The Phantom Pain: Metal Gear Stealth Marketing

     Just watched the trailer for The Phantom Pain. 
     This has  Metal Gear written all over it.  A new game company, Moby Dick Studio, turns up out of the blue, and a few members of team Konami had shirts sporting this on them at the Spike VGAs.  Not to mention the lead man's name is "Joakim Mogren" which contains an anagram of Kojima, and his next project "Ogre" in it.  I would guess this game is definitely a new Metal Gear on that alone.  Possibly even what the FOX game engine was designed for.
     After that fact, pretty much everything else about the trailer is steeped in Metal Gear-ness under the guise of Viral marketing.

Confused Snake...    ??? 
      A confused(drugged?) man wakes in a hospital and things go bad quite swiftly from there.  He's been in a coma from a car accident and another person is waiting for him.  The other person, other than the bandages, looks to be in good health.  It looks as if the place is under attack.  The focal character appears to have bodily scarring and a missing left forearm.       His initial inability to walk gives us a wonderful crawling movement that is EXACTLY like the typical crawl of soldiers with the title Snake.  That fabulous mullet and bandage over the eye, a Hideo Kojima staple, is very indicative of a Snake.  Could this be a clone in VR training of some sort, or a Snake we already know? 

     With the assault on the hospital we see many being dragged away or killed.  Are these people here for killing the protagonist, or here on a rescue mission? 
     There are many dream-like occurrences.  Feathers falling, a man on fire, a unicorn, and a giant flying whale, and a floating human.  Many of the military types have gas masks so could this all be hallucination?  This whole advertisement is one giant dream sequence.
     Then at the end there is a hovering person above beyond the gunman.  He looks awfully similar to Psycho Mantis.  Or the Sorrow, depending on the time period.  It looks like a lot of the stuff is a bit aged.  The lady speaking at the end has a Russian accent, so... could this be a game during the formation of Foxhound?  It would be unbelievably awesome if it were a complete remake of Metal Gear Solid, but it would be highly doubtful.  Personally I would like a game playing as The Joy.  A female lead protagonist in an awesome period piece era.
Is this Psycho Mantis?
    Even the end announcement has some hidden words above the The Phantom Pain.  This has got to be a ploy or a teaser campaign for the Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes.  Clearly the main person is a Snake, whether it's a Ground Zeroes teaser or another Metal Gear game will have to be determined.
     Regardless of what the final name of this title ends up as, I will be purchasing it.

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