Man of Steel: Kryptonian Easter Eggs

Superman sometimes suffers Super Irritable Bowel Syndrome
      I found something kind of interesting over on IGN in an article about the new Superman movie, the Man of Steel.  It has nothing do do with the amazing screenshot I took above.
“The gods, the religions of Krypton, the different guilds and the caste systems, the language we created; a Kryptonian language. When you see Krypton, there’s a lot of temples and things like that where there will be etchings in stone and all of the things that are rendered in the Kryptonian glyphs can actually be translated into things. So, we wrote each god as a sort of motto in saying each guild has a motto and saying and there’s some easter eggs in there,” Goyer explains.
     So I'm wondering what they'll sneak in there.  Will we get a hint at Darkseid and the New Gods of Apokolips?  Or perhaps a DC film version of a shared universe with a nod to the Green Lantern.  Maybe even something referencing Daxam or the Legion of Superheroes.  So many possibilites. 
     In other thoughts, could Bruce Wayne or "Robin" John Blake make a cameo?  How about Mr. Lex Luthor?  We'll get to see in just a couple of weeks.

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