A suggestion for Netflix.

This post was a forgotten draft from 10/05/2010. 

As some of you might gather from the image above, I'm a massive movie nerd.  For those of you that don't recognize the pic, that is the number of movies(and a few television shows) I've rated on Netflix.  I would also like to note, there is a bunch of things they still don't have even listed, such as the cartoon Bionic Six.
When I was young I had horrible insomnia and would just stay up all night, every night, and just watch movies.  Sometimes watching whatever crazy movies were on late night television.  Occasionally biking up to the rental stores or theaters with a note from the parents saying they don't really give a crap what I see(allowing me entrance to, or rental privileges to obtain, "R" rated movies) to see anything that caught my eye.  Which a few times ended up horribly on a few rentals.  Luckily the really terrible "Adult" movies were in a back room.
I believe I personally wore out Mr. Movies' copy of Bloodsport.  Big Trouble in Little China was seemingly Fox's "Movie of the Week" every other week on Saturdays and I always watched it.  Same goes with Predator, which seemed like the alternating week's "Movie of the Week."  I've seen it like a bazillion times, and loved it each time. 

Then Netflilx came along and I was like, "Why didn't this come along years ago!?"  Rental movies mailed to damn near my doorstep?!  Amazing!  Brilliant! 
I only have to walk across the street to obtain a movie!?! 
Anyway, sure mailing movies directly to you is quite swift(usually I get one 2 days after most recent has been shipped back), but the downside is that occasionally my movie tastes change during the shipping time, leaving me with a film that I don't really feel like watching.  It happens.  With enough frequency to warrant this complaint.  Maybe I had a bad day and want a Comedy instead of a SciFi adventure or Drama that came in the mail.  Tastes can change instantly, I just sent back a movie watched last night.  It was one I haven't felt like watching for 2 months.  That's no good.  Too much time with a single movie I might want to watch some other day. 

Then they came out with the streaming movies.  Ingenious.  I think they should make ALL movies streaming.  It would be good for them, because I would pay MORE MONEY per month for the unlimited access to ANY MOVIE I want to watch at any time. 
Think of all the money they would save on shipping!?!?!?  Increasing monthly payments, AND cutting out shipping.  Win-win for them. 
Sure the big movie studios would lose a little.  But I would pay enough extra to make sure they could still produce films I would watch.  A considerable amount of more money for a larger convenience.
Eventually I think all movies will be streamable anyway.  Or downloadable for those that wish to get any special features(commentaries, deleted scenes, any bonus stuff).  Personally, movies I really enjoy, I'd pay extra for.  Not just to get the extra junk on the movies, but to support the film makers.
Netflix could even break the payments for it down into categories.  Maybe some people only want old movies and that would be cheapest to buy.  For an account with access to newer releases?  It would cost a bit more.  An account with all the newest movies, and in HD?  That would be the most expensive.  It doesn't have to be for everyone.  Possibly a tailorable, tiered system.  I don't know. 

Maybe even stream to my phone. That would be ULTRA convenient
A couple of my buddies already have the capability to watch Netflix streaming on their phone, but I still do not. Hopefully soon I may attain this wonderful phone application.

OK Netflix, I can do without the phone app, but make everything you have streamable for those that would like it.  If the price is decent, people will pay.