Made this Blue Jay for a Christmas gift.

     After a hellish schedule and some super nasty pink eye compounded with a sinus infection, I got my Christmas stuff out (mostly) and will continue working on next year's cards.  Here's a Blue Jay I made with colored pencils and framed for someone as a gift.  I'm including the pic without the frame to give a little bit more detail.


The Following - This show looks surprisingly good.

     I can't be the only one that thinks this show looks quite good.  The Following stars Kevin Bacon as Ryan Hardy, a former FBI agent who is after serial killer Joe Carroll played by James Purefoy.
     Purefoy's Poe-obsessed professor turned serial killer was put away for murdering 14 people almost a decade earlier by Kevin Bacon.  Well, Purefoy escapes and Bacon is brought back to help capture him again.  During Purefoy's time in prison, he somehow managed to amass a large cult following.
     Now that Joe Carroll is out he has a plan to force Ryan Hardy into being a hero in his "story."
The story is to be a form of living art where his cultish followers are out doing his bidding through various means of widespread killing and insanity.

     Personally I think Purefoy is what'll keep this show going.  He was wonderful in Rome, Camelot, A knight's Tale and I love his small role in John Carter of Mars.  (Slightly off topic, I'm quite curious to see how he did in Robert E. Howard's "Solomon Kane") 

     Typical to modern television I'm seeing the suspense filled episodic formula already, much like the plethora of crime procedure shows currently airing constantly on pretty much every station available.  I hope they can keep the psychological horror ramped up- offset the structure.  Keep it interesting, make each of the Followers someone distinct and individualized.  Each member of the Following needs to be unpredictable in their own way, while still under Joe Carroll's influence.  Of course meeting a weekly creep could also dampen things if it does become predictable- so they should put extra effort into making the episodes unique.   

     Pehaps with these guys can learn from shows like American Horror Story that they need to make it worth our time.  If they do, we'll be their following.

     It premieres Monday, Jan. 21 at 8c on FOX.


Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock's DLC to arrive Jan 15, 2013

     Gearbox has fficially announced the release date for the next DLC- Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt- January 15, 2013.  This has been noted on many sites, I saw it on the Gaige, Mister Torgue and now Sir Hammerlock's ECHOcasts on Twitter.  There are also phone ringtones featuring Hammerlock quotes (in addition to Torgue and Claptrap ones) available on the official Borderlands 2 site.
A tweet from a gentleman
     With some game play videos already out we can now see it takes place in a swampy area called Aegrus.  Sir Hammerlock has invited you out for a good old gentlemanly hunting trip, but along the way Professor Nakayama interferes and would really like you to become his arch nemesis.  This "Hyperion Scourge" apparently poisoned the Atlus CEO and is pissed that you haven't heard of him before.  He essentially pesters you into action by constantly ECHOing you while you're on the hunt.  He went and crashed his ship here and locked himself out of it.  Nakayama thinks Handsome Jack was the coolest person ever and has plans to clone him to restart his reign on Pandora.  And maybe he can become as cool as Jack in the process. 
The Hyperion Scourge
     So far, I'm liking the DLC.  I see the Drifters are back, saw new enemies (various Savages, Boroks and Scaylions), an awesome new vehicle (Fan boats) with 3 weapon types, and a couple new raid bosses- Voracidous the Stalker Seraph Guardian and Dexidous the Drifter.  One thing in particular I liked is the Witch Doctors.  They can heal or level up their allies as well a firing off varied attacks such as slag, fire and a crippling attack that dramatically slows your movement.

     While there still is no raise in level cap I am sure many people will complain, but I personally will complete the DLC and work on boosting my Badass Rank in the mean time.  Considering I have 3 level 50's(Zer0, Maya, Axton), a 33(Salvador), and a 25 (Gaige), it'll give me a bit more time to get the lower level Gunzerker and Mechromancer up to 50. 

     Gamespot has the first half hour of gameplay up with commentary:


The Phantom Pain: Metal Gear Stealth Marketing

     Just watched the trailer for The Phantom Pain. 
     This has  Metal Gear written all over it.  A new game company, Moby Dick Studio, turns up out of the blue, and a few members of team Konami had shirts sporting this on them at the Spike VGAs.  Not to mention the lead man's name is "Joakim Mogren" which contains an anagram of Kojima, and his next project "Ogre" in it.  I would guess this game is definitely a new Metal Gear on that alone.  Possibly even what the FOX game engine was designed for.
     After that fact, pretty much everything else about the trailer is steeped in Metal Gear-ness under the guise of Viral marketing.

Confused Snake...    ??? 
      A confused(drugged?) man wakes in a hospital and things go bad quite swiftly from there.  He's been in a coma from a car accident and another person is waiting for him.  The other person, other than the bandages, looks to be in good health.  It looks as if the place is under attack.  The focal character appears to have bodily scarring and a missing left forearm.       His initial inability to walk gives us a wonderful crawling movement that is EXACTLY like the typical crawl of soldiers with the title Snake.  That fabulous mullet and bandage over the eye, a Hideo Kojima staple, is very indicative of a Snake.  Could this be a clone in VR training of some sort, or a Snake we already know? 

     With the assault on the hospital we see many being dragged away or killed.  Are these people here for killing the protagonist, or here on a rescue mission? 
     There are many dream-like occurrences.  Feathers falling, a man on fire, a unicorn, and a giant flying whale, and a floating human.  Many of the military types have gas masks so could this all be hallucination?  This whole advertisement is one giant dream sequence.
     Then at the end there is a hovering person above beyond the gunman.  He looks awfully similar to Psycho Mantis.  Or the Sorrow, depending on the time period.  It looks like a lot of the stuff is a bit aged.  The lady speaking at the end has a Russian accent, so... could this be a game during the formation of Foxhound?  It would be unbelievably awesome if it were a complete remake of Metal Gear Solid, but it would be highly doubtful.  Personally I would like a game playing as The Joy.  A female lead protagonist in an awesome period piece era.
Is this Psycho Mantis?
    Even the end announcement has some hidden words above the The Phantom Pain.  This has got to be a ploy or a teaser campaign for the Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes.  Clearly the main person is a Snake, whether it's a Ground Zeroes teaser or another Metal Gear game will have to be determined.
     Regardless of what the final name of this title ends up as, I will be purchasing it.

