Northern Spark: Nicholas Straight

     There's a huge art festival Northern Spark is happening tonight as a city wide experience in St. Paul.  I believe the last couple years it was in Minneapolis, but whatever.  It brings together an art community for the entire night.  Yes, ALL night.  Really, it is an amazing show put together by a ton of talented people, if you are even remotely able- go to this.  Hopefully it inspires more people to use their creativity.  (Note: the weather is looking less than optimal.)
     My best friend Nicholas Straight will have a little show, here's the skinny: 

     Salutations! I'll be participating in the Northern Spark Saturday night! I'll be at the Analog Cave in the Bedlam Theater, from midnight to 3am... with other cartoonists! I'll be interpreting short bits of text... generated throughout the night by the public, transforming their words into neat cartoons and illustrations! Stop by... and say hello if you are out and about that night!
     If any readers happen to be out and about, swing by and cheer him on.  If not, click his name to visit his blog.  (These 2 images are his, and he also does freelance work.  So send an email!)

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