Borderlands 2: Raid Boss Lockout Glitch

Hyperion union rule 4628.148.93-
Only 1 fight per day, so...
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     Borderlands 2 fans, as many of you have already noticed, we've recently found something in the DLCs has gone awry.  Well, another something.  It appears that ALL 3 of the "Invincible" Raid Bosses have been locked out.  Not just their usual deal of taking one day off for some sweet rest and recuperation after a hard battle, but a complete lockout.

     After paying our hard earned Eridian, the fight cannot be started because the system thinks we have already fought the Raid Boss within the last day.  The lockout timer has broken.  I would like to mention that I don't mind the normal 24 hour waiting period between fights.  I don't even mind the ludicrously poor loot drop rates.  I DO, however, mind being locked out of being able to do what I'm already limited in doing- fighting these long and tedious bosses.

     So instead of just having Master Gee's system freezing superpower single-handedly ruining the DLC experience, I now have to contend with the inability to fight any of the Invinci-douches.  Hyperius, Master Gee and PyroCaustic Pete have all gone on strike.  Hyperi-ass has joined up with Master Crash, and are dragging Pete down with them.

     Luckily, a few quick people on the forums have found ways of not only fixing it, but also unlocking the typical 24 hour restriction. It involves going "offline" and resetting the time and date to a future time- 1/1/13.  Sadly it only works on PC and Xbox as of now, so we PS3 users are kind of screwed for the time being.  That's 3 for 3 on impossible bosses.  Wonderful.

     Ok, Gearbox, I know things happen in gaming, but the frequency of these fairly HUGE problems are coming is very disheartening.  It kind of feels like this is being done on purpose.  We finally get a raid boss that is fun and decent, and this happens?  Seriously, I still haven't gotten credit for killing Master Gee because of the system freezes.
     I would rather wait longer for an initial release of future DLCs than have these constant issues arising.  I don't recall anything like this throughout any of my Borderlands 1 playthroughs.

     As of now, I know the patch for Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty is tentatively scheduled to arrive this coming week- I posted on this yesterday.  What worries me is the fact that it's taken this long to fix Gee (the new patch might not even fully do that) and now Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage is suffering as well. 
     It's bad because Gearbox may lose a bunch of gamers.  I am frustrated with these issues, and can only imagine that many are even more angry than myself.

     I would plead to Gearbox- no rushing, we will wait for Borderlands stuff if it means perfection.  Look at how well The Armory of General Knoxx was put together.


  1. How to fix the lockout for PS3 users.

    Ok so i just confirmed this by doing it for two different people that joined my game.

    I have a character that had never fought Pete. I took this character to Pete. Now i had a second controller ready. I started the fight with my first player that had never fought Pete. While the fight was in progress, i pressed pause and brought in a locked out character with my second controller and then proceeded to kill Pete.

    After i killed Pete, i killed my first player with grenades instead of using the elevator lift to get out. Now i'm back up top in the bar where my second player that is supposed to be locked out has been standing.

    I walked back down into Petes arena with my first player and hit the button to spawn pete and he spawned again. Now i quit the game with my second character after i found out i could start the fight with this person in the game again. After that i quit with my first player and went back to the main menu.

    I reload my character that had been previously locked out and now it can fight Pete again.k

    I was able to fix two other peoples games by letting them join my game. They selected the player they needed to fix the lockout for. But before they hit Play to join my game and become active, i start the fight. While i have the fight active, they hit play and join in while i'm mid fight. After i kill Pete, i kill myself and after respawning, i jump back down into petes arena and check if we can fight him again. If you can now fight him then when you leave the game, you can go back into solo and you should be cured or "unlocked" to fight pete all you want.

    PSN AlexKantra

  2. Thank you for posting! Saw your posts on the Gamefaqs forums yesterday(I'm Mrjish), but I tried following your steps, but couldn't get them to work for any of my characters. This morning I saw your post about having people joining in midgame has gotten it to work, and will be attempting that when I get home later.

    It's good to see you spreading this potential fix all over the place! The Borderlands 2 community is damn good in this way.

  3. Here's the breakdown:

    A host that can fight pete needs to be in the arena next to the button for spawning Pete.

    - Fixing over the internet as a guest
    A Guest that is experiencing the lockout joins the hosts game. Before hitting play to be placed in the game, Host starts fight with Pete. After fight has begun, Guest can hit Play to join. Guest should stay up top in the bar. Host will now need to defeat Pete.

    After defeating Pete, use grenades or launchers to kill yourself and spawn back up top in the bar. Jump down into the arena again and you should be able to hit the button to Spawn Pete and he'll jump back out to fight you once more. Defeat him again.

    Guest can now leave the game and test it out solo to see if the lock has been lifted. Should be if you were able to get the second fight to start.

    -In Split Screen
    Start the game with a character that is not locked out. Go to Pete's arena and hit the button. Press pause after the fight starts and load a character that is locked out with the second controller. Defeat Pete, kill yourself, drop back down, restart the fight and kill him again. Now your second player should be unlocked. Quit the game, load the character that had been locked out and test. Should be able to fight him now.

    I will take requests to perform this for people that need help. But i can only do so much so if it becomes overwhelming and i can't get you, i apologize in advance.

    PSN AlexKantra

  4. I did exactly as Alex said, but when I got into my game & go to fight him, its blocked. This is getting so annoying. I can only fight him and the others multi times only when I'm with friends and there the host.

    PSN- JDS2010

  5. It actually took me a couple days to get it to stick. But now Pete is unlocked. Hopefully the patch gets here quick. I fear it's been delayed due to this new issue.