Borderlands 2: *SPOILERS* Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt DLC

     Links to spoiler info are midway down the post.
     Well, I'm seriously looking forward to more Borderlands 2.  With the next DLC being Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt, I figure it'll be a hunting slaughter fest focussed on creatures.  Maybe a Pandora island infused with Jurassic Park references and the Island of Dr. Moreau. (See Axton pic)
     Many think that there will only be 4 DLCs, but I believe there'll be more.  It would equal much more money for Gearbox.  More playable characters as well.  If there is more than 4, the short DLC play lengths and the lack of raise in level cap will be more tolerable.
     Really, we've needed more giant beasts to slay for a while.  Where's the new Skagzilla, or a herd of Rakk Hives, I wouldn't mind a 3rd Mothrakk.  Perhaps a new Crawmerax?  With all of Hyperion's experimenting, some of their scientists and engineers had to have created something in the Wildlife Preserves.  Where's all the mega Stalkers?  The Drifters have yet to return as well.  We could definitely use another nonhuman Invincible.
     On the chance this is a Jakobs focussed place (like the first Borderland's Zombie Island of Dr. Ned) and maybe Jurassic Park-ish we could get to see some animals from long ago from the Pandora landscape.  Essentially dinosaurs running amok.  Prehistoric ancestors of Bullymongs, or Jurassic Bonerfarts if you will. 

     Here's 2 links with some decent *SPOILER* info:



     And here's a quick snippet of info someone posted on the Borderlands forums:
     After today's patch if you look at the files in the new folder "Sage" on the PC you can see much of what the DLC will be like if you are used to reading those types of files.
Without giving too much away there seems to be a new vehicle, at least 18 missions (it reads like most of these are 2-3 part missions and side missions might be extra), lots of new animal-type enemies that aren't just re-skins, New Seraph Items/Vendor.
This is speculative, but there are either several new Raid Bosses OR the new Raid Boss has 3-5 different enemies as a part of it.

Also I have a very good feeling Scarlett will be back in this DLC. This is NOT in the files, but there is something that kind of hints to something coming back from DLC1. Again I'm just guessing that Scarlett is back.
     -From a fellow named "ImmaCriminal."

     By the looks of it we'll probably not see a raise in the level cap.  I don't really mind that.  But I would like to see MORE stuff to do.  Pitchford said something along the lines of these 4 DLCs would be equivalent to The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, but maybe he meant that all 4 would equal to 1 Knoxx.  Seriously, these seem way shorter than even Zombie Island.  I do like them though.  My biggest issue was the inability to beat Master Gee without the freeze.
     More uses for our over abundance of currencies would be nice, as would an expansion for our bank vault.
     Also, I want a Butt Stallion cameo.  But that would probably be saved for the MASSIVELY LIKELY future Hyperion Moonbase DLC.

     More info as I can gather it.


Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt (New DLC)

     Well as I thought with my post last night, the new patch is out and our hint for the next DLC is sort of hidden in there.  The Trophies for the next installment have appeared in some PS3 lists, and our good gentlemanly friend Sir Hammerlock is taking center stage in this next one.

Smell that ol' slappy? That's the scent of a gentlemen
     It's titled "Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt" and the trophies listed are: 
1) Face Off (Bronze)- Completed the mission: The Fall of Nakayama
2) Done that (Gold)- Completed all Hammerlocks hunt side missions.
3) Been there (Silver) - Discovered all named locations in Hammerlocks Hunt.

     There is reason to suspect this'll be released before the years ends, from some of Randy Pitchford's Tweets.  I also believe there may be more than 4 DLCs in total, and at least 1 more character coming.  This has got to be a bankroll for them, so I'd imagine they'll keep pumping things out.  Hell, I might even guess they'd sell us more bank space as a DLC content similar to the new characters.

     Anyways- as long as they keep the Hammerlock brand humor, Big Game Hunt should be at least entertaining.  I wouldn't mind hunting some Badass Adult Bonerfarts again.
     Honestly speaking, I don't mind the other 2 DLCs, but I'm really hoping they up their game on this one.  Sure there were plenty of things to do, but it didn't feel like much.  It felt like the DLCs ended too abruptly.  More so with Scarlett than Torgue.  Mr. Torgue's sort of has an ending. 
     Captain Scarlett disappears at the end of Pirate's Booty.  While Moxxi and Torgue seem to be growing into an odd couple with hints towards Moxxi putting Torgues Arena to use at the end of Campaign of Carnage.  They could be an amazingly entertaining duo, ok- they already are.
     Many people are wondering what the next Invincible will be as well.  Perhaps with a wildlife type hunt it'll be a non human like Terramorphous or Crawmerax.  There's even some people joking about the data mined info of Crystaloferous the Invincible, who was supposedly the 3rd Borderlands 2 main game raid boss.  Could just be data left from an unused idea, we won't know until the DLC hits.
     I wonder if it'll be one of the MASSIVE wormlike creatures we see bones of all over.  But, then those could just be larger versions Master Gee's worms (such as the skeleton in Gee's cave on the back wall)- or the Leviathan's tongue.  

     Maybe we'll get some more info on who/what the Seraphs are, and more on actual Eridians or some such.  Gearbox and 2K have created an immense universe here, but are lacking in explanations.  Many gamers would like to know about these things!  Come on Gearbox, you can't tease us with these story elements and never fill us in.  There's a limit to how much "mystery" people can take without getting actual information.

     The level cap will probably hit, as it did with the first game's 3rd DLC, and I really hope they increase the bank storage.  The game trailer boasts "87 Bazillion guns"...  but you can only carry 27 items.  And use a giant vault that somehow holds half as much as your backpack, and then Claptrap's secret stash of 4.  I have 7 characters.  It is horrible to have to swap things around so much.  Seriously, if modders can do it, and in the first game you could do it, why not increase it??? 
     I personally believe they should just combine the stash and vault. 

     And make use of all these damn currency types!  I have tons of Eridium, Torgue tokens and Seraph crystals and nothing worth using them for.  Let me buy a larger bank vault or something.


Borderlands 2: New PS3 Patch/Update Dec. 13! TOMORROW!!!

     It's only slightly off from the release info previously mentioned-but GOOD NEWS!!!

It's going to hit tomorrow- Dec. 13, 2012!  Thank you Gearbox!
     We Playstation 3 users will finally be able to beat Master Gee the Invincible and have it STICK!  Pyro Caustic Pete the Ultra Invincible and Hyperius will now suffer my pent up Pandoran aggression - then I'll move to the FIXED MASTER GEE, and crush him with glee.  UNINTENTIONAL RHYMING!!! 
     We'll finally be able to get 100% completion for Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty.  Even though I've spent plenty of time waiting for the patch by enjoying Mr Torgue's Campaign of Carnage I am SOOOO pumped for this!  A return to Oasis for some good times.

     Here's the link of what the update has in store for us:

     Once again- THANK YOU GEARBOX!!!  We've been awaiting this for quite some time.

     On a side note- perhaps we'll see PS3 Trophy hints as to what the next DLC will be...
     Especially because of the new Character and DLC news previously listed.


Masters of the Universe: Like a Moss... Man

     Sometimes I'm dumb.  My best friend (http://nicholasstraight.blogspot.com/) is quite fond of Moss Man and another fellow posted something about him on Facebook.  Well, this is the first thing that came to mind. 
     Ok, pretty close.  The first thing was a Moss Man in the iconic Muhammad Ali pose, above a fallen Beast Man with the same caption.  This is all I could manage in a short time.  Maybe I'll do an airbrush of it another time.

New "Man of Steel" Superman trailer!

