The Following - This show looks surprisingly good.

     I can't be the only one that thinks this show looks quite good.  The Following stars Kevin Bacon as Ryan Hardy, a former FBI agent who is after serial killer Joe Carroll played by James Purefoy.
     Purefoy's Poe-obsessed professor turned serial killer was put away for murdering 14 people almost a decade earlier by Kevin Bacon.  Well, Purefoy escapes and Bacon is brought back to help capture him again.  During Purefoy's time in prison, he somehow managed to amass a large cult following.
     Now that Joe Carroll is out he has a plan to force Ryan Hardy into being a hero in his "story."
The story is to be a form of living art where his cultish followers are out doing his bidding through various means of widespread killing and insanity.

     Personally I think Purefoy is what'll keep this show going.  He was wonderful in Rome, Camelot, A knight's Tale and I love his small role in John Carter of Mars.  (Slightly off topic, I'm quite curious to see how he did in Robert E. Howard's "Solomon Kane") 

     Typical to modern television I'm seeing the suspense filled episodic formula already, much like the plethora of crime procedure shows currently airing constantly on pretty much every station available.  I hope they can keep the psychological horror ramped up- offset the structure.  Keep it interesting, make each of the Followers someone distinct and individualized.  Each member of the Following needs to be unpredictable in their own way, while still under Joe Carroll's influence.  Of course meeting a weekly creep could also dampen things if it does become predictable- so they should put extra effort into making the episodes unique.   

     Pehaps with these guys can learn from shows like American Horror Story that they need to make it worth our time.  If they do, we'll be their following.

     It premieres Monday, Jan. 21 at 8c on FOX.

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