Batman: Arkham City: Secrets and Easter Egg Thoughts

     Arkham City is an absurdly huge game.  I just finished catching the Riddler after like a year of solving his 400 puzzles.  It gets tedious.

     Anyway with the, as of yet unfound, remaining Easter Eggs someone posted a comment on an earlier blog about the eggs.  They mentioned how Ratcatcher was caught by the Penguin and dragged in to the museum and hasn't been seen since.  This could be like Scarecrow - he'll get a bunch of mentions but no actual screen time.  Of course I do recall a couple goons talking about a guy getting eaten alive by a bunch of rats.
     Well I only had about a half hour to look around so I made a quick trip around and through the museum.  Of, course I didn't find anything.  But maybe he has more stuff in locations that have plenty of rats. 

     However, a few mentions of curious things is in order.  First- there is one table top display case that is set upright leaving the wood table exposed.  I tried the explosive gel and radio tuner.  Found a big, fat nothing.  Second- What's with all the snakes in the War Room?  They're on the gates, chandelier, and in at least 1 of the large display cases right outside the room.

     And Thirdly- this is the only thing of any real substance I have, and I'm sure someone, somewhere has already thought of this stuff.  The massive map on the floor is the same one the Riddler has, but, I'm wondering if all the things marking it here have any further meaning.  Clearly the penguins are his people, the chattering teeth are the jokers, and Two face's stuff is similarly marked with character based objects. 
     The things I wonder about are the black cans, the red people pegs, the green people pegs.  At first I thought the red pegs might be Azrael, but they aren't in the right places.  Any thoughts or ideas would be welcome.

     Then there is the wall photos here.  The major pic is the full map location of Joker over at the Sionis steel mill.  There is 2 darts on a circled portion reading Joker's office.  Could it mean a little something extra might be there?  Maybe a hint towards the already spotted pregnancy test, I don't know.

     Then the next pic of note is one that specifically says "Foundry Room."  It has "Inherent Akataphasia" written on the bottom and a bunch of smaller stuff I couldn't read.  Inherent akataphasia, as far as I recall from all the time at work with aphasic patients, is like an inability to put into words what you are thinking.  Around this picture is a few others, some are inside some outside of buildings.  The ones for an internal room say "Primeval Emotion!"  Could these be small hints at things hidden?

     I know a lot of people are referencing the hidden room in Asylum needing the explosive gel, but would Rocksteady do the same again?  Considering the Scarecrow barge, I would doubt it.  Although maybe there is a secret area that needs gel on the ground as opposed to a wall.  Multiple mentions of characters taking to the sewers is what gave me the idea.  Maybe a roof can be blasted open?

     Good luck to all those still looking for secrets and enjoying this game.  It's still holding strong.


  1. "Inherent akataphasia" and "Primeval Emotion" are also written in Killer Croc's room where you find his collar. There's 2 pictures of Killer Croc each one has a sentence below.

  2. Inherent Akataphasia is Killer Croc's skin condition and primeval emotion refers to Croc's behavior. Idk why they are on the other pictures...

  3. Akataphasia is not a skin condition- it's a speech disorder related to disorded/jumbled thoughts. (Phasia is related to speech, dysphasia, aphasia, etc.)