     Zack Snyder's new Man of Steel trailer is looking quite good!  I also see his love for giant red capes in slow motion is still intact long after 300.  Henry Cavill looks wonderful.  I know I'm going to catch sh!t for this, but thankfully they ditched the absurd red trunks. 
     Caught a couple quick glimpses of Zod, and Michael Shannon as the evil Kryptonian General is going to be great- especially after his performance in Take Shelter.
     I hope this film does for Superman what Batman Begins and Christopher Nolan did for Batman.

     At one point Kevin Costner, as Jonathan Kent, says, "You just have to decide what kind of man you want to grow up to be Clark. Whoever that man is, he's gonna change the world."  The music and imagery seem to be very good at leading you to wonder at the struggle of an alien adopted into our world.  He knows he will change the world, but the question he's forced to answer is how?  Those are big choices, such a great burden, to put on the shoulders of someone.  With extraordinary power, comes superhuman decision making skills.

     Because it looks as if Warner Bros. has a lock on the Youtube embedding feature, here's the link:  http://youtu.be/KVu3gS7iJu4

     Here's a Zod screen cap i took as well.

Borderlands 2: New Character Idea: Forgotten Atlus employee

I was getting ice cream!
      With Commandant Steele's opening the Vault and the withdrawn Atlas support on Pandora it seems like some things would have to be left behind, particularly, some really pissed off soldiers.     Maybe one of the Crimson Lance Royal Guard/Soldier/etc witnessed the Vault Hunters slaying the Destroyer after Steele's screw up and wanted to be a part of it. It would make sense that with the Lance attempting to take all the credit, and the real heroes being labeled as enemies, that there may have been deserters. Even more so after General Knoxx died and Atlas abandoning Pandora. Then Roland took a semi-reformed bunch and made the Crimson Raiders. The character could be someone Roland contacted or called in, maybe an old war buddy from his time with the Atlas Corp., but they arrived too late and want revenge.
      Really, think of another melee type character using a Lance Assassin. One more sword user could be pretty decent.

      Hell, they could even use the humorous "Personal Ice Cream Leave of Absence"(code 3.5.31 in the manual). Something along the lines of they went on an ice cream leave and came back to a missing military company and are just trying to find their way.

      Theoretically the skill couldn't really be ANOTHER turret, but perhaps they could deploy a Lance probe, mine, or an assault pod with back up soldiers or supplies. Or, in an extreme case, a reverse engineered Eridian weapon. I wouldn't mind an Atlas Engineer that somehow could call in a Guardian from the Eridian Promontory. Maybe they tapped into the lost technology and in a fit of revenge on their employer, due to being abandoned and left for dead, the character joined up with the Crimson Raiders.
     Whatever this Eridian tech would be, it shouldn't be a typical weapon, make it an Eridian Prototype of something that would work "like magic," think like something similar to the Siren's powers in the Borderlands universe. (More on this in the next 6th playable character potential post)
The Eridian tech could even be something salvaged by a Dahl employee, think of another Tannis type somewhere else on Pandora coming across something still working.

     The skill trees-(like the Atlas Badasses) could be divided into- Infantry, Defender, and Engineer.

Borderlands 2: New DLC & New Character Confirmation

     Just a quick post here.  Saw these on Twitter earlier today. 
      So it looks like we'll be getting some new DLC before the year is done. Hopefully it'll come with a patch to fix some of the problems like Master Gee the Unbeatable System Killer. I'll be looking forward to whatever it is.

     For the new character I am hoping for a faulty Hyperion robot that deploys a Jimmy Jenkins like tinier robot.  There are plenty of Hyperion robots that go all wonky, so when can we actually play as one?  Think about it- there's the Hyperion Intelligence Core, Mal, Innuendo Bot, Censor Bot, Jimmy Jenkins, and Perv-E- I'm sure there's plenty of other robots gone awry that could be fun. 
     It would be loads of fun to play as an off-kilter Wee Loader!

     I'm running short on break time here at work so here's a quick rundown of some others I think would make for good possibilities.

     1)  A were-skag or were-bullymong with a Skill of transforming into the alternate character for a short time.  Maybe a Midge-mong like centaur creature, there is so much potential here.

    2)  A Zombie left over from the Zombie island.  Can use a puking skill with elements.

     3)  Hyperion or Torgue engineer type with the exo-skeleton for ground shaking or Brick berserking punchy goodness.  Maybe an actual midget character that uses the exoskeleton to be "regular sized."

     4)  An escaped Rat with laser beam power.  Let them have a Mordecai like Ransack skill for increased looting like a Rat Thief.

     4)  A Bandit.  There's a plethora of things to draw on for a Bandit character.  A bandit just one day gets sick of being repeatedly getting slaughtered by Vault Hunters and thus starts their journey.
A possible skill -they could become enraged and get bigger and stronger like a Goliath.  I would like to see a Skag rider or Giant rider.  Why the hell aren't skags a ride already?
Even a simple Axe thrower would be ok.  Plenty of bandit kind to make use of.

     5)  A forgotten or left behind Atlus employee.

     6)  A Guardian, Seraph, or an Eridian.  (This would be guessing Zero isn't one of the 3 things listed)  This would open up more mystical or "magic" like powers similar to the Sirens abilities.  I believe this could be an amaing DLC addition.  (I'll have a larger post on this later)


After Earth: Can Will Smith help M. Night Shyamalan?

     Saw this trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's "After Earth."  I must say it looks fairly impressive.  Then again, when I first saw the Last Airbender trailer, it looked good at first- but it turned out to be an absolutely atrocious film.  He hasn't made a really good film since "Signs." 
     For me at least, I'll give it a chance.  Will Smith tends to be great in pretty much everything.  So what I'm wondering is, can the Smiths help redeem movies for Shyamalan?  This has the added benefit of Shyamalan not being the writer.  It is mainly written by Stephen Gaghan, who wrote Traffic and Syriana.  Which could be a very good thing for him- having anoter writer to level things out.  Hopefully this does well enough to regain the respect of moviegoers towards Shyamalan.

     Overall this looks like a father and son bonding movie combined with a coming of age film (in a new and hostile environment). Intriguing if nothing else. I'm going to take a chance on this, even if it's just for the visual effects' eye candy. I'm hoping it'll be at least a decent movie.

     Plot synopsis:
One thousand years after cataclysmic events forced humanity's escape from Earth, Nova Prime has become mankind's new home. Legendary General Cypher Raige returns from an extended tour of duty to his estranged family, ready to be a father to his 13-year-old son, Kitai. When an asteroid storm damages Cypher and Kitai's craft, they crash-land on a now unfamiliar and dangerous Earth. As his father lies dying in the cockpit, Kitai must trek across the hostile terrain to recover their rescue beacon. His whole life, Kitai has wanted nothing more than to be a soldier like his father. Today, he gets his chance.

