Xbox One: Penello - PS4 specs are "meaningless", games are more important...

"Here's what you care about," he said. "You bought a system to play great games and have great experiences."
     This is actually something I 100% agree with Mr. Albert Penello, but...
"Speaking to OXM at Microsoft's Xbox One reveal last month, Xbox product planning boss Albert Penello has downplayed technical comparisons between Xbox One and PS4, arguing that hardware analysis is "meaningless" when "our games and experiences are going to be every bit as good as, if not better" than those you'll find on competing consoles."
     Considering this is a statement from someone at a company that's top selling IPs are Kinect Adventures, Halo, Gears of War, and Minecraft I am not impressed.  Should I mention the focus at E3 appeared to be "TV!" and not on the games that are so important to gaming consoles.  The reason I am going with Sony's PS4 is the wonderful selection of games.  Now I am not saying Playstation is better, Xbox sucks.  What I am saying, however, is that until they create a selection of games I find interesting, I will not be purchasing their Xbox One.

     There seems to be a marketing phenomena with the Xbox that leans towards herds of teens with anger management issues focussed on first person shooters as the reason Xbox is superior.  That's pretty repetitive gameplay, and I need a little depth in my games.  Think of games like Shadow of the Colossus, The Last of Us, Journey, Metal Gear, and the Little Big Planet games.  These are what keep me playing.  If Xbox can start landing titles like this, I might buy their system.

     I have owned 2 Xbox 360's, one got the red ring of doom, and I sold the 2nd because there wasn't enough games I liked.  In truth, I primarily purchased it for Bioshock.  Just for Bioshock.  But I gave it time, and there wasn't anything to keep me with them.  Playstation, on the other hand, has kept me entertained with a huge variety of games I have fully enjoyed since PS1.

     It is also worth noting that Penello mentions that the numbers don't matter but makes sure to mention "Instant Switching" and "the power of the cloud."  Nice. 

     Besides, if power and specs mattered, Nintendo wouldn't have sold a bazillion Wii's.

Source [ OXM ]


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Extended Edition

     My worst Middle-Earth fears are coming true.  The Dark Lord Sauron has deemed turning a 300 page book into 3 movies not enough!  Now he has used his evil arts to add more footage to a bloated movie.  I can't wait until he decree's that Peter Jackson is to pull a George Lucas in 20 years and add entire new CG characters and splice in Tom Bombadil's story.

     I CANNOT be the only person to feel like this when hearing about the extended edition:

     I love the Lord of the Rings films, but The Hobbit is stretching things out too much.  Jackson was right to axe a ton of material, so what happened?  I've said it in plenty of other blog posts- there needs to be an edit to crop all the extra fat off the film. 

     Anyways- we'll be getting more dickish Dwarves in Rivendell, more Goblin Town, Hobbiton, and a Goblin King song.  As well as...
"We are putting things in the extended cut that are going to play straight into the second film," explains Jackson, "like this character Girion, who is defending [the city of] Dale using black arrows against Smaug. And the black arrows play a part in an ongoing story, for they are the one thing that can pierce the dragon's hide." 
"There are also issues with [king of the elves] Thranduil (Lee Pace)," Jackson adds. "We get some of the reason why he and the dwarves had a falling out - to do with these white gems..."
     It sounds like some Silmarillion material to me...

     The extended edition of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be released about a month before The Desolation of Smaug's December 13th release date.

Source [Empire Online]

Metal Gear Solid: A Just Add Water (JAW) HD remake

     Could this be happening?  Kojima posted this on Twitter:

       The Just Add Water (J.A.W.) company put out an "Open Letter to Mr. Kojima" on their site, here's what it reads:
Dear Mr Kojima,We read with great excitement on VG247 that you were looking for a studio to work with to develop a Metal Gear Solid remake using the Fox Engine, that your team has been hard at work creating.
We at Just Add Water feel ideally positioned to do the remake justice for several reasons:

1.We have experience working with legendary IP (Oddworld Inhabitants) and treating the subject matter with the respect it deserves.

2.Many members of our team are huge Metal Gear fans, with very good knowledge of the source material.

3.We really, really want to do it.

For evidence of our abilities, please check out not only the HD treatment of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, released on PlayStation3, VITA and PC, but the current re-creation of Abe’s Oddysee, titled Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty.
We eagerly await your response.
Love and cuddles,
     The JAW Team.

