Borderlands 2: New Character Idea: Forgotten Atlus employee

I was getting ice cream!
      With Commandant Steele's opening the Vault and the withdrawn Atlas support on Pandora it seems like some things would have to be left behind, particularly, some really pissed off soldiers.     Maybe one of the Crimson Lance Royal Guard/Soldier/etc witnessed the Vault Hunters slaying the Destroyer after Steele's screw up and wanted to be a part of it. It would make sense that with the Lance attempting to take all the credit, and the real heroes being labeled as enemies, that there may have been deserters. Even more so after General Knoxx died and Atlas abandoning Pandora. Then Roland took a semi-reformed bunch and made the Crimson Raiders. The character could be someone Roland contacted or called in, maybe an old war buddy from his time with the Atlas Corp., but they arrived too late and want revenge.
      Really, think of another melee type character using a Lance Assassin. One more sword user could be pretty decent.

      Hell, they could even use the humorous "Personal Ice Cream Leave of Absence"(code 3.5.31 in the manual). Something along the lines of they went on an ice cream leave and came back to a missing military company and are just trying to find their way.

      Theoretically the skill couldn't really be ANOTHER turret, but perhaps they could deploy a Lance probe, mine, or an assault pod with back up soldiers or supplies. Or, in an extreme case, a reverse engineered Eridian weapon. I wouldn't mind an Atlas Engineer that somehow could call in a Guardian from the Eridian Promontory. Maybe they tapped into the lost technology and in a fit of revenge on their employer, due to being abandoned and left for dead, the character joined up with the Crimson Raiders.
     Whatever this Eridian tech would be, it shouldn't be a typical weapon, make it an Eridian Prototype of something that would work "like magic," think like something similar to the Siren's powers in the Borderlands universe. (More on this in the next 6th playable character potential post)
The Eridian tech could even be something salvaged by a Dahl employee, think of another Tannis type somewhere else on Pandora coming across something still working.

     The skill trees-(like the Atlas Badasses) could be divided into- Infantry, Defender, and Engineer.


  1. I wish they would do another animal player. Like how Mordecai threw bloodwing out in the first borderlands

  2. I was expecting something along those lines at some point. Maybe someone with a pet badass Skag (like Skrappy All Grown Up). There's a plethora of beast types to choose from, but I think Gearbox didn't do it because they have a Deathtrap with Gaige, and it works in a similar fashion.
    I was hoping for wereskags, werebullymongs, or some such, but Krieg (With "Release the Beast") works wonderfully instead.