     Well, I know the first thing many people are going to wonder is, aside from the fact their last names are Raige, what's the twist?  Shyamalan seems to always need one.  Just from the trailer- I would guess one of two things-

     1) Will Smith is a "non-person"?  It looks like he's ripped out of the ship when it's being torn open and crashing so maybe he dies in the beginning and continues through the rest of the film in a non-physical manner.  Maybe he's Jaden's future self, being imagined as a guide of sorts.  Or, on a FAR OUT THERE guess, perhaps a time travelling future self, guiding him through events he knows about before being sucked out of the ship.  Hell, Will Smith might play both Cypher and an aged Kitai.  If they set the film in multiple times.
     Perhaps he could be a hologram or synthetic human.  I don't know.  It's fairly difficult to judge by just the trailer here.  While it says there were 2 survivors, that could also be a ruse for storytelling purposes, as it looks fairly bad when he's thrown down that hall, then the ship is pulled apart during the fall to Earth.  So maybe he does survive and is just injured pretty badly and Jaden's character has to make it to Will and then go from there.  I mean it does show a LOT of Jaden scenes by himself, and then Will in a small control center type area communicating with him.

     2)  This Earth may be in the long reaches of the past, as opposed to a possible distant future.  Many old Scifi stories have used this notion and it works all right.  I don't think it would matter much as to when the story takes place.  The reason I mention this is because I believe I caught glimpses of a couple of dinosaur type animals.  In particular a sabre-toothed tiger.
     This might end up being an Earth seeding film- one where man leaves then returns to re-seed and repopulate the Earth.  Not necessarily through the typical human reproductive means.

     I'm sure I'll have more to say as more is released.


Lord of the Rings: And My (Broke) Axe

     Here's another stupid comic I made that I've thought about for a long time.  Gimli offers his axe to assist Frodo the Ringbearer in the Fellowship of the Ring, literally minutes after destroying it on Sauron's One Ring of Power.  Thinking about it always gave me a chuckle, hopefully it does the same for you readers.  Perhaps he just has a large supply of backup axes.
     The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is out in less than a week, and I am super excited!

One does not simply walk into Mordor, but perhaps 9 can.

     I always laugh at some parts of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, here is one of them.  Pretty much right after saying one does not simply walk into Mordor, Boromir and the newly formed Fellowship of the Ring sets out to walk to Mordor.
     Made this while completing my yearly rewatch of the extended trilogy.  I'll put up another one later, probably more as the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey nears to theatrical release in a week.


Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer

A familiar sight
     With a week and a half until the Hobbit is released, and the Star Trek Into Darkness 9 minute preview, excitement is high.  I saw the Teaser Trailer for Star Trek and it looks good.  J.J. Abrams is up to his good old misdirection with trailers. 
     It also seems Inception and Prometheus added the GWWWWOOOOOOONNGG!!! sound to the trailer for dramatic effect.  There also appears to be a significantly less number of Abrams patented lens flares. Ok, only about 20% less lens flare.

     The trailer, being a minute and 20 seconds, contains lots of quick snippets featuring most the main characters and it looks like Benedict Cumberbatch might be playing Gary Mitchell.  (From the original series' episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before")  And I would guess if that's who he is, Alive Eve could then be playing Elizabeth Dehner???  While I am not 100% sure, these guesses are just speculation so far, but I will enjoy the movie regardless.       It looks like a hooded, kung fu Cumberbatch is fighting a Klingon (leather masked person) at one point, and Spock possibly visiting the molten caverns of Mount Doom.  Many explosions, Starfleet bases and cities exploding, and a ship (possibly the Enterprise, but that's highly doubtful, maybe an older model starfleet ship- but if it's Gary Mitchell- it could be the Valiant) crash landing in water are a few highlights of the teaser.  Then again the crash scenes might not even be related to the ship in the water scene- what if its rising out of the water?

     As for the screen capture pic above, could it be the result of someone's Wrath...  as it's following Cumberbatch's character asking, "Is there anything you would not do for your family?" (Note- they do NOT show who's hands they are, and I believe that is VERY purposeful)  That leads me to personally believe that Cumberbatch's crew, like Kirk's crew, is his family- much along the likes Khan's mindset.  From the many rumors I've heard, a LOT of people are thinking that Khan will be the villain.  But wouldn't it be cooler if Peter Weller was Khan and the scene above would be not Kirk and Spock, but Cumberbatch and Weller.  Providing the background for the revenge plot.
     I would like to add if Khan is here, I hope the ship crash is the Botany Bay in the past and it leaves him in suspended animation in the beginning of the film- which would explain the planes flying overhead for a funeral.  I mean the ship doesn't have the right nacelles to be the current Enterprise's.  I would like it if Weller was Khan and stuck in suspended animation and having Gary Mitchell raising the forgotten ship from the depths.  This would be FAR out there, but whatever.  Just a nod to the augmented people of the lost Botany Bay.  Keep it a small homage. 

     It looks like Cumberbatch is of Starfleet, at least for a time with the insignia showing on a black shirt, so that would lean towards Gary Mitchell or Garth of Izar.  Maybe this is all a back story- Weller and Cumberbatch in a ship crash (Botany Bay?), but I don't know.  Too many maybes right now.  I mean they haven't shown pics of Weller, so he might not even be playing a human.
     I've also seen talk of Sybok (without the ears) as the villain.  Any of these villains would work.  Khan or Gary because of what looks to be semi superhuman/telekinetic feats- fighting and jumping through thick plate glass.

     Oh, well, super excited for this film.  More to come, probably after the Hobbit shows the first 9 minutes.


Batman: Dark Knight Rises: Bane & Portlandia

Bane + Portlandia = Banelandia.

"Put a Bane on it!"
     The Dark Knight Rises is out on BluRay and DVD today, so I made a couple stupid humor pics. (the other is on the previous post)
     I was going to make it "Put a Bat on it!" and do a series of pics from the show Portlandia's "Put a bird on it!" skit, with a slew of Bat symbols placed on the objects.  Something about a jelly-smear Bane face just stuck in my mind, and this is the result.

Batman: Dark Knight Rises: Bane & Zoolander?

     With The Dark Knight Rises being released today on BluRay and DVD, I figured I'd throw some stupid pics up. 
     Apparently Derek Zoolander has been tricked by Ra's al Mugatu and his League of Shadows.  Billy Zane/Bane is trying to get him to back down from a walk-off with a Bruce Wayne sponsored Hansel.  (I originally wanted to photo shop Bane's mask onto Billy Zane, but didn't have the time)

     Perhaps I'll make some more Banelander pics in the near future...


A Thank You To All Visitors.

     Super quick post here:
     Holy Crap!  My blog has finally hit the 10K visitors mark.  The counter at the bottom was added quite a bit after I started here.  A hearty "Thank You" to anyone that has actually read anything here.

Lego Lord of the Rings: Best PlayStation 3 Trophy Ever!