     As a LONG time fan, I've been playing since the wonderful NES Metal Gear, I would absolutely help back this with Kickstarter funds if necessary.  Kojima, let this happen.  JAW, where do I send my money?

     Here's some of my previous thoughts on the HD remake.


Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep: The Moment We've All Been Waiting for...


     In the 4th DLC we get something that, while I can't really speak for others, I would like to believe everyone has been waiting for.  Handsome Jack mentioned this wonderous creature in his ECHO communications with players during the time on the Southern Shelf.

     Can you guess it? 

     Yes, the majestic diamond-pony named Butt Stallion has arrived.


Borderlands 2: PS3 Tiny Tina's EARLY Assault on Dragon Keep

     In unbelievably amazing news- due to Playstation's horrible timing for PS maintenance ALWAYS occurring on Tuesdays (release days)- they are offering the stuff that should be out tomorrow... TONIGHT!!! 

     Which means...
Source [Playstation Blog]

Borderlands 2: Interview with Tiny Tina (Ashley Burch)

     Only one day until the 4th Borderlands 2 DLC- Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep is available.  Being the last story expansion and season pass DLC, I am super excited.

     As I don't have anything else to post- here's an interview that Ashley Burch had with Connected Digital World at E3:


Video Games and Violence: John Stossel vs. Franklin Graham

     Billy Graham's son, Franklin Graham, went on tv to talk about how horrible video games are for society, and in a wonderful turn of events, Fox Business's John Stossel makes a couple amazing replies. It's not often that I agree with Mr. Stossel, but thank you sir, as this was an informed respose to Graham's ridiculous ideas. 
     Once again- Blogger will NOT allow me to embed the video, so here is the link:

I'm Ron Burgundy?
      Has anyone asked Graham if he'd appreciate the Bible being taxed, because of all the violence it has caused? Not only is the Holy Writ loaded with violence, it has been the source and inspiration of violence on the largest scales possible. 

      I absolutely love how Stossel refers to the same argument made about comics, specifically against Superman in the 1950's. Seriously, Superman- the most moral, upstanding American ideal- was cited as causing violence. Absurd.

Bay's Ninja Turtles Gets a Shredder: William Fichtner... Wait, What?!?

     Once again, Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is making headlines.  And once again, it's for questionable casting decisions.  In an interview with Huffington Post TV Canada William Fichtner (Sons of Anarchy, and the villain in the upcoming Lone Ranger) revealed he'll be playing the Shredder.
What are you doing in "Ninja Turtles"? I play Shredder. It is cool. It's one of those things that came along where I thought, "Really? Let me think about this for a minute." [Laughs] Then I was like, "Yeah, OK, this sounds like a journey." I'm very glad that it worked out, I'm really glad that I'm doing it.
     Now, I like Fichtner, especially in my favorite terrible movie Drive Angry, but really, what the hell are they thinking!?!  It's hard to picture the Shredder, a Japanese man whose name is Oroku Saki, as not Asian.  No matter how good of an actor he is, this is another problem with the film.  Good lord, every new piece of news on this film makes me less appreciative of Hollywood's recent decision making skills.
     I've read that in the leaked script he'll be Col. Schrader working with a renegade black ops Foot military division.  What happened to the ultimate badass Samurai Shredder and the Foot ninja clan?  I suppose this will open the doors for more alien talk, and Bebop & Rocksteady will be his henchmen soldiers, and they'll all be working for Krang.
     The TMNT are looking awful, and I don't have much optimism left for it.  Dammit Mr. Bay, stop this madness!


Borderlands 2: Only 5 Days Until Tina's Assault

     Only 5 days until Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep is released.  Gearbox put the first 5 minutes up on Youtube, but plenty of people have already seen it from the IGN article with the first 24 minutes.
     Here's my favorite part (aside from the game changing when Tina changes the story):

"Siren. Dibs. My Siren's name is Brick, and she is the prettiest."


Valiant Comics: Now on Amazon Kindle Worlds

     As I've said in many blog posts previously, I love the new Valiant comics universe.  This morning it was released that they have now licensed their current characters to be used with Amazon's Kindle Worlds.  So any characters Valiant used to have such as Magnus the Robot Fighter, Solar, or Turok would be unauthorized and make the works ineligible. 
     Due to this recent Valiant announcement, I may reconsider my stance on Amazon's fan fiction portal.  Honestly, it could be a nice jumping into comics point, but it would be a long shot at best. 

