A Long Night (How I Know Winter Is Near...)

Last night was a long night.  A.  Very.  Long.  Night.
What little sleep came to me is due to a noctunal visitor.  Mr. Cricket is the harbinger of sleeplessness in my house.  He was out there all night chirping his little heart away through a bullhorn directly through my window.  Every year his arrival announces the begining of fall...  and the war with crickets. 
With winter swiftly approaching, I need to find some way of battling these noisy bastards.

This single evil visitor must have been a scout.  It always begins with one.  Soon they'll be taking over the entire house.  Last year one of my roomies had Tasha the Husky, aka Secret Agent Doogie Schnauzer, the Cricket-Slayer.  Well, at least the cricket eater.  The new roomie has a large chocolate lab, but he just looks longingly at them and cries a little.  Not a very good gaurd/attack dog.  He isn't going to be much of a help.
More updates to come.
Here is the culprit.  If you happen to see this particular cricket, eliminate with extreme prejudice.