Borderlands 2 Countdown: 2 Days!

     Only a couple days until I shall be enjoying Skag and Psycho slaying with a bazillion other Vault Hunters on Pandora in Borderlands 2.  Well I've been online looking for Borderlands 2 memorabilia and what not and came across a couple interesting things.  I've seen a couple posters that may hint at insanely huge bosses in the game.

      There's something on the creatures of Pandora poster that comes with the Ultimate Loot Chest Edition that makes me wonder about gargantuan enemies.  This I noticed when it was first tossed up online, but I didn't have a reason to post about it.
     This poster makes me wonder if Crawmerax is the smaller of the crab worms because if I recall correctly he was roughly the size of the Rakk Hive. (I circled it in red on the bottom left)  And if Crawmerax is the smaller one, what is that positively titanic larger one???  Granted, I could very well be wrong on this, but it's just that I didn't think Crawmerax was THAT much larger than either the Rakk Hive or Rakkinishu above it on the poster.  I thought he was roughly an equal size with them, which is why I think the larger Craw monster isn't Crawmerax.
     Anyway- I also happened to see a massive poster that comes with a GamesMaster magazine that seems to have an enemy that makes Terramorphous look like a baby skag, in size at least.
     I'm curious to find out what it could be, as the poster only shows a mouth and maybe a couple legs.  Perhaps this is another Eridian relic, like a doomsday bio-weapon or something.  Maybe it's something akin to the vault guardian like the end boss of the first Borderlands?  A monstrous god they worshipped?  I don't know, just some thoughts.  Here's the pic, click to make it larger, and a link to the site that has it.



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