Borderlands 2: New PS3 Patch/Update Dec. 13! TOMORROW!!!

     It's only slightly off from the release info previously mentioned-but GOOD NEWS!!!

It's going to hit tomorrow- Dec. 13, 2012!  Thank you Gearbox!
     We Playstation 3 users will finally be able to beat Master Gee the Invincible and have it STICK!  Pyro Caustic Pete the Ultra Invincible and Hyperius will now suffer my pent up Pandoran aggression - then I'll move to the FIXED MASTER GEE, and crush him with glee.  UNINTENTIONAL RHYMING!!! 
     We'll finally be able to get 100% completion for Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty.  Even though I've spent plenty of time waiting for the patch by enjoying Mr Torgue's Campaign of Carnage I am SOOOO pumped for this!  A return to Oasis for some good times.

     Here's the link of what the update has in store for us:

     Once again- THANK YOU GEARBOX!!!  We've been awaiting this for quite some time.

     On a side note- perhaps we'll see PS3 Trophy hints as to what the next DLC will be...
     Especially because of the new Character and DLC news previously listed.

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