Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

     A few months back my friend Nick and I had a great idea for a Ninja Turtles comic.  So I went out to gather refresher material and found a bunch of surprising news.  There is a new television series on the way(it starts tomorrow Saturday 09-19-2012 @ 10am Central time) along with a new toy series, and IDW comics has been making a new comic series for about a year.  It's also worth noting that the Michael Bay abomination has been put on hold.  Hopefully forever.
     Unfortunately for us IDW is not taking submissions, so perhaps we may finish and throw them up on the blogs labeled as "Fanfic."  We'll see how things go. 

     Anyways, as a kid I was a HUGE fan of the old Ninja Turtles series back in the 80's, so I am completely psyched for this new show(Starts Saturday 09-19-2012 @ 10am Central time).  Unfortunately I don't have cable, so maybe I can buy them on Itunes or Hulu them or something.
     The TMNT hold quite a large nostalgia value for me and this new wave of popularity is quite invigorating.  It is bringing back tons of memories.

Here's the trailer

     I really like the size distinction each turtle now has.  It really helps get their persona's down, and adds one more level of difference between the four.  The whole style the show is in looks pretty amazing.  The small visual effects add so much. 
     The only design I don't like is Splinter.  In my mind, he should be small, thin and sleek.  Not the plump, tall upright one they have.  Think of the original movie.  That Splinter in particular stands out as great because he is old and frail, but still holds his own against the Shredder.  The archetypal wise old sage.

     After a bit of searching, I also picked up a few of the new action figures, and I must say, Michelangelo has always been my favorite, and his new toy solidifies my renewed love of his character.  These figures are fantastic and would recommend them to any toy or Turtles enthusiast. 
     Then I went out and bought a bunch of the new IDW Comics series, and it is quite good.  The new take on their origin story is iffy, but it works well enough.  It's kind of like the old mutagen ooze origin, but with an added touch of reincarnation.

     Recently, due to this new wave of interest, I rewatched the first and second Turtles movie and the 2009 Animated Movie.  The first movie and TMNT were both good, and Turtles 2 is possibly worth skipping.  Maybe have a go at watching Ninja Turtles 2 and 3 just to watch them for nostalgia value. 

     It should also be said that TMNT: Turtles Forever is a MUST WATCH for fans because it is sooooo well done.  It's essentially a crossover event where many of the TMNT variations cross over with each other.  Multiple variations like the Eastman and Laird comics versions meeting the comical 80's cartoon turtles with each one done in the distinct styles they were originally done in.  So the early comic ones are in black and white and the newest cartoon ones are in full color.  There is some absolutely wonderful moments where their reactions to their other selves are priceless.

     For any readers, that are also Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans, out there, enjoy all the new stuff you can.  Things are looking up for these 4 Mutants once more.


Borderlands 2 Countdown: 2 Hours!

     In just over 2 hours it'll be the release of what will most likely be the game of the year- Borderlands 2!!! 
     This post is a 2 parter- Part 1 is the launch trailer, and the 2nd part is a bunch of things I really loved from the first game.

     First is the launch trailer-  I would like to point out at about 56 seconds someone says what Hnadsome Jack is looking for is a "LIVING THING!"  Could it be what I was talking about in my last Borderlands 2 countdown post yesterday?  (Those 2 enourmous creatures)

     Here's the launch trailer!

Miscellaneous Borderlands 1 things I enjoy: 

     I really hope Patricia Tannis shows up a bunch in this game.  I know I've seen her in at least one trailer, so I know she'll make at least an appearance.  She's an absolutely wonderful character.  Everything she does is comedic gold.  From her tumultous relationship with an ECHO recording device, to riding a dolphin through fireworks, to her absurdly long fetch-quest for Claptrap parts and it's resulting creation of a robot version of herself to be friends with.

