Xbox One: Penello - PS4 specs are "meaningless", games are more important...

"Here's what you care about," he said. "You bought a system to play great games and have great experiences."
     This is actually something I 100% agree with Mr. Albert Penello, but...
"Speaking to OXM at Microsoft's Xbox One reveal last month, Xbox product planning boss Albert Penello has downplayed technical comparisons between Xbox One and PS4, arguing that hardware analysis is "meaningless" when "our games and experiences are going to be every bit as good as, if not better" than those you'll find on competing consoles."
     Considering this is a statement from someone at a company that's top selling IPs are Kinect Adventures, Halo, Gears of War, and Minecraft I am not impressed.  Should I mention the focus at E3 appeared to be "TV!" and not on the games that are so important to gaming consoles.  The reason I am going with Sony's PS4 is the wonderful selection of games.  Now I am not saying Playstation is better, Xbox sucks.  What I am saying, however, is that until they create a selection of games I find interesting, I will not be purchasing their Xbox One.

     There seems to be a marketing phenomena with the Xbox that leans towards herds of teens with anger management issues focussed on first person shooters as the reason Xbox is superior.  That's pretty repetitive gameplay, and I need a little depth in my games.  Think of games like Shadow of the Colossus, The Last of Us, Journey, Metal Gear, and the Little Big Planet games.  These are what keep me playing.  If Xbox can start landing titles like this, I might buy their system.

     I have owned 2 Xbox 360's, one got the red ring of doom, and I sold the 2nd because there wasn't enough games I liked.  In truth, I primarily purchased it for Bioshock.  Just for Bioshock.  But I gave it time, and there wasn't anything to keep me with them.  Playstation, on the other hand, has kept me entertained with a huge variety of games I have fully enjoyed since PS1.

     It is also worth noting that Penello mentions that the numbers don't matter but makes sure to mention "Instant Switching" and "the power of the cloud."  Nice. 

     Besides, if power and specs mattered, Nintendo wouldn't have sold a bazillion Wii's.

Source [ OXM ]


  1. Actually,he's right,we don't generally know how the games will turn out just by perusing the specs lists some of which are based on rumor, even as of right now.Taking a gander at the next-gen games of E3, the XB1 line-up looked in fact pretty much comparable to the PS4 line-up, and at this moment that is sufficient for me.Thank you.
    ~Jamie Ray.

  2. First, thank you for commenting, and second- you are absolutely right. They look close enough to not make a difference. I honestly prefer plenty of games that are playable on old systems. If the hardware and specs aren't being used to their full potential it doesn't really matter. When it comes to me, I prefer Sony, but still play all the other systems.
    Thanks again for commenting!