Best Birthday Gift I've Given Someone: A God Complex

It was recently one of my friend's birthday and I was struggling with what to give her for a gift.  After much deliberation I decided to put some old skills to the test, and make something so amazing, all future birthdays would seem paltry in comparision.  What could be that awesome?  Then it dawned on me...

What I was thinking was, what better way to make someone feel good about being old than giving them the ability to play god and make(or destroy) things!?!  After years of research compressed into just a few weeks, I took my knowledge of genetic manipulation and some prehistoric DNA projects I had lying around the laboratory (desk drawer) and made it into a creator pill.  Something that has the capacity to grow an entire living creature by dropping it in some water.   

These were not nearly as good as the ones from when I was a child.  I recall being able to drop a single one of these into a glass of water and, if you were lucky, 30 seconds later the foam beast that sprouted from the glass wouldn't be large enough to devour you.  Unlucky people got things like an Argentinosaurus, which would grow large enough in that 30 seconds to destroy their house, some vehicles, and their neighbor's shed, or a very disoriented Velociraptor trying to devour their intestinal tract.  A few incidents caused us to rethink these wonderful magic-pet-maker-pills.  
I mean, insurance doesn't cover extinct 100+ ton Sauropods crushing your house in an attempt to nibble at the leaves of tall trees.  Doctors don't believe you when you say, "A Compsognathus bit me."  Nor did my 5th grade teacher buy it when I announced a Triceratops ate my Baking Soda Volcano. 
With that thought, these new pills are created with safety in mind.  There is a governer gene placed on their growth.  A maximum height of 3 inches.  The mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex isn't nearly as threatening when it's only 2 inches tall.  It's actually kind of cute.  In fact, I'm waiting on a patents/copyrights for "Teacup Tyrannosaurs", along with "Itty Bitty Brachiosaur", and a set called "Tiny Terrarium of Terror", which includes small Plesiosaurs, Icthyosaurs, and a handful of Parasaurolophuses.  

In the end, I essentially wrote her a prescription for a God Complex with a full bottle of either potential Cretaceous Era disaster or Jurrasic Era joy.  One that she may get refilled at leisure.  Hopefully nobody dies this time.


So, I've just started watching Finge

I started watching Fringe recently, and discovered the fact that Walter Bishop may be a future version of myself. Very disconcerting to know. Just kidding, although he deserves his own "Alternate Realty" show or something. Walter 24-7 in Alpha Earth 8's prime time television spot!!!

Anyway, I made a small screencapture comic based on what I believe the Watcher/Observer guy is really all about. By like episode 6 or so he seems to be the ultimate creeper, and following Olivia Dunham around all over the place. For some reason this is all I can think of...


Update as to what I've been up to

My best friend(http://www.nicholasstraight.blogspot.com/) and I have made a comic!  It's for the Lutefisk Sushi Volume D show in August.  http://cartoonistconspiracy.com/sushi/index.html   I've also started a site for the comic book works we have made and will make in the future.


I believe a CONGRATULATIONS is in order...

(November11-2009, 3:20pm) An ultrasound of my food baby.  This is the first announcement I have made, spread the word!  The anticipation is sooooo great right now, it's damn exciting!


(November 11-2009, 3:27pm)  It's a 1lb. 3oz. beautiful baby BURRITO!!!  I shall call him Barbacoa Barsody.  Ah, the sweet memories I will have of this momentous occasion...  The birth of my firstborn child.  He definitely has my cilantro lime rice.  Although he has his mother's foil wrapping for sure!

(November 11-2009, 3:31pm)  TRAGEDY!!!  Unfortunate circumstances have ruined my family to be.  Insatiable hunger has overcome my paternal instincts.  This is a loss that will cause me great sorrow for the next couple of food-coma induced hours.  (*the sound of intense sobbing*) (Not from the child perishing, but from a horrible overfilled stomach pain)


(Note that this is a post that I forgot about.  It originally supposed to be a 3 parter.  One that I started in 2008 with the first draft.  I was going to have it be 3 separate posts spaced apart to match an actual pregnancy, but that might be forgotten by readers, or not make sense to people stumbling by the post.  Well, time moved on and each newer draft got much shorter, and I forgot about it over and over.  Then I re-found the original draft and went to get the Ultrasound done in Nov. 09.  And once again I got busy and forgot about it.  So here is the super condensed version, in one post as 3 parts.)


The New Mortal Kombat "Trailer"

It's been a while since I've been overexcited about a quick post for blogger, but I saw the pseudo-trailer for a potential new Mortal Kombat movie yesterday morning.  I am actually very intrigued.  So here goes my 15 minute break at work...

Here's a link-


An impressive quality for a "fake" trailer, I'd have to say people may be seeing this some time in the near future. Decently high production value- the "trailer" by Kevin Tancharoen has some very good ideas throughout, although poor dialogue, assumably to please fans. ("Find Shang Tsung and finish him.")  By the looks of it, this potential Mortal Kombat would be a mix of the Dark Knight and Dexter.

It shows Jax(Michael Jai White) and Sonya(Jeri Ryan), police agents of some type in Deacon City, giving information to a shadowed prisoner in a police station interrogation room. 
The first information is on a man with a genetic aberration giving him scales and a taste for flesh- code named Reptile.  I believe if they grunged him up a bit more and had him living in the sewers or a forest area it would be a bit more interesting.  But he looks to be handled well enough so far.  A bit more work could make him a movie villain that is not forgotten. 
What doesn't make sense for him is Jax says his eyes were formed "inside out".  What the hell does that mean?  How would he even see?

