Tasha the Husky

45 Lbs of sexy sophistication.
     About a week ago, I house sat for a friend of mine that I've known for almost a decade.  The purpose of the sitting wasn't so much for the house, but to watch his billion pets. 
     Numero Uno is Tasha the Husky, who I've been fortunate enough to live with on previous occasions.  The pic to the right I took on one of the days it rained.  Which was all of them.  I think that may be why she looks kind of sleek and glowing.

    Next was a cat named Avery, but for some stupid reason (probably my horrible allergy to cats) I couldn't remember her name for the entire duration I stayed there, so I just called her Meow Mix. 

     Then a single tank of fish and...

     ...a small army of 60+ pigeons and their little brood of peeping chicks.  The fellow I house sat for is also a Pigeon trainer, racer, etc.  You can find his info over at Laser Loft Racing blog. 
     It was an interesting week spending time with my old friend Tasha and co.  Although I spent most of the time there doing homework.  Lame.

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