     Any writer can soon publish fan fiction inspired by Valiant comic book heroes Bloodshot, X-O Manowar, Archer & Armstrong, Harbinger and Shadowman.
     Writers can also create new stories based on Howey’s Silo Saga, Eisler’s John Rain novels, Crouch’s Wayward Pines Series, and the Foreworld Saga by Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear, Mark Teppo and more

     While it is a great start, I wonder how many awful stories we'll have to wade through to find the real gems.  This could be a hell of an opportunity that I may actually take. 
     And there would be a small amount of pay.  Not much, mind you, but something- the standard author royalty rate of 35% of net revenue for over 10k words.  There is a new "experimental program" for shorter works (between 5k and 10k words) that would get 20% of net, although they'd also be priced under $1. 
     While it isn't much it is tempting...


The Last of Us: Small Easter Eggs

     Well, I figured there'd be something a little bit more in this game as Easter Eggs go, but this'll do for now.  I'm roughly 70% complete with the game and I found this a bit earlier today.
     There are 2 board games with familiar titles- Jak & Daxter and Uncharted.  Nice touch Naughty Dog, nice touch indeed.  (Sorry about the picture, took it with my phone.)


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Trailer thoughts

     Once again Peter Jackson has graced us with extraordinarily long and sweeping shots of beauty in the next Hobbit's trailer.  Studio's incessant greed is getting out of hand and the films are suffering for it.  Really, the only way a trilogy should work in this case is if each film was a slim 30 minutes. 
     Concise and well edited, The Hobbit could've been a masterpiece.  But NO-O-O-O, gotta make the coin, and horde it like Smaug himself. 

Am I the only one that doesn't like Smaug's look?
     The first film was bloated on scenes stuffed into it for extra time.  The Necromancer storyline wedged in on top of the Orc, Azog the Defiler, being squished in for filler has gotten to be too much.  I would prefer a much tighter film, not a long, drawn out story that gets boring to watch halfway through.
     In all honesty, I'm not to pleased with Smaug's appearance.  Maybe it'll grow on me, so I'll wait to judge it any more harshly.
     Of course I'm going to see it, and enjoy it.  There is just something highly bothersome about stretching the smallest book into a massive trilogy.  I can't wait until Peter Jackson announces a 12 part film adapting J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion, over the course of 36 hours.

     And because, yet AGAIN, the embed codes are not working:
          The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Trailer.


E3: The Last Guardian- Confirmed "On Hiatus."

     Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Jack Tretton confirmed the "on hiatus" status of the long awaited The Last Guardian to video game journalist Geoff Keighly from GameTrailers TV.
The Last Hiatus.
     Team Ico at SCE Studio Japan originally announced it as a PS3 game during the 2009 E3 show.  Much speculation had many believe it would be pushed to the PS4.  After all these years of setbacks will the game get the overhaul and enhancements needed to compete with the staggering competition growing in the mean time?  I hope so.

     Each bit of news dashes what little hopes I have remaining for this.
     They should hire another company to just boost the visuals, as they are starting to lag behind- not unexpected as the game is 5 years old even before a release date is set.  

     Seriously, at this rate it'll be out on the PS11 some time in 2038.


Helped A Deer Today

     Looky what I found on the way out of work today- a poor little baby deer was trapped in our fenced in parking lot.  So I caught it with my bare hands and got it to the other side.

     Sometimes strange things occur.  And quite frequently they happen to me.


E3 2013: It's All Geek to Me

     While I am unable to attend the E3 video game expo myself, my friend Mr. James LaPoint at It's All Geek to Me managed to land a pass.  I would recommend swinging by his site or links to get some nice on the floor coverage.

Instragram- as Minduster.
Twitter- as It's All Geek to Me.
Facebook- The It's All Geek to Me community page.

     And if you enjoy being overwhelmed with ads that prohibit your reading experience, he'll probably throw a couple articles up over at Examiner.

     Good luck sir, and I'm super jealous.

The Game Has Changed: Michael Shainblum

     It isn't often I stumble across videos that are truly remarkable, but this one is both well shot and aptly scored with Daft Punk's The Game Has Changed from the Tron Legacy Original Soundtrack.
     With great awe, I urge you to watch this video.