     I've been waiting for this game for quite some time- here's proof with a post about it from 2008.  http://joshuabarsody.blogspot.com/2008/11/why-hell-isnt-there-lego-lord-of-rings.html

     Anyway, not that it's here, it's super fun.  Just in time for generating a bazillion dollars along with the theatrical release of the Hobbit during the Christmas season.

     Well, I noticed that one of the trophies (or Achievements on Xbox/PC/other) is "One Simply Does Not..." and it is achieved by walking into Mordor.  This is quite possibly the best PS3 Trophy made ever.  Thank you Traveller's Tales for putting this in there.  I laughed for like an hour about it, and decided to make this meme.

     I don't believe this Lego game is quite as good as a couple of the other Lego games- particularly the first Harry Potter and the 2nd Batman, they are spectacularly well put together.  There are a few new mechanics in play that are decent and the way they changed the "hub world" will take some getting used to, but it's looking pretty good so far. 
     I still highly recommend this game, for whatever system you play on.


Borderlands 2: Raid Boss Lockout Glitch

Hyperion union rule 4628.148.93-
Only 1 fight per day, so...
I'm on break, come back tomorrow.
     Borderlands 2 fans, as many of you have already noticed, we've recently found something in the DLCs has gone awry.  Well, another something.  It appears that ALL 3 of the "Invincible" Raid Bosses have been locked out.  Not just their usual deal of taking one day off for some sweet rest and recuperation after a hard battle, but a complete lockout.

     After paying our hard earned Eridian, the fight cannot be started because the system thinks we have already fought the Raid Boss within the last day.  The lockout timer has broken.  I would like to mention that I don't mind the normal 24 hour waiting period between fights.  I don't even mind the ludicrously poor loot drop rates.  I DO, however, mind being locked out of being able to do what I'm already limited in doing- fighting these long and tedious bosses.

     So instead of just having Master Gee's system freezing superpower single-handedly ruining the DLC experience, I now have to contend with the inability to fight any of the Invinci-douches.  Hyperius, Master Gee and PyroCaustic Pete have all gone on strike.  Hyperi-ass has joined up with Master Crash, and are dragging Pete down with them.

     Luckily, a few quick people on the forums have found ways of not only fixing it, but also unlocking the typical 24 hour restriction. It involves going "offline" and resetting the time and date to a future time- 1/1/13.  Sadly it only works on PC and Xbox as of now, so we PS3 users are kind of screwed for the time being.  That's 3 for 3 on impossible bosses.  Wonderful.

     Ok, Gearbox, I know things happen in gaming, but the frequency of these fairly HUGE problems are coming is very disheartening.  It kind of feels like this is being done on purpose.  We finally get a raid boss that is fun and decent, and this happens?  Seriously, I still haven't gotten credit for killing Master Gee because of the system freezes.
     I would rather wait longer for an initial release of future DLCs than have these constant issues arising.  I don't recall anything like this throughout any of my Borderlands 1 playthroughs.

     As of now, I know the patch for Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty is tentatively scheduled to arrive this coming week- I posted on this yesterday.  What worries me is the fact that it's taken this long to fix Gee (the new patch might not even fully do that) and now Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage is suffering as well. 
     It's bad because Gearbox may lose a bunch of gamers.  I am frustrated with these issues, and can only imagine that many are even more angry than myself.

     I would plead to Gearbox- no rushing, we will wait for Borderlands stuff if it means perfection.  Look at how well The Armory of General Knoxx was put together.


Borderlands 2: PS3 Master Gee FREEZE FIX news!!!

     As many Borderlands 2 players on PS3 know, Master Gee the Invincible has lived up to his name.  He really is invincible and crashes the system upon his defeat.  After weeks of problems there was a semi-news update(found on the Borderlands 2 forums)- the fix is slated to be released sometime during the week of December 3rd. (See picture below)
     In less than a week(assuming this patch goes through) I will be able to finish Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty for good.
     We PS3 players can finally "enjoy" crushing Master Gee, and let his devil worms feast upon his carcass!

Best news in a while.


After Thanksgiving Holiday Post

     Home after a long Thanksgiving weekend.  I had the pleasure of being surrounded by kind people with plenty of food and good times.

     While I didn't see any of my own family, I wish them all the best.  Lord knows I don't see any of them as much as I should.

     I would also like to say I'm extremely grateful for having people care, having food and shelter and a decent job.  There are many people that don't have even the simple comfort of a place to go, and my heart goes out to all of them.

     I have a personal tradition of watching my favorite Thanksgiving film (Planes, Trains and Automobiles) sometime within the week of the Holiday. This movie is wonderful and I would like to thank John Hughes for this heartwarming film.  I leave this short post with a 4 panel comic I made from one of the best scenes.

     Really, making the best of what you've got, that's this movie in a nutshell.  If you haven't seen it, I would recommend it highly, the end is such a great feel-good scene. 

(A side note: A Batman(The Dark Knight) quote could easily be used on this 4 panel- "Some men just want to watch the world burn."  I feel that someone will get to it eventually.)


Retro City Rampage: 8 Bits of Homage Insanity!

     Truthfully, I haven't finished the game yet.  There are SOOOOO many awesome games I have on deck to play, that this one has been only played for a couple hours, and will subsequently be moved further out before I come back to it.

Two time machines- Doc's Delorean and Bill & Ted's Phone Booth.
     What this game does exceptionally well is give gamers a wonderfully healthy dose of pixelated nostalgia, and washes it down with a gallon of pop-culture references.  It reminds us why we loved those games and 80's movie and TV icons.  The first 15 minutes are positively saturated with reminiscence inducing throwbacks.  If you can think of something from that era, they probably put a gag or nod to them in here somewhere.
     In my first half hour, after the opening mission, I had stolen the Ninja Turtles' van, found a Legend of Zelda cave with an old guy that gave me a sword that cuts grass, hit an "invisible wall," killed the Contra guys, and played some enjoyable mini games at the arcade.

      Unfortunately, once the wave of nostalgia wears off quickly and one is left with some frustration involving some of the game mechanics during the later missions. Bosses and missions get real hard, real fast. This isn't a quarter-muncher, balance the difficulty out!  A small bit of challenge should be enjoyed, not punctuated with what feels like an unfair quick death when difficulty ramps up without warning.  Either make the little stuff harder or, more reasonably, make the bosses slightly less of a pain. The payoff has to be worth the effort. 
      The majority of ideas behind the main story line are lifted from old classic NES games (such as Super Mario Bros, Paperboy, Mech Rider, Mega Man, Metal Gear and even that notoriously bad Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles underwater dam level) and emulated closely. The only problem is while they get the retro gaming to feel right, somehow it hasn't been aged properly. A tailing mission, no matter what, is still boring, and the game makers even note that fact during the mission. 

