Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

     A few months back my friend Nick and I had a great idea for a Ninja Turtles comic.  So I went out to gather refresher material and found a bunch of surprising news.  There is a new television series on the way(it starts tomorrow Saturday 09-19-2012 @ 10am Central time) along with a new toy series, and IDW comics has been making a new comic series for about a year.  It's also worth noting that the Michael Bay abomination has been put on hold.  Hopefully forever.
     Unfortunately for us IDW is not taking submissions, so perhaps we may finish and throw them up on the blogs labeled as "Fanfic."  We'll see how things go. 

     Anyways, as a kid I was a HUGE fan of the old Ninja Turtles series back in the 80's, so I am completely psyched for this new show(Starts Saturday 09-19-2012 @ 10am Central time).  Unfortunately I don't have cable, so maybe I can buy them on Itunes or Hulu them or something.
     The TMNT hold quite a large nostalgia value for me and this new wave of popularity is quite invigorating.  It is bringing back tons of memories.

Here's the trailer

     I really like the size distinction each turtle now has.  It really helps get their persona's down, and adds one more level of difference between the four.  The whole style the show is in looks pretty amazing.  The small visual effects add so much. 
     The only design I don't like is Splinter.  In my mind, he should be small, thin and sleek.  Not the plump, tall upright one they have.  Think of the original movie.  That Splinter in particular stands out as great because he is old and frail, but still holds his own against the Shredder.  The archetypal wise old sage.

     After a bit of searching, I also picked up a few of the new action figures, and I must say, Michelangelo has always been my favorite, and his new toy solidifies my renewed love of his character.  These figures are fantastic and would recommend them to any toy or Turtles enthusiast. 
     Then I went out and bought a bunch of the new IDW Comics series, and it is quite good.  The new take on their origin story is iffy, but it works well enough.  It's kind of like the old mutagen ooze origin, but with an added touch of reincarnation.

     Recently, due to this new wave of interest, I rewatched the first and second Turtles movie and the 2009 Animated Movie.  The first movie and TMNT were both good, and Turtles 2 is possibly worth skipping.  Maybe have a go at watching Ninja Turtles 2 and 3 just to watch them for nostalgia value. 

     It should also be said that TMNT: Turtles Forever is a MUST WATCH for fans because it is sooooo well done.  It's essentially a crossover event where many of the TMNT variations cross over with each other.  Multiple variations like the Eastman and Laird comics versions meeting the comical 80's cartoon turtles with each one done in the distinct styles they were originally done in.  So the early comic ones are in black and white and the newest cartoon ones are in full color.  There is some absolutely wonderful moments where their reactions to their other selves are priceless.

     For any readers, that are also Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans, out there, enjoy all the new stuff you can.  Things are looking up for these 4 Mutants once more.

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