Here's 2 missions she sends you on to collect parts for her ultimate project:
Note the awesome Ghostbusters in the first one!
  • Tannis needs more parts to ensure the protection grid holds on her device’s ecto-containment unit, safeguarding against total protonic reversal, which would be extraordinarily bad.
  • The “popcorn” setting on Tannis’ device is malfunctioning. Well, it’s not so much malfunctioning as creating deadly mutant corn. A few more parts should fix that!
Here's a few of her quotes that I find quite entertaining:
First one has a nice nod to Back to the Future!
  • I'm going to need a nuclear reaction to generate the 1.21- Oh hey! Hello! Welcome to my secret lab. Secret lair? Terror pavilion! Yes, I like that one best. Hey, you look like you're into experimentation, maybe dabbled a bit in college. Head down to the Hyperion Dump to find parts for my totally legit, in no way morally reprehensible secret project. There should be plenty of scrapped claptraps ripe for the picking; sure are a lot more of the buggers puttering around. It'll be easier than stealing candy from a dead body!
  • Don't worry, the claptraps don't feel a thing. It's no worse than stealing a drifter's kidneys and leaving him in a tub of rice. What? Ice? Uh-oh...
  • Do these teeth make my gums look fat?
  • The anklebone's connected to the leg bone. The leg bone's connected to the plutonium. The plutonium's connected to this rubber duck. Man, I'm gonna need some more parts.
  • Flynt was an employee of mine but I fired him for gross incompetence. When he left, he stole a fragment from me and punched my dog, which was the fourth and final part of the key. The fragment is part of the key, not my dog.
  • Day 653. Today is my birthday. I've been alone for an incalculable amount of time. A convict accidentally crossed over into my encampment this morning, and I allowed him to look about before I shot him in the back several times. I was immediately filled with regret upon doing this, because the human contact, no matter how awkward, would have been nice. I've decided his name was Lesli, and he had a troubled childhood where people would make fun of him for having a girl's name, and the torment eventually lead Lesli to a life of crime and debauchery. There was a tattoo on his bum that looked not unlike the name, 'Patricia'. I might have imagined the tattoo. The experience compelled me to move the Vault key fragment I found so that it can be safe. It's extremely important. So I've given it to the man known as Crazy Earl. He's not crazy. He doesn't like people. The Vault key will be safe with him... I also gave him my underwear.

Next up is a wonderful Easter Egg: 

     Crazy Earl sends you to rescue his cute pet that was taken by bandits for a death ring fighting competition.  His name is Skrappy.  Well, if you save him then after beating the whole game if you return he's massive, and listed under the name Skrappy "All Grown Up."

Then some graffitti bandits are writing about Mad Moxxi:

If it took more than 1 shot...


Borderlands 2 Countdown: 2 Days!

     Only a couple days until I shall be enjoying Skag and Psycho slaying with a bazillion other Vault Hunters on Pandora in Borderlands 2.  Well I've been online looking for Borderlands 2 memorabilia and what not and came across a couple interesting things.  I've seen a couple posters that may hint at insanely huge bosses in the game.

      There's something on the creatures of Pandora poster that comes with the Ultimate Loot Chest Edition that makes me wonder about gargantuan enemies.  This I noticed when it was first tossed up online, but I didn't have a reason to post about it.
     This poster makes me wonder if Crawmerax is the smaller of the crab worms because if I recall correctly he was roughly the size of the Rakk Hive. (I circled it in red on the bottom left)  And if Crawmerax is the smaller one, what is that positively titanic larger one???  Granted, I could very well be wrong on this, but it's just that I didn't think Crawmerax was THAT much larger than either the Rakk Hive or Rakkinishu above it on the poster.  I thought he was roughly an equal size with them, which is why I think the larger Craw monster isn't Crawmerax.
     Anyway- I also happened to see a massive poster that comes with a GamesMaster magazine that seems to have an enemy that makes Terramorphous look like a baby skag, in size at least.
     I'm curious to find out what it could be, as the poster only shows a mouth and maybe a couple legs.  Perhaps this is another Eridian relic, like a doomsday bio-weapon or something.  Maybe it's something akin to the vault guardian like the end boss of the first Borderlands?  A monstrous god they worshipped?  I don't know, just some thoughts.  Here's the pic, click to make it larger, and a link to the site that has it.



Batman: Arkham City: Secrets and Easter Egg Thoughts

     Arkham City is an absurdly huge game.  I just finished catching the Riddler after like a year of solving his 400 puzzles.  It gets tedious.

     Anyway with the, as of yet unfound, remaining Easter Eggs someone posted a comment on an earlier blog about the eggs.  They mentioned how Ratcatcher was caught by the Penguin and dragged in to the museum and hasn't been seen since.  This could be like Scarecrow - he'll get a bunch of mentions but no actual screen time.  Of course I do recall a couple goons talking about a guy getting eaten alive by a bunch of rats.
     Well I only had about a half hour to look around so I made a quick trip around and through the museum.  Of, course I didn't find anything.  But maybe he has more stuff in locations that have plenty of rats. 

