I'm taking a break from helping move a neighbor's ridiculously heavy piano, average weighted washer, and destroying their tree fort so they can move away to post on blogger. 

At the end of June I went out on a 40 mile bike ride that had me meet this monster moth/butterfly thing.  Each of it's wings were larger than my hand and it tried to beat me up for lunch money.  Sucker!  I don't have any money!   Bwa-hahhahahahaha!

So now I know where Mothra grew up- Minnesota.
Anway- I thought it was pretty cool looking. 


Once again, it's been a while

Well, I've been working a zillionty hours a week and have like 100 things all on a back burner.  So I'll keep this post short while I work up some bigger and better posts. 

My friend, the great and terrible/powerful Miss Kenzington over at http://highteawithcougars.blogspot.com/ still hasn't followed me back so I'm posting this awesome pic I took of her. 

Feel free to check out her site as well.  Maybe leave some questionable comments...  just saying. 

I would also like to recommend the highly talented Nick Straight over at http://infinitywallcomix.com/ working with the one and only Mr. Speets.  Good stuff is to be read over there.