I believe a CONGRATULATIONS is in order...

(November11-2009, 3:20pm) An ultrasound of my food baby.  This is the first announcement I have made, spread the word!  The anticipation is sooooo great right now, it's damn exciting!


(November 11-2009, 3:27pm)  It's a 1lb. 3oz. beautiful baby BURRITO!!!  I shall call him Barbacoa Barsody.  Ah, the sweet memories I will have of this momentous occasion...  The birth of my firstborn child.  He definitely has my cilantro lime rice.  Although he has his mother's foil wrapping for sure!

(November 11-2009, 3:31pm)  TRAGEDY!!!  Unfortunate circumstances have ruined my family to be.  Insatiable hunger has overcome my paternal instincts.  This is a loss that will cause me great sorrow for the next couple of food-coma induced hours.  (*the sound of intense sobbing*) (Not from the child perishing, but from a horrible overfilled stomach pain)


(Note that this is a post that I forgot about.  It originally supposed to be a 3 parter.  One that I started in 2008 with the first draft.  I was going to have it be 3 separate posts spaced apart to match an actual pregnancy, but that might be forgotten by readers, or not make sense to people stumbling by the post.  Well, time moved on and each newer draft got much shorter, and I forgot about it over and over.  Then I re-found the original draft and went to get the Ultrasound done in Nov. 09.  And once again I got busy and forgot about it.  So here is the super condensed version, in one post as 3 parts.)

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