     And here's what Retro City Rampage doesn't quite get right- it doesn't learn from the last 20 years of gaming history.  I have so much appreciation for this game's creation, and the only part I haven't liked is the reminder of why those games were also bad.  Really, the TMNT dam level was a pain then, why would someone make it worse now? 
       That is my chief complaint here- the game captures all the nostalgic glory of the 8 bit yesteryear, but fails to make it resonate with what gaming is capable of doing NOW.  I absolutely hope Brian Provinciano's next game will remedy this.  If he can keep the best parts of retro gaming and minimize the worst parts, many people will eagerly look forward to what may be on deck for him if he can learn from gaming history.   

     That being said- free roaming the city of Theftropolis is where this game shines.  A wonder to explore every bit of the map.  (the map could use some work, as nothing is labelled)  Every inch of this place is loaded with references to something.  It is extremely fun to just roam around wreaking havoc throughout the city.  Wander around and check out the sites if you please, there are so many things to keep you occupied, many hours may be wasted in pure NES era fun.  This is one thing Mr. Provinciano HAS learned.  Give gamers ultimate freedom to do whatever, whenever they want in the game's world.

     If you are a gamer looking for a throwback to 1980's nostalgia, this is HIGHLY recommended.  For $15 this game is definitely worth every cent.  Thank you Mr. Provinciano, I eagerly await whatever you have up next.
     I'll have another post on ideas for a new game later- one that, I personally, have been thinking about for about a decade.


Happy Thanksgiving Middle Earth Style

     I've had these meme ideas in mind for some time, and figured with the Lego Lord of the Rings currently out and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey coming out soon, I could whip up some silly Holiday images.

     I made 2 Gandalf "You Shall Not Pass" meme pics, and 1 of Boromir's "One Does Not Simply" meme.

     Enjoy, and have a Happy Holiday season.


Borderlands 2: Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage and New DLC ideas

     With Borderlands 2's next DLC- Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage- on it's way I'm really thinking about all the things that could be added to the game.  The only thing I could guess about this DLC is that Mr. Torgue will be some kind of Michael Bay 'Splodey-pants obsessive.  Perhaps he'll even part Transformer.  Always using capitol letters and explosions. 
     I saw earlier today that Mr. Torgue took over Gaige's twitter account.  There are many YELLING TWEETS AND!!!  In addition- a picture and video have been released.
     By the looks of the pic, he's Macho Man Randy Savage's brother on a motorcycle.  Maybe this does have something to do with racing.  Maybe a Bike as a new vehicle?

     Here's the video link, as the embed feature doesn't seem to work for me today:

     The first thing is  I'd like to talk about is NEW PLAYABLE CHARACTERS:
     Gaige the mechromancer is a hell of a tank, and super fun to play as.  It is a wonderful start for expanding the story with another playable character.  But for the new one(s?) I really thought about what could be done.  There are plenty of opportunities in Borderlands. 
     My first thought is of a Hyperion robot that has gone awry.  Really, their characters in game are great- MAL, Jimmy Jenkins, H3RL-E, Innuendobot 500, C3n50r807- so why not have a damaged or modified Hyperion bot just doing whatever it wants?  Think of all the things Gearbox could do with this idea. 
     How fun would it be to play a tiny Hyperion bot like Jimmy Jenkins or P3RV-E?

     I mean, even a larger loader-type robot that could deploy a Wee Jet loader or, even better, have a loader that houses a Loot Midget.  We have Salvador the Gunzerker, but he really isn't a midget.  I would love to see a playable character that is super dinky.  Possibly because of the size have a smaller hitbox, but take more damage to balance them out a bit.
     Or a WEE Bandit character riding a Skag?  Maybe that would be a special ability.  A bandit character with a Skag would be wonderful.

     Another new Playable Character idea- one of Handsome Jack's doubles.  Maybe even a Handsome Jack New-U spawn that gets messed up in the spawn process.  He could have a ButtStallion special or some such.  What about calling in Hyperion forces, maybe a Moonbase launched robot?

     What about a Guardian character?  We haven't seen any of them for a while and could use some story of what they are.  Are they Eridians that were left behind to guard the Vaults?  Are they bio-organic machines made to protect something?  Perhaps part of Tannis's studies on the Eridian culture has resulted in a method of communication with any remaining Guardians.  Or- if Atlus or Hyperion have killed them all off - why can't someone use a New-U, scan the remnants and then "print" more?
     Then of course the Seraphs.  I would like to hear more about these mysterious beings.  If they aren't used as playable characters, at least give us more information and history of the Seraphs, Eridians and Guardians.

     On to the GAME CONTENT section:

Claptrap's secret stash missions-
  • Defeat Ug-Thak, Lord of Skags
  • Pilfer lost staff of Mount Schuler
  • Defeat Destroyer of Worlds
  • Dance, dance, baby

  •      When will these be playable, or at least referenced?  Like some guy heard of another guy that wen looking for the staff and was obliterated by the Destroyer.

         How about a trip to the Hyperion moonbase.  This is almost a given with one of the DLCs.  It's been there the whole game teasing us.  Populate it with 100 Handsome Jacks due to abusing the New-Us, and continuously respawning more until you delete his New-U save information...

    ...or... the game spawns a version of YOUR character that you have to kill(your own Doppleganger) - explain Jack's "scarring"- why it's a blue color).  I don't know, but this should be definitely a complete moment of overwheming insanity.

         Also what has Mr. Blake been up to all this time?  I figure he's helped the "good guys' on a number of occasions so he could make an appearance, perhaps a mission giver.

         Reveal the Cult of the Vault.  At least shed some new light on wht it is.  Seriously, they leaave symbols in all kinds of odd places and are themselves no where to be found.

         Atlus returns- perhaps an interplanetary ship returns, a derelict ship, lost manufacturing plant, a gun legendary stash buried somewhere, Marcus' salvaged atlus guns- SOMETHING!  I doubt in the 5 or so years since they were mostly destroyed there has to be something left somewhere on Pandora.

         More use for eridium(specifically MASSIVELY increasing the bank/vault/claptraps stash)- if it's so rare why do I have more than I can use?  Many players are in agreement- the bank needs a massive overhaul.  I recall hearing that players wouldn't need to worry about bank space.  That is NOT the case.  I have like 8 mule characters just for the bank space.  Maybe combine it with Claptraps stash into a wonderful super vault of weaponry. 

         More vehicles: Make a Buzzard or Skag vehicle.  The skiff is neat, but I want either a flying Buzzard or something ALIVE- enemies can ride Skags, why not us?  What about a Rakk?  Best of both worlds.

    ...and baby Bloodwings.  I saw an egg/baby in the end credits...

         More updates later.


    Borderlands 2: Master GEE the Invinci-douche


        Master Gee the Invincible.  As many Borderlands 2 players have learned, Gee is the biggest piece-o-crap battle ever.  Never have I, or many other gamers, been so frustrated. 
        After numerous attempts at defeating this truly invincible boss, I may actually give up.  That is a sad statement from an obsessive gamer.  To give readers an indication of how obsessive I get about being a completionist - I platinum trophied in Dark Souls, touted as one of the hardest games ever.  It was VERY difficult.  To the point of taking a couple months to finish.  Slowly, but surely.  At least if I died, it was usually because I messed up- such as a miss step or an poorly timed parry.  Not because an untouchable guy and his magical hydras were stopping the game system itself.