     However, a few mentions of curious things is in order.  First- there is one table top display case that is set upright leaving the wood table exposed.  I tried the explosive gel and radio tuner.  Found a big, fat nothing.  Second- What's with all the snakes in the War Room?  They're on the gates, chandelier, and in at least 1 of the large display cases right outside the room.

     And Thirdly- this is the only thing of any real substance I have, and I'm sure someone, somewhere has already thought of this stuff.  The massive map on the floor is the same one the Riddler has, but, I'm wondering if all the things marking it here have any further meaning.  Clearly the penguins are his people, the chattering teeth are the jokers, and Two face's stuff is similarly marked with character based objects. 
     The things I wonder about are the black cans, the red people pegs, the green people pegs.  At first I thought the red pegs might be Azrael, but they aren't in the right places.  Any thoughts or ideas would be welcome.

     Then there is the wall photos here.  The major pic is the full map location of Joker over at the Sionis steel mill.  There is 2 darts on a circled portion reading Joker's office.  Could it mean a little something extra might be there?  Maybe a hint towards the already spotted pregnancy test, I don't know.

     Then the next pic of note is one that specifically says "Foundry Room."  It has "Inherent Akataphasia" written on the bottom and a bunch of smaller stuff I couldn't read.  Inherent akataphasia, as far as I recall from all the time at work with aphasic patients, is like an inability to put into words what you are thinking.  Around this picture is a few others, some are inside some outside of buildings.  The ones for an internal room say "Primeval Emotion!"  Could these be small hints at things hidden?

     I know a lot of people are referencing the hidden room in Asylum needing the explosive gel, but would Rocksteady do the same again?  Considering the Scarecrow barge, I would doubt it.  Although maybe there is a secret area that needs gel on the ground as opposed to a wall.  Multiple mentions of characters taking to the sewers is what gave me the idea.  Maybe a roof can be blasted open?

     Good luck to all those still looking for secrets and enjoying this game.  It's still holding strong.


Red Country: Lamb in Joe Abercrombie's Book

     I would like to start by saying the awesome sculpt of The Bloody-Nine here is by a fellow named "Toastman" from the link below.  I found it years ago, and still think it is quite accurate.  Down to the missing ear piece, busted cheek bone, and his left eye's lowered epicanthic fold.  Magnificent piece sir.  I personally would've added more scarring and a bit more of a tattered look to the clothes.  But I don't know if "Toastman ever finished and colored this.

Here's the link:


     There is some hope on many readers parts that the character of Lamb in Red Country will turn out to be Logen "The Bloody-Nine" Ninefingers. Mr. Abercrombie's version of a Northern barbarian berserker type Conan/Wolverine amalgam(in my opinion). He disappeared at the end of the First Law trilogy the same way he appeared, a fall into a river, and this could be a possible continuation of his story, as a supporting character.

     I personally won't believe it until after reading the book myself, because many thought he was going to show up in Best Served Cold and Heroes, but that didn't happen. The mystery of when he'll turn up is enough for me. Maybe never. It doesn't matter really. I thought he was an amazing character, one of my favorites in the series, it's just that maybe he doesn't ever need to return. Just the idea of him being out there, with the "Bloody-nine" portion or not, is a brilliant idea. A boogy man to reside in the backs of their minds.  A fighter so feared that just his presence is enough to scare the shit out of other warriors. 

     In all reality, the "Bloody-nine" might be a spirit of some sort, and Logen would be left on his own to fight.  Not that it would change him too much, as he was a fairly skilled fighter anyhow.  Logen was going into a berzerker mode, but it seemed more of a demon or some such was kicking in and taking control.  It makes sense as Logen could communicate with and hold spirits, rare as they are- like with the fire spirit near the beginning of The Blade Itself and then again at the edge of the world on the Seed quest.  Maybe one really nasty spirit just latched on and would take control in times of desperation. 
     I personally believe he lost the Bloody-Nine when Bayaz's last spell caused an explosion in Adua and Logen felt "something knocked loose in his skull that he might never get back." (Note: I couldn't find my copy, so the quote might be off a bit)  Which would also explain why there was no support from it when Dow wanted to kill him, leading to Logen's last actual known whereabouts- jumping/falling into a river.  His end was as his beginning. 

     Although... Bayaz, first of the Magi, did say about Logen in the Heroes,

"If anyone can cheat the Great Leveller it was- or is- he."

