Slaughter 3: The Rebels Has Arrived on Mobile!

     Long time readers will know I've been a fan of the wonderful mobile 3rd person shooter game Slaughter since it launched.  I gave it a glowing review over at Droidgamers, and when the sequel hit- I was equally hyped and impressed as I was with the first game- and a while after that I even did a small interview with the developer Ray "Venomized Art" Spark.
     Over the last year, I've been eagerly following the small updates of the game's status on the official Facebook page, and watching all the developer Youtube videos

     The game is available right now, and Mr. Spark has once again outdone himself on every front.  The game is bigger, has more weapons, larger levels, improved visuals and controls, and a much, MUCH more expanded story.  If you like mobile 3rd person action games, this is another genuine treat to play and I highly recommend it.

     For more information and to follow the developer [ Venomized Art ]

     Slaughter 3: The Rebels is $2.99 on [ Google Play ] and $1.99 on [ iOS ]

     The original Slaughter is $2.49 on [ Google Play ] and $0.99 on [ iOS ]

     Slaughter 2: Prison Assault is $2.49 on [ Google Play ] and $0.99 on [ iOS ]

    For transparency's sake, I have to say I've been helping a little with translation and localization for the game (which will be completed and added in a future update patch).  I've received no pay or benefits and I bought my own copy of the game.  I support it because it is good, not for any kind of compensation.