Borderlands 2: *SPOILERS* Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt DLC

     Links to spoiler info are midway down the post.
     Well, I'm seriously looking forward to more Borderlands 2.  With the next DLC being Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt, I figure it'll be a hunting slaughter fest focussed on creatures.  Maybe a Pandora island infused with Jurassic Park references and the Island of Dr. Moreau. (See Axton pic)
     Many think that there will only be 4 DLCs, but I believe there'll be more.  It would equal much more money for Gearbox.  More playable characters as well.  If there is more than 4, the short DLC play lengths and the lack of raise in level cap will be more tolerable.
     Really, we've needed more giant beasts to slay for a while.  Where's the new Skagzilla, or a herd of Rakk Hives, I wouldn't mind a 3rd Mothrakk.  Perhaps a new Crawmerax?  With all of Hyperion's experimenting, some of their scientists and engineers had to have created something in the Wildlife Preserves.  Where's all the mega Stalkers?  The Drifters have yet to return as well.  We could definitely use another nonhuman Invincible.
     On the chance this is a Jakobs focussed place (like the first Borderland's Zombie Island of Dr. Ned) and maybe Jurassic Park-ish we could get to see some animals from long ago from the Pandora landscape.  Essentially dinosaurs running amok.  Prehistoric ancestors of Bullymongs, or Jurassic Bonerfarts if you will. 

     Here's 2 links with some decent *SPOILER* info:



     And here's a quick snippet of info someone posted on the Borderlands forums:
     After today's patch if you look at the files in the new folder "Sage" on the PC you can see much of what the DLC will be like if you are used to reading those types of files.
Without giving too much away there seems to be a new vehicle, at least 18 missions (it reads like most of these are 2-3 part missions and side missions might be extra), lots of new animal-type enemies that aren't just re-skins, New Seraph Items/Vendor.
This is speculative, but there are either several new Raid Bosses OR the new Raid Boss has 3-5 different enemies as a part of it.

Also I have a very good feeling Scarlett will be back in this DLC. This is NOT in the files, but there is something that kind of hints to something coming back from DLC1. Again I'm just guessing that Scarlett is back.
     -From a fellow named "ImmaCriminal."

     By the looks of it we'll probably not see a raise in the level cap.  I don't really mind that.  But I would like to see MORE stuff to do.  Pitchford said something along the lines of these 4 DLCs would be equivalent to The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, but maybe he meant that all 4 would equal to 1 Knoxx.  Seriously, these seem way shorter than even Zombie Island.  I do like them though.  My biggest issue was the inability to beat Master Gee without the freeze.
     More uses for our over abundance of currencies would be nice, as would an expansion for our bank vault.
     Also, I want a Butt Stallion cameo.  But that would probably be saved for the MASSIVELY LIKELY future Hyperion Moonbase DLC.

     More info as I can gather it.

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