Borderlands 2 Countdown: 2 Weeks

     With only 2 weeks until Borderlands 2- the excitement is getting too much.  I've been seeing numerous new trailers that are giving small but very insightful hints at new game mechanics and weapons.  Gearbox is really taking Borderlands to an unbelieveable new level.

     I've also heard that there are already 4 DLCs planned to be released by June 2013.  There seems to be some people worried about it being to rushed in a small amount of time.  That's an intense schedule for them, but they have had a few years of prep time and whatnot to produce mass quantities of extra material.  I mean didn't all the DLCs for Borderlands 1 come out in a shorter time span?  I have no worries about the quantity or quality. 
     Really, the only DLC I personally didn't like was Moxxi's Underdome.  The horde waves are fun, but the no save point thing is fairly absurd.  The plus side of Moxxi's was THE BANK!!!  It was the only reason I used the Underdome after beating it.

     Anyway here's my most recent character from Borderlands 1 of which I'm eating up time until part 2 arrives:

My most recent  Lilith
Most recent character:
Pangolin PNG-700AWE Enduring Shield
Transfusion grenades
Pangolin Defender mod(+45% team shield capacity, +3 resilience,+3 diva,+4 inner glow) 
HX 4 Steel Anarchy(Torgue)
HX 430 C, KKA340 C, and HX200 B Combustion Hellfires
Sledge's ShotgunThe Legend Lives
SV12 Double Savior(Tediore)

     The Anarchy is for in-your-face fun.
     Sledge's Shotty for path clearing. (I laugh at seeing the pushback sending enemies flying!!!  Super hilarious to send a pack of crazy midgets sailing through the air)  This is great for close quarters destruction. I absolutely love this weapon. (Much more useful with Roland as a highly effective weapon for his CAUTERIZE skill along with shotgun ammo clip enhancers. A single pull of the trigger can fully heal with an 8 in 1 clip unload from this gun.)

     The Saviour is to regenerate the severe SMG ammo depletion from the Anarchy above(82 clip with a 13+ fire rate), and general run and gunning from a fair distance.
     And the Hellfires I switch back and forth through to burn the crap out of everything.  Wonderful fleshy-frying crowd control.  (Occasionally I flip to a pestilant stinger for armor corrosive goodness)
     Primarily I've been using Lilith for jumping into and assisting people in their last minute Trophy runs(PS3).  Once I finished the awful Trophy cleanup myself a while back- I had a PS3 Yellow light of doom and lost ALL my game saves- Mass Effect 2, Red Dead, Borderlands, oh sweet lord, I lost a LOT of half beaten games- so I had to replay everything- I've been periodically diving in to help whenever I can.  Truely the Claptrap Revolution trophies for the Bobbleheads is SUPER ridiculously hard.  It takes forever to get the collectables.  Trophies based on random drops are crap.       But, ANYWAY, for Borderlands the replay wasn't bad at all.  Highly enjoyable, and I found a bunch of others willing to help and share.  So I've been attempting to pay-it-forward because of all that help I received from the various forums I frequent.  !!!THANKS TO ALL OF YOU THAT HELPED ME WHEN I NEEDED IT!!!

     Previous plays I did with other characters were fairly varied.  I had 2 Rolands, one for assault and soldiering focused on pure attack, and one as team support and medic. 
     My Brick was 100% his namesake.  A giant brick to be thrown directly into the path of enemies.  He was all TANK!  Run in and through anything and anyone.  Out of bullets?  No problems here, his fists work just as well.
     Lastly on to the hunter Mordecai.  Of the ways to play Mordecai I tended to lean towards revolvers and Bloodwing.  Sniping is useful when I was acting as distance support, but I preferred revolvers- particularly the pestilant defiler.  Possibly my favorite revolver in the game.  I somehow managed to find a very nice high damage, 6 shot, good scope defiler and it was EPIC!!!

     Well...  two weeks.  TWO FREAKIN' WEEKS!!!  GAAHHHHH...

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