         Master Gee is a very large hitch in this game.  A problem that needs fairly immediate attention.  After roughly 25 attempts, through many variously suggested methods of fighting him, I have had the PS3 freeze upon his death at a 100% rate.  Every.  Single.  Time. 
         As soon as his life hits 0 (regardless of if I'm unloading a rocket to his face, or the acid eats up the last of his health bar) the game freezes.  The closest I've gotten after his death has been the little yellow check mark that travel to the upper right corner and turns into a "Turn In!" box almost made it to the "D" of Defeat Master Gee on the picture below. (the check mark isn't in this pic)  Some might ask, "Why do you keep trying?"  Well, other gamers on the forums have, after many, many attempts gotten his death to not freeze the system, and they are able to turn it in.  So I keep plugging away, but that may change.  I may just say F*** it, and abandon this DLC like one of it's lost treasures.  Granted this treasure is very rusty. 

         The pic is one of the times Master Gee and his wang gang all vanished.  That is a Dahl brand spiker gun, by the way.  I like the weapon a lot, slow bullets, but the small slagsplosions once the bursts hit is wonderful.
         In Borderlands 2 I enjoyed myself thoroughly, even if I got repeatedly slaughtered by Super Badass Nomads or got squashed by Terramorphous's body falling on me. 
         As for this last boss of Borderlands 2's first DLC: Captain Scarlett & Her Pirate's Booty, this is a whole different story.  It's not that he was designed poorly, there are a couple things that could be fixed or modified- say the almost ludicrously high spawn rate of his hard-to-kill worms and their homing globs of acid.  Yes, homing.  I've seen on many of my attempts to beat Gee that worms facing away will shoot massively damaging globs in an impossible arc towards me, following my path.  I haven't seen any other enemies shoot things backwards from where they are facing.
         It isn't that he randomly either doesn't take the damage from the acid spout shooting him full blast in the crotch, or that occasionally when he does it's at one quarter the rate he typically does.
         It isn't that it takes 30 plus minutes of struggling to wittle him down.  I can deal with long, drawn out boss battles. (I have seen some people clear him out faster, but I am not blessed with that super gear- even using the Bee+CC it takes me a long time from all the running around and dodging)
         It isn't the problem of when you go into "Fight for Your Life" mode, it's damn near impossible to recover because all the worms continuously bob up and down and 80% of the time they inexplicably become immune to any damage. 
         It isn't the fact that on multiple occasions Gee and ALL of the worms magically vanish, leaving me locked in the arena where the battle is supposed to be taking place, forcing me to quit and restart the game and get all the way back to him.
         It isn't the fact he has been known to erase character saves.  Lately I've gotten in the habit of backing them all up, just in case.

         It IS the fact his super power is being able to freeze your game after killing him.  On any of the systems.  That indicates a very poorly judged release of the game.  Many gamers would rather wait for DLC to be released if they knew it wouldn't have an ENORMOUSLY aggravating bug/glitch.
         I am absolutely sick of trying.  Once a patch is released, and I can actually finish this mission, I will never play this DLC again.  I have no care about getting any loot drops, no want for the Seraph crystals that buy sub par "Rare" weapons that are less useful than anything I've gotten in the main game, no care for anything other than completing this quest and being rid of this problem.

         Yes- I have been scouring the net and forums for ways of skirting this issue to finish the mission and get credit for the kill, but NOTHING has worked.  In all honesty this single problem has caused me to lose respect for this game.  Sure, it's nice to get DLC so quickly, but what's the use if you run into an impassable wall?  I literally CANNOT finish this game.  Not because of a lack of skill, but because the game is broken and prevents the completion.  I can't recall any other game that is so infuriating.  Being repeatedly knocked off ledges by Terramorphous is less of a pain.  Hyperius's unblockable explosions are an absurd mechanic, and even that is at least tolerable.  But both Hyperius and Terramorphous are at least still possible to finish, albeit with lot's of deaths, without freezing the whole system.

         I mean if it takes "nerfing" this boss, do it.  Drop the worm spawn rate if necessary.  There were MANY times where I had killed the first worm and got Gee to absorb the acid, and I somehow had 5 more worms to deal with.  Then another 2-3 pop out right after.  Completely absurd spawn rate.  That is multiplayer numbers.  Why am I taking on scaled rates in offline singleplayer?  It shouldn't be a parabolic curve to 9 worms in less than 3 minutes.  Happens to me every other, to every third, attempt.  That's even if I plow through quickly with a Bee shield and Conference Call shotgun.  Which I do NOT prefer to play with.  I like a bit of a challenge, but keep them in my backpack as a precautionary measure.(Thanks to the player that traded them to me!) 
         Even the fact a person can only fight him once every 24 hours doesn't bother me. (In part because the game would have to register a single time of beating him.)  It is a nice touch.  I don't mind waiting to face Hyperius once a day.  It might be nicer if he dropped slightly better loot, but that doesn't really matter.

         Gearbox/2k/whoever worked on this DLC- PLEASE remedy this as fast as possible.  Your fans have high expectations, but we also will wait for things.  I've seen on the forums talk of planning Borderlands 3 and I can only say that these DLCs need to be finished and ready before another full game is made.

         Done for now.  Good luck to any poor suckers like me that can't pass the freezing, hopefully a patch arrives swiftly.

         Side note- anyone else's characters seem to move slower than usual when "running" in Gee's cave area?  It happens to me all the time.  What an annoyance- it's like I'm running at a walk pace.



    I'm Pro Obama.

    Here's the short of it summed up by someone called "GiantPanda" from the comments on the page:
    (I changed it very minutely, but they should still get the credit)
    Because life is not solely about money.
    Because human rights include getting married, getting health care, getting an education, and getting assistance when in need.
    These things are what we as a nation should be working towards.
    This is what we should be striving for.
    I made this a while back and forgot about it, so here it is.
    Vice Presidential debate humor.
    With all due respect, that's a bunch of...
    (I believe the original photo was from Charlie Neibergall/AP Photo)

    Some Political Crap

         With the elections coming soon, I feel I should post a little bit on my personal standings.

         My apologies in advance- I would like to state here that I am prObama.  Mitt Romney seems like a terrible choice, and Paul Ryan makes him even worse.  Because I am not a writer I will post links and pics, with a few comments.  This is really scatterbrained and all over the place, but that's ok, you don't have to read on.
         First up: Mr. John Scalzi is an excellent writer and has a post that says far more than I ever could.  Please read it:
    And a follow up post, with many comments that I'd recommend be read:
         A Side Note:  If you're a fan of Scifi- buy his books- particularly Old Man's War.  Top notch stuff.

    This fellow, from the last link's comments, hits the nail on the head, this is why I'm voting Obama:
    Giant Panda says: Because life is not solely about money.
    Because human rights include getting married, getting health care, getting an education, and getting assistance when in need.
         These things are what we as a nation should be working towards.
         This is what we should be striving for.