     It should be noted that Shivers very well may have inherited the spirit of the Bloody-nine.  Starting with the episode he had in Best Served Cold.  Sure, there are differences in the way Logen and Shivers manifested it, if that's what was happening.  But Logen said when he first started getting it he couldn't control it and as time went he could keep it contained or at least somewhat subdued. 
     Then in the Heroes Shivers' path towards becoming the new Bloody-Nine is even further pushed along by the killing of Black Dow and the inheritance of Logen's sword, one of the blades of the master Maker, Kanedias.

Lookie at Mr. Abercrombie posted on his blog!  An extract for our reading pleasure.

     All right, after reading this extract, I will put a small bit of faith in those that think Lamb is probably Logen Ninefingers.  Lamb's quiet, practical ways seem to be VERY much like Logen's were in the trilogy.  With or without the Bloody-Nine, I hope to see even a small bit of Logen in other stories.  Whether in person or in mention, like in the Heroes.  This extract seems to hold a glimpse of hope in that direction.

     One more thing, I REALLY hope Nicomo Cosca- the Captain Jack Sparrow of the First Law world- has Friendly still in tow.  They made a wonderful couple of comedic genius.

Regardless of delays, this is a highly anticipated new release from an amazing author.
Mr. Joe Abercrombie, keep up the great work.


     Oh COME ON!!!  We North America readers get a delay AND crappier covers!?!?!?
Seriously!  Looks as though I'll be ordering from the UK then.  Probably a small stack to give out to friends here in the midwest.

     On a side note 1- When will we learn more of Shenkt's story?  I want to know more of this time-slowing Eater with a severe dislike for Bayaz.  I mean if he makes Yoru Sulfur a bit on edge, there's got to be some serous potential for badassery.

     On a side note 2- does anyone else wonder what happened to the 4th brother.  Euz, Kanedias, and Glustrod have all been sort accounted for but what of Bedesh???  All right maybe all the past times are unclear.  Maybe only Kanedias is dead and all the others are hiding.  Perhaps Bayaz is actually one of them, under a name to cover the multitude of stupid things he's done and mistakes made.  Could Bayaz himself have been the one responsible for devastating Aulcus and left it a dead city? 
     Could Bedesh be the Prophet leading the Hundred Words and creating war against Bayaz?  Or, on a very, VERY long shot- could he be the spirit of the Bloody-Nine?  Living on as a spirit through a series of successive hosts...
     I wonder... How crazy would it be if Bayaz was pulling a "1984" and all of Khalul's war is actually Bayaz's own doing.  Bayaz controlling both sides and Mr. Yoru Sulfur can pretty much be whoever he wants to be...  shape shifting... Eaters have such wonderful benefits.


Borderlands 2 Countdown: ONE WEEK!!!

     Only one week left until many lives become Borderlands centric.

     For this Borderlands 2 countdown post I'll be throwing out possible skill tree layouts for part 2 and that's about it.  Keeping it simple for this post.

Maya tree for support
     First off- for the first character I'll play will be the Siren, Maya.  The focus on the first character will be solely for assisting those first time Borderlands players.  The skill trees are all about healing others (without the insta-resurrect skill- I may add/change that a bit later).  I'll be strictly playing this one with my best friend Nick from at http://infinitywallcomix.com and maybe Todd from http://toddbalthazor.blogspot.com.  Once they get used to it I'll respec the skills a bit.  But this Maya will be 100% for supporting these guys.

Melee based Zer0
     The second character I'll be playing will be Zer0.  He'll be played with my coworkers Craig and Aaron, who are both Borderlands 1 veterans.  We make a hell of a team- each focused on a distinct style.  Craig is going to be a guerrilla heavy combat gunner.  Aaron will probably be Salvador with a tank loadout, possibly Zer0 as sniper. 
     Anyway, my group playing Zer0 will be completely focused on melee attacks and hopefully I can pump a bunch of Badass points into melee and movement speed..

     The last character I'll be posting here is an Axton I'll be either jumping into random games for as a support person or an open game for others to jump into.  Maybe even just have an open online game on my own and let others come and go as they please.  I met a bunch of awesome players during Borderlands 1 playing like that and would be a nice touch to part 2. 

Axton for multiplayer


Hyperbole & 1/2: What Happened to Miss Brosh?

This is 100% Miss Brosh & Her Copyright Monster's image.
This is my personal favorite picture by her.
     It's been almost a year since the last post by the ever-talented Allie Brosh from http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com and I am really wondering where she has gone to.  Those posts were complete genius and kept me laughing out loud through a crappy job.  They are pure hilarity in her unique view of life.

