoot Arthur up?
I believe pansy Peter deserved to be metaphorically spanked by Papa Petrelli.

On a side note here are some other things I wonder about:
Maybe future Ando killed a shapshifter instead of Hiro.
What the hell happened to Claude? Is he still around being a super voyeur and all around jerk?
Oh, and I really enjoy how Peter left Caitlin in the Virus future. What a dumb@$$.

On a creepy note Peter could have used the healing power and Sylar's power to learn the inner workings of his own brain-matter. Could have been a great scene. Peter digging around in his own skull, with Sylar supervising.


Family Guy Time Travel

For my first simple post I just have a quick thing to say about Family Guy's last episode, "The Road to Germany". If at the end Stewie and Brian time travelled to just before they left, then destroyed the machine that they themselves used to go back, wouldn't that be a paradox?
Yes, but oh well. I hope they use the now duplicate Stewie and Brian in a future episode.
And who remembers the last time travel episode? What happened to Roger from American Dad that showed up at the end.