Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt (New DLC)

     Well as I thought with my post last night, the new patch is out and our hint for the next DLC is sort of hidden in there.  The Trophies for the next installment have appeared in some PS3 lists, and our good gentlemanly friend Sir Hammerlock is taking center stage in this next one.

Smell that ol' slappy? That's the scent of a gentlemen
     It's titled "Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt" and the trophies listed are: 
1) Face Off (Bronze)- Completed the mission: The Fall of Nakayama
2) Done that (Gold)- Completed all Hammerlocks hunt side missions.
3) Been there (Silver) - Discovered all named locations in Hammerlocks Hunt.

     There is reason to suspect this'll be released before the years ends, from some of Randy Pitchford's Tweets.  I also believe there may be more than 4 DLCs in total, and at least 1 more character coming.  This has got to be a bankroll for them, so I'd imagine they'll keep pumping things out.  Hell, I might even guess they'd sell us more bank space as a DLC content similar to the new characters.

     Anyways- as long as they keep the Hammerlock brand humor, Big Game Hunt should be at least entertaining.  I wouldn't mind hunting some Badass Adult Bonerfarts again.
     Honestly speaking, I don't mind the other 2 DLCs, but I'm really hoping they up their game on this one.  Sure there were plenty of things to do, but it didn't feel like much.  It felt like the DLCs ended too abruptly.  More so with Scarlett than Torgue.  Mr. Torgue's sort of has an ending. 
     Captain Scarlett disappears at the end of Pirate's Booty.  While Moxxi and Torgue seem to be growing into an odd couple with hints towards Moxxi putting Torgues Arena to use at the end of Campaign of Carnage.  They could be an amazingly entertaining duo, ok- they already are.
     Many people are wondering what the next Invincible will be as well.  Perhaps with a wildlife type hunt it'll be a non human like Terramorphous or Crawmerax.  There's even some people joking about the data mined info of Crystaloferous the Invincible, who was supposedly the 3rd Borderlands 2 main game raid boss.  Could just be data left from an unused idea, we won't know until the DLC hits.
     I wonder if it'll be one of the MASSIVE wormlike creatures we see bones of all over.  But, then those could just be larger versions Master Gee's worms (such as the skeleton in Gee's cave on the back wall)- or the Leviathan's tongue.  

     Maybe we'll get some more info on who/what the Seraphs are, and more on actual Eridians or some such.  Gearbox and 2K have created an immense universe here, but are lacking in explanations.  Many gamers would like to know about these things!  Come on Gearbox, you can't tease us with these story elements and never fill us in.  There's a limit to how much "mystery" people can take without getting actual information.

     The level cap will probably hit, as it did with the first game's 3rd DLC, and I really hope they increase the bank storage.  The game trailer boasts "87 Bazillion guns"...  but you can only carry 27 items.  And use a giant vault that somehow holds half as much as your backpack, and then Claptrap's secret stash of 4.  I have 7 characters.  It is horrible to have to swap things around so much.  Seriously, if modders can do it, and in the first game you could do it, why not increase it??? 
     I personally believe they should just combine the stash and vault. 

     And make use of all these damn currency types!  I have tons of Eridium, Torgue tokens and Seraph crystals and nothing worth using them for.  Let me buy a larger bank vault or something.

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