The "Future of Final Fantasy"

     Apparently there will be a Pre-E3 Final Fantasy event on June 11 around 9am.  Square-Enix  has a big claim here that this will be the "future" of the series.  I won't get my hopes up because my Finalist Fantasies ended about 5 installments ago.
     The series lost my interest at FF X.  I didn't like 9, but I actually highly enjoyed 8.  And I REALLY enjoyed the mini game in 8 with the cards.  So much so, that I was demoted in game by 3 Seed ranks.
     And really, A Realm Reborn and Lightning Returns aren't really catching my attention.  Perhaps "Squeenix" can recapture that original magic from when the series started.  If they can make another game as enthralling as FF VII, they'll get me hooked again, but in the mean time- I'm not holding my breath.

     Hopefully they aren't announcing exclusivity or a 10 year plan complete with MMO conversion, DLC, and pushing us into micro-transacting the hell out of inventory items.  I mean I can only tolerate so much complexity in a battle system while wielding a 25 foot gun-sword while riding a Chocobo, calling for Shiva's assistance, and combing my indestructible hairdo.

     Then again maybe we'll learn where FF Versus XIII went, or if speculation is correct- it became FF XV.

     Speaking of VII- I wonder if they'll ever make an HD remake of it.  Doubtful as of now.  Besides that would technically be the "Past of Final Fantasy."

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