Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer

A familiar sight
     With a week and a half until the Hobbit is released, and the Star Trek Into Darkness 9 minute preview, excitement is high.  I saw the Teaser Trailer for Star Trek and it looks good.  J.J. Abrams is up to his good old misdirection with trailers. 
     It also seems Inception and Prometheus added the GWWWWOOOOOOONNGG!!! sound to the trailer for dramatic effect.  There also appears to be a significantly less number of Abrams patented lens flares. Ok, only about 20% less lens flare.

     The trailer, being a minute and 20 seconds, contains lots of quick snippets featuring most the main characters and it looks like Benedict Cumberbatch might be playing Gary Mitchell.  (From the original series' episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before")  And I would guess if that's who he is, Alive Eve could then be playing Elizabeth Dehner???  While I am not 100% sure, these guesses are just speculation so far, but I will enjoy the movie regardless.       It looks like a hooded, kung fu Cumberbatch is fighting a Klingon (leather masked person) at one point, and Spock possibly visiting the molten caverns of Mount Doom.  Many explosions, Starfleet bases and cities exploding, and a ship (possibly the Enterprise, but that's highly doubtful, maybe an older model starfleet ship- but if it's Gary Mitchell- it could be the Valiant) crash landing in water are a few highlights of the teaser.  Then again the crash scenes might not even be related to the ship in the water scene- what if its rising out of the water?

     As for the screen capture pic above, could it be the result of someone's Wrath...  as it's following Cumberbatch's character asking, "Is there anything you would not do for your family?" (Note- they do NOT show who's hands they are, and I believe that is VERY purposeful)  That leads me to personally believe that Cumberbatch's crew, like Kirk's crew, is his family- much along the likes Khan's mindset.  From the many rumors I've heard, a LOT of people are thinking that Khan will be the villain.  But wouldn't it be cooler if Peter Weller was Khan and the scene above would be not Kirk and Spock, but Cumberbatch and Weller.  Providing the background for the revenge plot.
     I would like to add if Khan is here, I hope the ship crash is the Botany Bay in the past and it leaves him in suspended animation in the beginning of the film- which would explain the planes flying overhead for a funeral.  I mean the ship doesn't have the right nacelles to be the current Enterprise's.  I would like it if Weller was Khan and stuck in suspended animation and having Gary Mitchell raising the forgotten ship from the depths.  This would be FAR out there, but whatever.  Just a nod to the augmented people of the lost Botany Bay.  Keep it a small homage. 

     It looks like Cumberbatch is of Starfleet, at least for a time with the insignia showing on a black shirt, so that would lean towards Gary Mitchell or Garth of Izar.  Maybe this is all a back story- Weller and Cumberbatch in a ship crash (Botany Bay?), but I don't know.  Too many maybes right now.  I mean they haven't shown pics of Weller, so he might not even be playing a human.
     I've also seen talk of Sybok (without the ears) as the villain.  Any of these villains would work.  Khan or Gary because of what looks to be semi superhuman/telekinetic feats- fighting and jumping through thick plate glass.

     Oh, well, super excited for this film.  More to come, probably after the Hobbit shows the first 9 minutes.

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