Some Political Crap

     With the elections coming soon, I feel I should post a little bit on my personal standings.

     My apologies in advance- I would like to state here that I am prObama.  Mitt Romney seems like a terrible choice, and Paul Ryan makes him even worse.  Because I am not a writer I will post links and pics, with a few comments.  This is really scatterbrained and all over the place, but that's ok, you don't have to read on.
     First up: Mr. John Scalzi is an excellent writer and has a post that says far more than I ever could.  Please read it:
And a follow up post, with many comments that I'd recommend be read:
     A Side Note:  If you're a fan of Scifi- buy his books- particularly Old Man's War.  Top notch stuff.

This fellow, from the last link's comments, hits the nail on the head, this is why I'm voting Obama:
Giant Panda says: Because life is not solely about money.
Because human rights include getting married, getting health care, getting an education, and getting assistance when in need.
     These things are what we as a nation should be working towards.
     This is what we should be striving for.

     Second:  Many examples of what are mostly Republican flubs.  How are these people maintaining any kind of power in government?  These people make me fear the path our country is heading into.  It is, quite frankly, a horrifying thought that these people are governing lives.

Here's a pic of some of the above quotes:
I must say I am absolutely disgusted by how foolish some of these people are.  This is a PERFECT example of why EDUCATION should be a MUCH larger priority.

Now a Pic that shows the actual GROWTH of private sector jobs that Mr. Romney still believes isn't actually increasing. :
A gif of Paul Ryan's thoughts for money distribution:
     Personally I know debt is a problem, it won't magic itself away, it'll take lot's of time, and it'll get worse before it gets better.   

     There seems to be a tendency for many Americans to believe that initiated plans need to work with immediacy, and that is quite impossible.  Things take time.  The pace is slow going, but it IS going.  The economy has turned towards the better and Obama is steering it that way.  There are reasons to believe Romney would slam dunk us back into recession.
     I believe Mitt Romney only understands that wealth means power, but he has no clue how to use it. The GOP has become a mythological dragon- hoarding wealth for wealth's sake. 
     The GOP in general has seemingly lost their minds- focusing on NON-ISSUES-
NON-ISSUE 1) Gay marriage should NOT be an issue, two consenting adults should be allowed to wed.  How can idiots like Miss Kardashian get a marriage that lasts only 72 hours, and it is considered sacred, but 2 loving homosexuals being married isn't?  I hope my generation remedies this.  They deserve FULL RIGHTS!  Plus- regardless of what some religions think, the CONSTITUTION promotes freedom of religion- so I'd say start a church that promotes gay marriage.

NON-ISSUE 2) Women's reproductive issues...  should be handled BY WOMEN.  This shouldn't be even close to a problem.  Sure, throw a couple males in if you want, but IT SHOULD BE DECIDED PRIMARILY BY WOMEN!  Not by old males living with an outdated world's ideals.
     If someone stabs or shoots you, are you then forced to live with the blade or bullet stuck there for 9 months?  No, it is stupid.
     I truthfully believe Mitt Romney is detached from real life.  How can he run a country when all he wants is power.  Nothing he, or the GOP, has said recently makes me believe they know ANYTHING about a majority of America(middle and lower class).  The GOP is full of unscientific claims, blatant stupidity and infighting.  How can they even expect to run something when all their old policies(George W. Bush's) ran us into the ground and are now being blamed on Obama, who is actually doing some good.  I have to say that I am not "for" all the things he's done, but honestly Romney is a monster and will only drive us into a worse situation. 
     We are on the verge of a disastrous hurricane, and Romney think governmental disaster aid programs are “immoral.”  REALLY?!?  That this problem should be on the state, and then on to the private sector?  Romney needs to be slapped.
     His stances on issues waiver, he says things simply because it could possibly get votes, and he bashes Obama on the birth certificate, but won't release his own taxes information.  I can't trust someone that feels like a robot.  As near as I can tell Romney's campaign is- "Vote for me, I have lots of money, and a secret plan that I can't tell anyone."
     I mean there are Republican House and Senate members who vote against perfectly conservative policies because it is more important to oppose Obama than to look towards the fixing of problems.  No compromising?  How can that help America?  Absolutely absurd.  These extreme right wing conservatives need to be flushed out with a younger and more thoughtful, educated group.
     If Mitt Romney becomes President, we might as well have elected the Joker from the Dark Knight Returns.  With the whole of the "Conservative" powers behind him things would look ominous indeed.   The only good thing about that is we can impeach if necessary.

     Even if you don't agree with me, please vote.  I'm done for now. 


  1. Hmm. I don't know you. Honestly I just ended up at your blog due to a Google result when I was looking for info on Borderlands 2 crashing when I killed Master Gee. But I saw in the sidebar subjects something about a political rant, and I like hearing the opinion of individuals not affiliated with journalism. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks. As a woman who, and obviously I'd rather not go into detail here, wound up pregnant through no fault of my own, and who's life would have been very much in jeopardy had I tried to birth the kid, it's extremely terrifying to think of what some in Washington would like to see happen in situations such as mine. And it's awesome to me to hear people, speak up for my right to have a say when it comes to MY life and my body. It's doubly refreshing to hear it from a guy. Not saying I'd expect guys to feel otherwise - just that it's generally not an issue that hits terribly close to home for them.
    You say you're not a writer, but I thought your post got your point across quite well :) Anyway, thanks and kudos from a random stranger.

  2. Thank you for commenting!

    Politics seems to have gotten way off track from what it was intended for. When the governing agencies start making decisions they can't really empathize with, or experience- problems tend to arise. A giant point coming from politicians that rule based on their religion. Wasn't the country founded, in part at least, on the basis of freedom of religious tyranny? There is a separation of church and state for a reason.
    Coming from a male health care worker, I see on a daily basis that many people are forced into decisions that may not be the best for them because of ridiculous laws. There should be choices, as many options as possible for all that need them.

    I really think the ones making the rules should be ones that are directly faced with them, not a bunch of old men that have lost touch with reality. Personally, I hope the changes happen soon, and by the looks of it, we are at least on the way.

    Truthfully, the womens issues should've been given to women to handle years ago.

    Once again, thank you for commenting!