E3: The Last Guardian- Confirmed "On Hiatus."

     Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Jack Tretton confirmed the "on hiatus" status of the long awaited The Last Guardian to video game journalist Geoff Keighly from GameTrailers TV.
The Last Hiatus.
     Team Ico at SCE Studio Japan originally announced it as a PS3 game during the 2009 E3 show.  Much speculation had many believe it would be pushed to the PS4.  After all these years of setbacks will the game get the overhaul and enhancements needed to compete with the staggering competition growing in the mean time?  I hope so.

     Each bit of news dashes what little hopes I have remaining for this.
     They should hire another company to just boost the visuals, as they are starting to lag behind- not unexpected as the game is 5 years old even before a release date is set.  

     Seriously, at this rate it'll be out on the PS11 some time in 2038.


  1. Just be patient. Team Ico NEEDS to make a new game, they're too amazing.

  2. No doubt- I'll take whatever they put out, and I'd rather wait for it to be "ready" than get an unfinished, sub-par game. Team Ico may need a few extra helpers, but many wait, and personally, I believe Sony is porting it to PS4.