         Second:  Many examples of what are mostly Republican flubs.  How are these people maintaining any kind of power in government?  These people make me fear the path our country is heading into.  It is, quite frankly, a horrifying thought that these people are governing lives.

    Here's a pic of some of the above quotes:
    I must say I am absolutely disgusted by how foolish some of these people are.  This is a PERFECT example of why EDUCATION should be a MUCH larger priority.

    Now a Pic that shows the actual GROWTH of private sector jobs that Mr. Romney still believes isn't actually increasing. :
    A gif of Paul Ryan's thoughts for money distribution:
         Personally I know debt is a problem, it won't magic itself away, it'll take lot's of time, and it'll get worse before it gets better.   

         There seems to be a tendency for many Americans to believe that initiated plans need to work with immediacy, and that is quite impossible.  Things take time.  The pace is slow going, but it IS going.  The economy has turned towards the better and Obama is steering it that way.  There are reasons to believe Romney would slam dunk us back into recession.
         I believe Mitt Romney only understands that wealth means power, but he has no clue how to use it. The GOP has become a mythological dragon- hoarding wealth for wealth's sake. 
         The GOP in general has seemingly lost their minds- focusing on NON-ISSUES-
    NON-ISSUE 1) Gay marriage should NOT be an issue, two consenting adults should be allowed to wed.  How can idiots like Miss Kardashian get a marriage that lasts only 72 hours, and it is considered sacred, but 2 loving homosexuals being married isn't?  I hope my generation remedies this.  They deserve FULL RIGHTS!  Plus- regardless of what some religions think, the CONSTITUTION promotes freedom of religion- so I'd say start a church that promotes gay marriage.

    NON-ISSUE 2) Women's reproductive issues...  should be handled BY WOMEN.  This shouldn't be even close to a problem.  Sure, throw a couple males in if you want, but IT SHOULD BE DECIDED PRIMARILY BY WOMEN!  Not by old males living with an outdated world's ideals.
         If someone stabs or shoots you, are you then forced to live with the blade or bullet stuck there for 9 months?  No, it is stupid.
         I truthfully believe Mitt Romney is detached from real life.  How can he run a country when all he wants is power.  Nothing he, or the GOP, has said recently makes me believe they know ANYTHING about a majority of America(middle and lower class).  The GOP is full of unscientific claims, blatant stupidity and infighting.  How can they even expect to run something when all their old policies(George W. Bush's) ran us into the ground and are now being blamed on Obama, who is actually doing some good.  I have to say that I am not "for" all the things he's done, but honestly Romney is a monster and will only drive us into a worse situation. 
         We are on the verge of a disastrous hurricane, and Romney think governmental disaster aid programs are “immoral.”  REALLY?!?  That this problem should be on the state, and then on to the private sector?  Romney needs to be slapped.
         His stances on issues waiver, he says things simply because it could possibly get votes, and he bashes Obama on the birth certificate, but won't release his own taxes information.  I can't trust someone that feels like a robot.  As near as I can tell Romney's campaign is- "Vote for me, I have lots of money, and a secret plan that I can't tell anyone."
         I mean there are Republican House and Senate members who vote against perfectly conservative policies because it is more important to oppose Obama than to look towards the fixing of problems.  No compromising?  How can that help America?  Absolutely absurd.  These extreme right wing conservatives need to be flushed out with a younger and more thoughtful, educated group.
         If Mitt Romney becomes President, we might as well have elected the Joker from the Dark Knight Returns.  With the whole of the "Conservative" powers behind him things would look ominous indeed.   The only good thing about that is we can impeach if necessary.

         Even if you don't agree with me, please vote.  I'm done for now. 


    A New Conan the Barbarian WITH Schwarzenegger!

         Just read these articles:


         With the announcement of the film The Legend of Conan, I am filled with hope and fear.  Hope that they make a movie that lasts, and fear that they may create another travesty to tarnish Robert E. Howard's legacy.
         I pray that they'll draw heavily on the original Robert E. Howard material.  Robert E. Howard's Conan story "Hour of the Dragon" in particular, as that has an aged Conan at an appropriate time in his life for Schwarzenegger to play.
         Considering the first Conan film was quite amazing for the time, and still holds up well, this could be good.  It COULD be.  I do have some doubts.  Please, please, PLEASE use the original Robert E. Howard material.  It is the reason why Conan has endured all these years.  They are good.  Do not deviate, use them.
         They should even stick with Mako's intro monologue from the Destroyer movie:
    "Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of. And onto this, Conan, destined to wear the jeweled crown of Aquilonia upon a troubled brow. It is I, his chronicler, who alone can tell thee of his saga. Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!"
         Although I am looking forward to this, first things first- Conan wasn't a viking, he was Cimmerian, and his god was Crom.  There are times he runs into AEsir and Vanir, he was NOT one of them.  I would plead to the studios to not make the mistake of screwing with the Robert E. Howard stories.  His negligent Cimmerian god Crom shaped his growth.  It's how he became a doer, learned to rely solely on himself.

         If they want to make an unbelievable Conan movie- simply make Tower of the Elephant with Momoa. An adaptation as close as possible- the stories resonate because they are GOOD, stick to them and people will love it. 
         I would even settle for Momoa playing flashback encouters telling the tale of the Tower of the Elephant.
         I am serious, Tower of the Elephant contains wonderful elements of fantasy and science fiction.  Conan is pretty new in to city life and is looking to gain notoriety and gold.  In the process he meets with the alien creature Yag-Kosha and defeats the dark sorcerer Yara.  Tower of the Elephant is an exceptional story in itself.  Don't mess with it and you'll reap massive rewards.         Here's a page of the encounter with Yag-Kosha.  It is very moving and could be a phenomenal scene if filmed properly.  (From the Busiek and Nord series- I would highly recommend picking up these trades at a local comic store.  They are very good.  So is the newer Brian wood Conan series- both from Dark Horse Comics)

         Why Jason Momoa?  He can act just fine, as seen in Game of Thrones, he just needs a better director.  A much better script would've been highly beneficial in the last Conan movie as well.  It suffered from the disease plaguing most movies as of late- TERRIBLE WRITING.  Studios rush the filmmaking process through to make money.

         Come on people- take the time to edit and clean things up before rushing to get a movie out and turn a profit.  It's so simple, why aren't the heads of film companies learning this?  Give the creators(writers and directors, etc.) freedom and TIME to hone the craft.  Do you want to make the next Dark Knight Rises?  Time + talent + creative freedom = BLOCKBUSTER.
         Without those things you end up with abominations like Prometheus.  It was a beautiful mess.  It is very sad that it took TWO writers to make that mess.  They should've taken another year to edit and made something far better.

         Back to Conan.  Take the necessary time to edit and perfect the story.  Make this worth watching and you'll gain all the fans you want, and reap the subsequent tide of monetary goodness.