Northern Spark: John Keston's "Teleportation Platform X" (Instant Cinema)

     There's a huge art festival Northern Spark is happening tonight as a city wide experience in St. Paul. I believe the last couple years it was in Minneapolis, but whatever. It brings together an art community for the entire night. Yes, ALL night. Really, it is an amazing show put together by a ton of talented people, if you are even remotely able- go to this. Hopefully it inspires more people to use their creativity. (Note: the weather is looking less than optimal.)
     For this second Northern Spark post I'd like to tell you about another project I've had the privilege of knowing about.  John Keston has been my teacher at A.I. MN this term and he's been giving us small insights into this project.  Honestly, it's highly intriguing:

     Instant Cinema: Teleportation Platform X is an improvisational concert and projection piece that provides subversive musical accompaniment for Northern Spark projects as they occur. The mobile conductor, David T Steinman, roams the festival shooting video and capturing sound. This content is broadcast in real-time to a projection screen and sound system for musicians DKO to follow as an audiovisual score. The combination produces an instantaneous cinematic experience and no one knows the ending.
     (The show is from 8:55pm until 5:25am)
     (Located directly across from Kelly's Depot Bar and Grill on Kellog)

     They are improvising music to a team member's video that is being filmed and relayed to a video projector the musicians are watching. So they are essentially making a score on the spot to a film that is being made on-the-go at the same time.
      That idea alone is unbelievably amazing. Like I said a highly intriguing project. So if you are in the area at the Northern Spark show- swing by and check this out.That idea alone is unbelievably amazing. Like I said, it's a highly intriguing project, and I look forward to what future projects this method may be applied to. So if you are in the area at the Northern Spark show- swing by and check this out.

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