Northern Spark: John Keston's "Teleportation Platform X" (Instant Cinema)

     There's a huge art festival Northern Spark is happening tonight as a city wide experience in St. Paul. I believe the last couple years it was in Minneapolis, but whatever. It brings together an art community for the entire night. Yes, ALL night. Really, it is an amazing show put together by a ton of talented people, if you are even remotely able- go to this. Hopefully it inspires more people to use their creativity. (Note: the weather is looking less than optimal.)
     For this second Northern Spark post I'd like to tell you about another project I've had the privilege of knowing about.  John Keston has been my teacher at A.I. MN this term and he's been giving us small insights into this project.  Honestly, it's highly intriguing:

     Instant Cinema: Teleportation Platform X is an improvisational concert and projection piece that provides subversive musical accompaniment for Northern Spark projects as they occur. The mobile conductor, David T Steinman, roams the festival shooting video and capturing sound. This content is broadcast in real-time to a projection screen and sound system for musicians DKO to follow as an audiovisual score. The combination produces an instantaneous cinematic experience and no one knows the ending.
     (The show is from 8:55pm until 5:25am)
     (Located directly across from Kelly's Depot Bar and Grill on Kellog)

     They are improvising music to a team member's video that is being filmed and relayed to a video projector the musicians are watching. So they are essentially making a score on the spot to a film that is being made on-the-go at the same time.
      That idea alone is unbelievably amazing. Like I said a highly intriguing project. So if you are in the area at the Northern Spark show- swing by and check this out.That idea alone is unbelievably amazing. Like I said, it's a highly intriguing project, and I look forward to what future projects this method may be applied to. So if you are in the area at the Northern Spark show- swing by and check this out.

Northern Spark: Nicholas Straight

     There's a huge art festival Northern Spark is happening tonight as a city wide experience in St. Paul.  I believe the last couple years it was in Minneapolis, but whatever.  It brings together an art community for the entire night.  Yes, ALL night.  Really, it is an amazing show put together by a ton of talented people, if you are even remotely able- go to this.  Hopefully it inspires more people to use their creativity.  (Note: the weather is looking less than optimal.)
     My best friend Nicholas Straight will have a little show, here's the skinny: 

     Salutations! I'll be participating in the Northern Spark Saturday night! I'll be at the Analog Cave in the Bedlam Theater, from midnight to 3am... with other cartoonists! I'll be interpreting short bits of text... generated throughout the night by the public, transforming their words into neat cartoons and illustrations! Stop by... and say hello if you are out and about that night!
     If any readers happen to be out and about, swing by and cheer him on.  If not, click his name to visit his blog.  (These 2 images are his, and he also does freelance work.  So send an email!)


Tiny Brains: An Experimental Co-op Laboratory

     I haven't read much about this fascinating game, but what I have read about Tiny Brains makes it look like a wonderful love child of Pinky & The Brain and Ratchet & Clank (All 4 One).  Really, the co-op puzzle solving using 4 individualized characters and abilities is fairly brilliant.  
Spearhead Games (Montreal) presents: Tiny Brains  
Tiny Brains is a 3D co-op action puzzle game in which up to four players can take the role of tiny (but super-powered!) lab animals. Players must work together using complementary physics-based abilities to tackle the tests of a nefarious mad scientist. 
Tiny Brains is set in a lab where four super-powered animals have to work together to solve puzzles and escape from a mad scientist’s experiment. We chose this theme because now that we are indie devs and have more flexibility, experimentation is what we’re all about in our creative process. 
I absolutely LOVE the character designs
     In fact, I read that there are 16 different ways to combine the various powers to solve the first level alone. Creative flexibility in game design may be a hell of a game changer for Tiny Brains.  That fact by itself opens an entire world of game design up- think about that with your regular sized brains- that amounts to unlimited possibility.

     A small but fascinating experiment heading to the PS4.

     More information on the official [Playstation Blog].


Man of Steel: Nokia exclusive trailer

     This movie is looking so good!  And the new Nokia trailer is showing off some nice new stuff.  Although I'm slightly worried, as it looks like there may be a few too many Kryptonians around.  Have they messed with the iconic history of Superman?
"More like 'Man of Blue Steel'"- Zoolander
     Here's the link.