Anyway, next up is a failed Physician that experiments first on patients, then on himself in the form of body modifications.  He even gives himself 10 inch retractable blades in his forearms.   
He is code named Baraka.  This is a character I believe needs much more work.  He doesn't look monstrous or alien enough.  He's still too human.  And the dreads look ridiculous, they could possibly pass if he was the character Kabal mixed in, but I would think as Baraka, he would have a shaved head with short nails or spikes all over his skull.  The blades would also need to be seriously anchored in.  The way they look, they could be ripped off without a problem.  I also think he should not be wearing slacks and a white shirt, and a button down over it.  If he went to all the trouble of changing his face and arms, he would probably be wearing something a little more durable or closer to his persona.  Maybe a torn apart leather jacket and army fatigue pants with combat boots.

Johnny Cage is mentioned as well.  He is portrayed as an ex action-movie star working undercover with the police.  Baraka fights and kills him.  While a nice addition to the movie, he could be slightly better cast.  It is fairly humorous to think this is how he could be: a hotshot moviestar that overestimates his fighting abilities, then gets his ass handed to himself in a real fight.  The Baraka versus Cage fight scene needs more work.  It looks completely absurd, it needs more "real" fighting.  HEL-LOOOOO!!! WHERE IS THE FIGHT CHOREOGRAPHER???   No one is going to do a backflip standing a foot from their opponent.  Baraka even moves on all fours at one point! 

They also have a still shot of Shang Tsung as a potential criminal mastermind, attempting to create a tournament for the worlds greatest killers, assassins, and fighters.  I believe he could be an unbelieveably amazing character if he stole the faces off people to be the "shapeshifter" he is known as in the games.  A man that learns about a person- their mannerisms, their habits, various traits, speech patterns, and fighting styles, etc- and after defeating them in battle he would steal their identity and become them.  Skinning them and using their faces as his own, he would literally take over their lives. 

Turns out Scorpion is the prisoner Jax and Sonya are giving the intel to.  Not that the yellow shirt was a dead giveaway.  He is said to be the greatest assassin known.  Then there is then a quick flashback to him assassinating a man with a small spear through the neck and the man is yanked backwards off his feet. (a note here, I really like the blood falling into the wineglass shot- it is a wonderful shot) 
Sonya and Jax are trying to get him to enter this underground tournament to kill off Shang Tsung, Baraka, and Reptile, and whomever else he may encounter, to make Deacon City safer.  Scorpion tells them he could leave their custody whenever he pleases.  The cuffs he has fall off and he asks them why he would help.  They give him a photo of Sub-Zero (YES!!! My favorite character, as the screen capture above shows, and I think they made him look quite awesome.)  Scorpion says he is dead, but Sonya says Scorpion had actually killed Sub-Zero's brother as the photo is from the day before.  The great assassin gets up to leave and Jax gives the "Finish Him" line (ugh.), and Scorpion turns to reply and has completely white eyes.  Which looks cool but leads me to ask the question, "If they are making this a gritty and realistic take, as spending all the time explaining Reptile and Baraka, why leave the impossible eyes?" 
There should be some supernatural elements left in.  That was part of the appeal of the original Mortal Kombat, which I still believe to be either an homage to, or blatant ripoff of, Big Trouble in Little China.  (One of my favoritest movies EVER!)  Big Trouble in Little China shows how a great balance of real and supernatural can be handled well(excepting the orange beast-thing).

This "trailer" by Kevin Tancharoen has some very good ideas throughout, although poor dialogue, assumably to please fans. ("Find Shang Tsung and finish him.") By the looks of it, this potential Mortal Kombat would be a mix of the Dark Knight and Dexter. If they do end up making this, I feel it COULD work, it just needs more thought.  More character developement.  Another thing would be that this would work better as a television series.  Like an HBO or Showtime series.  That would give it 12 to 16 hours of runtime, so they wouldn't try and shove tons of crap into 2 hours. 

Some of my own ideas for this:
1) If Jax and Sonya are there, would Stryker show up in full SWAT gear as a fighter?  Maybe an overly violent SWAT member that kills too many people.
2) The Sub-Zero thing.  Would Scorpion be protecting the brother like the story from MK2 or would he still be a rival clan member attempting to eliminate the competition?  Would they be wearing traditional, but slightly altered, ninja garb?
3) Liu Kang and Kung Lao- I believe they should be monks.  Like orange, maroon, and brown fighting monk robes, with shaved heads and all.  Possibly even working in tandem in fights.  Kung Lao could have a bladed hat, but it would have to be adapted into a more realistic one. 
4) If Scorpion is a wraith with white eyes, Raiden could be Kang and Lao's god.  A forgotten Deity or some such, perhaps only appearing in dream or a vision sequence.
5) Where is Kano.  He would be an easy adaptation.  Man with bionic eye.  Simple.  He could also be a mercenary of another combatant, hired as bodyguard, or to kill off other contestants before the tournament. 

Oh, my break is almost over, sorry about any typos.
Twelve year old Josh is squirming around in my mind, excited with any more information on this as possible.  Both good and bad.