     Hopefully the last post she put up about Adventures in Depression isn't too close to home for her.  That would be a major loss.  

     Well, just wondering where she's gone to and I hope everything is all right.  If life is all good and other work or life things aren't too overwhelming for her, perhaps she could even get some more posts done at Hyperbole.  I miss them "Alot*."



Borderlands 2 Countdown: 2 Weeks

     With only 2 weeks until Borderlands 2- the excitement is getting too much.  I've been seeing numerous new trailers that are giving small but very insightful hints at new game mechanics and weapons.  Gearbox is really taking Borderlands to an unbelieveable new level.

     I've also heard that there are already 4 DLCs planned to be released by June 2013.  There seems to be some people worried about it being to rushed in a small amount of time.  That's an intense schedule for them, but they have had a few years of prep time and whatnot to produce mass quantities of extra material.  I mean didn't all the DLCs for Borderlands 1 come out in a shorter time span?  I have no worries about the quantity or quality. 
     Really, the only DLC I personally didn't like was Moxxi's Underdome.  The horde waves are fun, but the no save point thing is fairly absurd.  The plus side of Moxxi's was THE BANK!!!  It was the only reason I used the Underdome after beating it.

     Anyway here's my most recent character from Borderlands 1 of which I'm eating up time until part 2 arrives:

My most recent  Lilith
Most recent character:
Pangolin PNG-700AWE Enduring Shield
Transfusion grenades
Pangolin Defender mod(+45% team shield capacity, +3 resilience,+3 diva,+4 inner glow) 
HX 4 Steel Anarchy(Torgue)
HX 430 C, KKA340 C, and HX200 B Combustion Hellfires
Sledge's ShotgunThe Legend Lives
SV12 Double Savior(Tediore)

     The Anarchy is for in-your-face fun.
     Sledge's Shotty for path clearing. (I laugh at seeing the pushback sending enemies flying!!!  Super hilarious to send a pack of crazy midgets sailing through the air)  This is great for close quarters destruction. I absolutely love this weapon. (Much more useful with Roland as a highly effective weapon for his CAUTERIZE skill along with shotgun ammo clip enhancers. A single pull of the trigger can fully heal with an 8 in 1 clip unload from this gun.)

     The Saviour is to regenerate the severe SMG ammo depletion from the Anarchy above(82 clip with a 13+ fire rate), and general run and gunning from a fair distance.
     And the Hellfires I switch back and forth through to burn the crap out of everything.  Wonderful fleshy-frying crowd control.  (Occasionally I flip to a pestilant stinger for armor corrosive goodness)
     Primarily I've been using Lilith for jumping into and assisting people in their last minute Trophy runs(PS3).  Once I finished the awful Trophy cleanup myself a while back- I had a PS3 Yellow light of doom and lost ALL my game saves- Mass Effect 2, Red Dead, Borderlands, oh sweet lord, I lost a LOT of half beaten games- so I had to replay everything- I've been periodically diving in to help whenever I can.  Truely the Claptrap Revolution trophies for the Bobbleheads is SUPER ridiculously hard.  It takes forever to get the collectables.  Trophies based on random drops are crap.       But, ANYWAY, for Borderlands the replay wasn't bad at all.  Highly enjoyable, and I found a bunch of others willing to help and share.  So I've been attempting to pay-it-forward because of all that help I received from the various forums I frequent.  !!!THANKS TO ALL OF YOU THAT HELPED ME WHEN I NEEDED IT!!!

     Previous plays I did with other characters were fairly varied.  I had 2 Rolands, one for assault and soldiering focused on pure attack, and one as team support and medic. 
     My Brick was 100% his namesake.  A giant brick to be thrown directly into the path of enemies.  He was all TANK!  Run in and through anything and anyone.  Out of bullets?  No problems here, his fists work just as well.
     Lastly on to the hunter Mordecai.  Of the ways to play Mordecai I tended to lean towards revolvers and Bloodwing.  Sniping is useful when I was acting as distance support, but I preferred revolvers- particularly the pestilant defiler.  Possibly my favorite revolver in the game.  I somehow managed to find a very nice high damage, 6 shot, good scope defiler and it was EPIC!!!

     Well...  two weeks.  TWO FREAKIN' WEEKS!!!  GAAHHHHH...