Metal Gear Solid V: Kiefer Sutherland voices Snake

     Hideo Kojima finally revealed the actor playing Snake in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to be Kiefer Sutherland.  An interesting choice, and one that involves actual acting (includes facial mapping) in addition to just voicing the character.  I'll still miss David Hayter.

     Perhaps he could voice another Snake in the game.  There's more than one in this time period.  This takes place in 1984, so Snake is 49 according to Kojima.  Which is about 10 years before Shadow Moses.  Could we be getting Big Boss's version of Outer Haven?  Or maybe the events leading up to it?  So I wonder, is that "Master Miller" with Snake in the screencap I took???  A possible Liquid Snake sighting.

     The time limit to complete Metal Gear Solid was 24 hours and Mr. Sutherland starred in the television series 24.  Coincidence?  I think so.

     The IGN video interview also boasts a couple of seconds of previously unseen footage.


The "Future of Final Fantasy"

     Apparently there will be a Pre-E3 Final Fantasy event on June 11 around 9am.  Square-Enix  has a big claim here that this will be the "future" of the series.  I won't get my hopes up because my Finalist Fantasies ended about 5 installments ago.
     The series lost my interest at FF X.  I didn't like 9, but I actually highly enjoyed 8.  And I REALLY enjoyed the mini game in 8 with the cards.  So much so, that I was demoted in game by 3 Seed ranks.
     And really, A Realm Reborn and Lightning Returns aren't really catching my attention.  Perhaps "Squeenix" can recapture that original magic from when the series started.  If they can make another game as enthralling as FF VII, they'll get me hooked again, but in the mean time- I'm not holding my breath.

     Hopefully they aren't announcing exclusivity or a 10 year plan complete with MMO conversion, DLC, and pushing us into micro-transacting the hell out of inventory items.  I mean I can only tolerate so much complexity in a battle system while wielding a 25 foot gun-sword while riding a Chocobo, calling for Shiva's assistance, and combing my indestructible hairdo.

     Then again maybe we'll learn where FF Versus XIII went, or if speculation is correct- it became FF XV.

     Speaking of VII- I wonder if they'll ever make an HD remake of it.  Doubtful as of now.  Besides that would technically be the "Past of Final Fantasy."

Man of Steel: Meme: "You're not my real dad!"

     Here's how I think the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, will play out.  I mean how many step fathers have had to hear this throughout history?  I bet Clark Kent was super emo for a time.


Suidakra: New Album Eternal Defiance

     My favorite band's new album is now available here in the states.  There's a lot of foreign metal that has an amazing sound, and I really think music in the US is lacking something in comparison.
     Anyway- if you stumble across this blog post, I'd recommend them if you are a metal fan.  I believe they've been described as Celtic metal, or folk metal. 
     They've got both heavy and harsh music to soft and moving.  Previous tracks like Signs for the Fallen, Highland Hills, Feats of War, Decibel Dance, and Ramble are a few of my favorites.  Check them out.  I'd highly recommend Suidakra to many.
     I'll be purchasing this when I get home from school tonight.


The Last Guardian Appears on the Official E3 Site

     Ever since hearing about Ico and Shadow of the Colossus's creator Fumito Ueda's newer game Last Guardian in 2009 announcement, we've been on a downward spiral of setback after setback.  Years of delays and the disappointment that comes with it. 

"The image above was grabbed from the E3 Insider, a site operated by the ESA, the organization behind E3. Of course, don't take it as anything close to confirmation for the time being."-Jeff Cork (Game Informer)
     After years of anticipation, we now get news that it may arrive at E3.  I've been thinking for a while that, Sony was saving it for PS4. (Click to see other Last Guardian posts)  If this is true, and it does show at E3- I hope all the secret work they've been doing is graphical enhancements and a porting it to the PS4 as a launch title.

     My last blog post about it was about Ueda's own blog where he says:
"While it’s been a long time coming, THE LAST  GUARDIAN remains under my creative supervision and is still in development by an incredibly talented team.

I should also mention that details regarding THE LAST  GUARDIAN's release is solely decided by Sony Computer Entertainment, not myself. Please keep an eye out for their official announcement."

     Is this the actual announcement we've waited 5 years to hear?  I certainly hope so.



