Borderlands 2 Countdown: 2 Hours!

     In just over 2 hours it'll be the release of what will most likely be the game of the year- Borderlands 2!!! 
     This post is a 2 parter- Part 1 is the launch trailer, and the 2nd part is a bunch of things I really loved from the first game.

     First is the launch trailer-  I would like to point out at about 56 seconds someone says what Hnadsome Jack is looking for is a "LIVING THING!"  Could it be what I was talking about in my last Borderlands 2 countdown post yesterday?  (Those 2 enourmous creatures)

     Here's the launch trailer!

Miscellaneous Borderlands 1 things I enjoy: 

     I really hope Patricia Tannis shows up a bunch in this game.  I know I've seen her in at least one trailer, so I know she'll make at least an appearance.  She's an absolutely wonderful character.  Everything she does is comedic gold.  From her tumultous relationship with an ECHO recording device, to riding a dolphin through fireworks, to her absurdly long fetch-quest for Claptrap parts and it's resulting creation of a robot version of herself to be friends with.

Here's 2 missions she sends you on to collect parts for her ultimate project:
Note the awesome Ghostbusters in the first one!
  • Tannis needs more parts to ensure the protection grid holds on her device’s ecto-containment unit, safeguarding against total protonic reversal, which would be extraordinarily bad.
  • The “popcorn” setting on Tannis’ device is malfunctioning. Well, it’s not so much malfunctioning as creating deadly mutant corn. A few more parts should fix that!
Here's a few of her quotes that I find quite entertaining:
First one has a nice nod to Back to the Future!
  • I'm going to need a nuclear reaction to generate the 1.21- Oh hey! Hello! Welcome to my secret lab. Secret lair? Terror pavilion! Yes, I like that one best. Hey, you look like you're into experimentation, maybe dabbled a bit in college. Head down to the Hyperion Dump to find parts for my totally legit, in no way morally reprehensible secret project. There should be plenty of scrapped claptraps ripe for the picking; sure are a lot more of the buggers puttering around. It'll be easier than stealing candy from a dead body!
  • Don't worry, the claptraps don't feel a thing. It's no worse than stealing a drifter's kidneys and leaving him in a tub of rice. What? Ice? Uh-oh...
  • Do these teeth make my gums look fat?
  • The anklebone's connected to the leg bone. The leg bone's connected to the plutonium. The plutonium's connected to this rubber duck. Man, I'm gonna need some more parts.
  • Flynt was an employee of mine but I fired him for gross incompetence. When he left, he stole a fragment from me and punched my dog, which was the fourth and final part of the key. The fragment is part of the key, not my dog.
  • Day 653. Today is my birthday. I've been alone for an incalculable amount of time. A convict accidentally crossed over into my encampment this morning, and I allowed him to look about before I shot him in the back several times. I was immediately filled with regret upon doing this, because the human contact, no matter how awkward, would have been nice. I've decided his name was Lesli, and he had a troubled childhood where people would make fun of him for having a girl's name, and the torment eventually lead Lesli to a life of crime and debauchery. There was a tattoo on his bum that looked not unlike the name, 'Patricia'. I might have imagined the tattoo. The experience compelled me to move the Vault key fragment I found so that it can be safe. It's extremely important. So I've given it to the man known as Crazy Earl. He's not crazy. He doesn't like people. The Vault key will be safe with him... I also gave him my underwear.

Next up is a wonderful Easter Egg: 

     Crazy Earl sends you to rescue his cute pet that was taken by bandits for a death ring fighting competition.  His name is Skrappy.  Well, if you save him then after beating the whole game if you return he's massive, and listed under the name Skrappy "All Grown Up."

Then some graffitti bandits are writing about Mad Moxxi:

If it took more than 1 shot...

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