Red Country: Lamb in Joe Abercrombie's Book

     I would like to start by saying the awesome sculpt of The Bloody-Nine here is by a fellow named "Toastman" from the link below.  I found it years ago, and still think it is quite accurate.  Down to the missing ear piece, busted cheek bone, and his left eye's lowered epicanthic fold.  Magnificent piece sir.  I personally would've added more scarring and a bit more of a tattered look to the clothes.  But I don't know if "Toastman ever finished and colored this.

Here's the link:


     There is some hope on many readers parts that the character of Lamb in Red Country will turn out to be Logen "The Bloody-Nine" Ninefingers. Mr. Abercrombie's version of a Northern barbarian berserker type Conan/Wolverine amalgam(in my opinion). He disappeared at the end of the First Law trilogy the same way he appeared, a fall into a river, and this could be a possible continuation of his story, as a supporting character.

     I personally won't believe it until after reading the book myself, because many thought he was going to show up in Best Served Cold and Heroes, but that didn't happen. The mystery of when he'll turn up is enough for me. Maybe never. It doesn't matter really. I thought he was an amazing character, one of my favorites in the series, it's just that maybe he doesn't ever need to return. Just the idea of him being out there, with the "Bloody-nine" portion or not, is a brilliant idea. A boogy man to reside in the backs of their minds.  A fighter so feared that just his presence is enough to scare the shit out of other warriors. 

     In all reality, the "Bloody-nine" might be a spirit of some sort, and Logen would be left on his own to fight.  Not that it would change him too much, as he was a fairly skilled fighter anyhow.  Logen was going into a berzerker mode, but it seemed more of a demon or some such was kicking in and taking control.  It makes sense as Logen could communicate with and hold spirits, rare as they are- like with the fire spirit near the beginning of The Blade Itself and then again at the edge of the world on the Seed quest.  Maybe one really nasty spirit just latched on and would take control in times of desperation. 
     I personally believe he lost the Bloody-Nine when Bayaz's last spell caused an explosion in Adua and Logen felt "something knocked loose in his skull that he might never get back." (Note: I couldn't find my copy, so the quote might be off a bit)  Which would also explain why there was no support from it when Dow wanted to kill him, leading to Logen's last actual known whereabouts- jumping/falling into a river.  His end was as his beginning. 

     Although... Bayaz, first of the Magi, did say about Logen in the Heroes,

"If anyone can cheat the Great Leveller it was- or is- he."

     It should be noted that Shivers very well may have inherited the spirit of the Bloody-nine.  Starting with the episode he had in Best Served Cold.  Sure, there are differences in the way Logen and Shivers manifested it, if that's what was happening.  But Logen said when he first started getting it he couldn't control it and as time went he could keep it contained or at least somewhat subdued. 
     Then in the Heroes Shivers' path towards becoming the new Bloody-Nine is even further pushed along by the killing of Black Dow and the inheritance of Logen's sword, one of the blades of the master Maker, Kanedias.

Lookie at Mr. Abercrombie posted on his blog!  An extract for our reading pleasure.

     All right, after reading this extract, I will put a small bit of faith in those that think Lamb is probably Logen Ninefingers.  Lamb's quiet, practical ways seem to be VERY much like Logen's were in the trilogy.  With or without the Bloody-Nine, I hope to see even a small bit of Logen in other stories.  Whether in person or in mention, like in the Heroes.  This extract seems to hold a glimpse of hope in that direction.

     One more thing, I REALLY hope Nicomo Cosca- the Captain Jack Sparrow of the First Law world- has Friendly still in tow.  They made a wonderful couple of comedic genius.

Regardless of delays, this is a highly anticipated new release from an amazing author.
Mr. Joe Abercrombie, keep up the great work.


     Oh COME ON!!!  We North America readers get a delay AND crappier covers!?!?!?
Seriously!  Looks as though I'll be ordering from the UK then.  Probably a small stack to give out to friends here in the midwest.

     On a side note 1- When will we learn more of Shenkt's story?  I want to know more of this time-slowing Eater with a severe dislike for Bayaz.  I mean if he makes Yoru Sulfur a bit on edge, there's got to be some serous potential for badassery.

     On a side note 2- does anyone else wonder what happened to the 4th brother.  Euz, Kanedias, and Glustrod have all been sort accounted for but what of Bedesh???  All right maybe all the past times are unclear.  Maybe only Kanedias is dead and all the others are hiding.  Perhaps Bayaz is actually one of them, under a name to cover the multitude of stupid things he's done and mistakes made.  Could Bayaz himself have been the one responsible for devastating Aulcus and left it a dead city? 
     Could Bedesh be the Prophet leading the Hundred Words and creating war against Bayaz?  Or, on a very, VERY long shot- could he be the spirit of the Bloody-Nine?  Living on as a spirit through a series of successive hosts...
     I wonder... How crazy would it be if Bayaz was pulling a "1984" and all of Khalul's war is actually Bayaz's own doing.  Bayaz controlling both sides and Mr. Yoru Sulfur can pretty much be whoever he wants to be...  shape shifting... Eaters have such wonderful benefits.


  1. Abercrombie's best one yet. The character development and dark story lines get better and better. I can't wait for his next book!

  2. No doubt about it- I love the western theme, and the fact they never use Logan's name- in my mind it's a nice nod to Clint Eastwood's "The Man With No Name." Brilliant. I'm quite excited for the Rogue's Anthology (out already) and the soon to be released Half a King! So much Abercrombie on the way!