Heroes: An Invisible Thread

Thank GAWD! Season finale. No more outrageously long posts for Heroes after this until September.

Danko stabs Sylar in the spot, but it doesn't work because he moved the killswitch somewhere else with internally working shapeshifting. Sylar then frames Danko by shapeshifting into him and killing some officers, then turning into Taub and "catching" him. Big suprise that Sylar screwed over Danko.

Noah splits up with Claire and Angela after seeing a fake construction crew. They are being looked for. Claire and Angela head to New York, Claire to find Nathan, Angela to find Parkman. Apparently, Angela had a dream where Parkman is the only person that can save Nathan.

Claire meets up with Sylar(posing as Nathan). Sylar couldn't wake Nathan up to suck out memories, so he makes due with cuff links and Claire's necklace. But it's Claire's fault for not seeing LEGS ON THE FLOOR OF THE BATHROOM! Come on the door was open, right in front of her. Although later she does notice that Nathan isn't a lefty when Sylar signs a paper.

Hiro and Ando sneak into Building 26 and replace the special prisoners with the officers/workers from the around the building. Right before the time freeze Noah and Danko kind of make up. Noah says that he would be in exactly in Danko's position if he didn't have Claire. Danko remarks that Noah IS in exactly the same position. Captured.

Anyway, Hiro gets some more nosebleeding. Mohinder tells him that his body is rejecting the power. If he keeps using the power he could die. Nice that this is happening now. Great. Hiro is being pushed into normalcy again. Thanks for not giving Hiro a boost Ando.

Noah and Danko get out and Noah realizes Hiro is messing with time. Right after having a moment, Danko goes to inject Noah with a super sedative. Hiro stops him by freezing time then gets a bloody eye. At least he helped Noah, which in turn eventually saves most of the others(He helps with Peter making a plan to take Sylar down).

Noah calls Claire to see if everything is hunky-dory, but Sylar is pretending to be Claire and lets Noah know that Sylar is in possession of his daughter. Sylar makes a big move and proposes marriage because neither of them will die. He is also using what looks to be the puppetmaster power, but is probably just telekinesis, to make her pour wine and drink. Way to get to a girl's heart, telekinetically force her to drink with you. Smooth.

Nathan and Peter arrive at the hotel in search of Sylar. Nathan reveals that he is "one of them/us" to the security men and asks for a 5 minute head start to take Sylar down, as no normals can do it.

The Petrellis arrive at the room as Claire flys out of the suite doors, and the brothers fly in. Claire watches throught the crack of the door. Yet another battle they fail to show. What a massive let-down. When are they going to start showing this stuff? Sylar and Nathan fly out the window, and Peter now cannot fly- he has Sylar's ability(ies). Noah meets up with Peter and Claire and they head out.

Nathan flys into a room, and Sylar looks to be telekinetically lowering himself in. He pushes Nathan over and cuts his throat. He makes the quip that "Claire is going to be SO mad." He turns into Nathan and leaves.
Angela picks Parkman up at a bus stop, and heads over to the hotel. Once up in the room, they find Nathan's dead body, and Angela flips because Matt was supposed to save Nathan.

Sylar as Nathan meets up with the secret service guys following the president. He takes one of the main guards(Samuels? he was the guy Nathan revealed himself to) that fell back and shapeshifts into him. He then gets into the Limo with the President and tries to get his DNA by shaking hands. Something goes wrong and his shifts all over- then falls back to himself. The President then shifts into Peter and he says, "Bet you didn't think I took that one?" He then injects Sylar with the super sedative. Well Played, I really liked how that played out.

Noah sends Claire and Peter off to find Nathan. Noah, Angela and Parkman take Sylar's body and Parkman telepathically forces Sylar to forget himself and become Nathan, as Nathan is the only one who can convince the President to eliminate the Building 26 project. Angela thinks the memory-touch power will fill in the gaps. What the hell people- Matt needs to do BIGGER THINGS!(see my last post) While making one person into another takes a whole lot of power, he can do so much more.
Noah, Claire , Angela, Nathan(Sylar), Peter, Hiro, Ando, Parkman and Mohinder are at a cremation of Sylar's body. The body is the original shapeshifter guy's that was stored in Building 26. Nathan says that the President has shut down B26, and now they can start up a new project.

Volume 5 opener:

A Building 26 guard returns to his home to an overflowing sink. The water gathers together into a naked Tracy. She kills him and says that's number 4. Yay for vengeance. Perhaps she may be contained in a large glass bottle? When is the 3rd of the triplets going to show up?

Nathan(Sylar) is in his office and Angela comes in. She hasn't heard from him in weeks, he replies, "I haven't been feeling like myself." He is bothered by the clock on the shelf being like a minute and a half ahead. Already the replacement Nathan plan is NOT working. For multiple reasons: First is Sylar's "hunger". It is a naturally occurring function working subconsciously. It isn't repressable unless he knows about it. So it isn't going stopping, the hunger is an active issue that Noah and Angela overlooked. The second problem is he is a HEALER! Adam and Peter broke through memory repression through healing. On a low grade level it may take a while, especially without Parkman giving him multiple reinforcement telepathy sessions, but it is starting to show already. Nathan/Sylar fixes the clock and goes on his business. Angela looks worried.

I don't get why they went this route, besides the writers trying to keep Sylar alive. Peter now has Sylar's powers so he could both replace Nathan and/or fall prey to the hunger and become the next Sylar. Which also makes me wonder if Peter knows about ALL of Sylar's powers. Considering it was an understanding ability, could he automatically know them all, or would some lay in a state of dormancy? Forgotten like Samson Gray forgot most of his. Well, Peter can always break away from the group with some trusty memory-touch power used in conjunction with the truth-hearing.

I want to see more Samson Gray. Why can't he excise his cancer himself. He should be able to work out how the system functions and shut it off/fix it. Maybe just put it into stasis, a temporary hold, so he can find some more useful powers.

I'm done with Heroes for a while. Look for some silly news posts soon. I have a bunch of great drafts ready for everyone's amusement.