Borderlands 2 Countdown: ONE WEEK!!!

     Only one week left until many lives become Borderlands centric.

     For this Borderlands 2 countdown post I'll be throwing out possible skill tree layouts for part 2 and that's about it.  Keeping it simple for this post.

Maya tree for support
     First off- for the first character I'll play will be the Siren, Maya.  The focus on the first character will be solely for assisting those first time Borderlands players.  The skill trees are all about healing others (without the insta-resurrect skill- I may add/change that a bit later).  I'll be strictly playing this one with my best friend Nick from at http://infinitywallcomix.com and maybe Todd from http://toddbalthazor.blogspot.com.  Once they get used to it I'll respec the skills a bit.  But this Maya will be 100% for supporting these guys.

Melee based Zer0
     The second character I'll be playing will be Zer0.  He'll be played with my coworkers Craig and Aaron, who are both Borderlands 1 veterans.  We make a hell of a team- each focused on a distinct style.  Craig is going to be a guerrilla heavy combat gunner.  Aaron will probably be Salvador with a tank loadout, possibly Zer0 as sniper. 
     Anyway, my group playing Zer0 will be completely focused on melee attacks and hopefully I can pump a bunch of Badass points into melee and movement speed..

     The last character I'll be posting here is an Axton I'll be either jumping into random games for as a support person or an open game for others to jump into.  Maybe even just have an open online game on my own and let others come and go as they please.  I met a bunch of awesome players during Borderlands 1 playing like that and would be a nice touch to part 2. 

Axton for multiplayer

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