Tasha the Husky

45 Lbs of sexy sophistication.
     About a week ago, I house sat for a friend of mine that I've known for almost a decade.  The purpose of the sitting wasn't so much for the house, but to watch his billion pets. 
     Numero Uno is Tasha the Husky, who I've been fortunate enough to live with on previous occasions.  The pic to the right I took on one of the days it rained.  Which was all of them.  I think that may be why she looks kind of sleek and glowing.

    Next was a cat named Avery, but for some stupid reason (probably my horrible allergy to cats) I couldn't remember her name for the entire duration I stayed there, so I just called her Meow Mix. 

     Then a single tank of fish and...

     ...a small army of 60+ pigeons and their little brood of peeping chicks.  The fellow I house sat for is also a Pigeon trainer, racer, etc.  You can find his info over at Laser Loft Racing blog. 
     It was an interesting week spending time with my old friend Tasha and co.  Although I spent most of the time there doing homework.  Lame.

Man of Steel: Kryptonian Easter Eggs

Superman sometimes suffers Super Irritable Bowel Syndrome
      I found something kind of interesting over on IGN in an article about the new Superman movie, the Man of Steel.  It has nothing do do with the amazing screenshot I took above.
“The gods, the religions of Krypton, the different guilds and the caste systems, the language we created; a Kryptonian language. When you see Krypton, there’s a lot of temples and things like that where there will be etchings in stone and all of the things that are rendered in the Kryptonian glyphs can actually be translated into things. So, we wrote each god as a sort of motto in saying each guild has a motto and saying and there’s some easter eggs in there,” Goyer explains.
     So I'm wondering what they'll sneak in there.  Will we get a hint at Darkseid and the New Gods of Apokolips?  Or perhaps a DC film version of a shared universe with a nod to the Green Lantern.  Maybe even something referencing Daxam or the Legion of Superheroes.  So many possibilites. 
     In other thoughts, could Bruce Wayne or "Robin" John Blake make a cameo?  How about Mr. Lex Luthor?  We'll get to see in just a couple of weeks.


My Birthday Post! AND... Why I've been so behind on Blogging

     Today is my birthday, so... Here's a bunch of random crap:

     Other June 1st Birthdays- Heidi Klum, Andy Griffith, Brian Cox, Alanis Morisette, Marilyn Munroe, and the Voice of God himself- Morgan Freeman.

     For any readers out there, this post is about things to come and why they've not already happened.  I've got exactly 2 weeks until I graduate and receive a fancy sheet of paper with a gold star proving I'm not a complete idiot.  Essentially there is so much work being a full time student and a full time (plus overtime hours) patient care worker that all my hobbies and downtime is filled with high stress crap.
     There's a good idea of how much output I've been doing in the picture to the right.  That's right, roughly 200 drafts worked out.  Tons of material for a large variety of topics.

     So here's what's on deck for the next couple weeks:

     Gaming - I've gotten backlogged and soon to arrive:
  • Half way through Bioshock Infinite (1999 mode, first playthrough)
  • Krieg on Borderlands 2 (level 37 as of last night)
  • Downloaded Demon Souls on PSN
  • Downloading Sleeping Dogs on PSN
  • Downloaded Call of Juarez: Gunslinger on PSN
  • 10% Complete in Guacamelee
  • 23% Complete in Assassin's Creed Libereation
  • Dragon's Dogma & DD: Dark Arisen (preorder picked up)
  • Metro: Last Light (preorder picked up)
  • Remember Me
  • The Last ofUs
  • And mass amount of old games (such as Matt Hazard, Just Cause 2, etc)
     Comics -
  • Conan (Dark Horse- Davide Gianfelice is now drawing!)
  • Blade of Amala
  • Harbinger Wars (And all the other Valiant books)

     Books/Reading -
  • Halfway through The Deadhouse Gates- Malazan Book 2 (Steven Erikson)
  • 15% The Man From Primrose Lane (James Renner)
  • The Departure (Neal Asher)
  • Zero Point (Neal Asher)
  • The Other Gun (Neal Asher)
  • Joyland (Stephen King)
  • Nos4a2 (Joe Hill)

     Movies -
  • Upstream Color
  • After Earth
  • The Purge
  • This is the End
  • Man of Steel
     So as you can see I've got a busy schedule coming up.

     In addition, I've got a logo design to finalize for a soccer team, a bunch of short stories and a novella to edit, a possible new video game website, and something called "Project Space Hell" with a bunch of awesome friends.