Borderlands 2: Short Review

     With the new Borderlands 2 DLC - Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty- set to release tomorrow, I figured I could throw up a small review of the main game.

What has Claptrap been doing?!? Those posters, that oil!
     Well... as many already have found out this game is crazy, addictive, and absolutely hilarious. It is a must play.

     The humor is itself worth watching on it's own- much like watching a movie.  Handsome Jack and Tiny Tina have wonderful moments of laugh out loud hilarity.  There are hundreds of quoteable lines, and I must mention the Patricia Tannis torture ECHOs made me stop playing because I was laughing so hard.  The things they did to her ceiling chairs and her reactions are priceless.

     The few downsides are noticeble, especially at the higher levels.  One thing I definitely say is the difficulty hits ludicrously high spikes at times.

      For instance- there was one point where I had a group of guys 4 levels lower than our 4 man team was completely decimated, and because of the spawn point being placed where it was(near the elevator entrance underground in Sawtooth Cauldron) we were wedged in and repeatedly dying without a chance of escaping.  It was, quite literally- Spawn, Die, Repeat. 

     Another issue is the fact that not all characters are equal.  Axton, and the new Mechromancer Gaige, are super easy to play as.  Axtons turret is WAY stronger than it should be, and I've found that Gaige's Deathtrap can plow through enemies many, MANY levels beyond mine.  Whereas my level 50 Zero seems to be fairly useless towards the end of playthrough 2, even after respeccing a dozen times I still find that I'm getting 1-shotted by SIMPLE BANDITS.  He's fine at a distance, but if you get swarmed, you're screwed.  And the Bloodshed tree became unuseable for me roughly 25% through playthrough 2.  That's with a full on melee build.  Trust me, I am a fairly decent player, so I do know what I'm doing.  As a side note- Maya and Salvador are both decent and their skill trees are all fairly useful.  I quite enjoy playing as Maya, but the gunzerker is just not my thing. 

     Anyway, despite the difficulty spikes, this game is absurdly amazing.  Play it.

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