Borderlands 2: DLC's Captain Scarlett & Mr. Torgue's

     First off - About Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage- after seeing the trophy listings and looking on the forums- why does everyone think it'll be some kind of racing game?  The checked flags design is part of Torgue guns paint scheme.  Sure, there could be some racing elements, but I think it's just a part of the Torgue company's logo and not indicative of a raceway flag. 
     I would even guess that Mr. Torgue is obsessed with EXPLOSIONS!!!, and possibly would enjoy an Underdome-type slaughter-fest.  Honestly, I hope for a game like The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.  It was so expansive and fun.  Maybe throw an Underdome/Slaughterdome in as an optional mission.  It should be said  that adding the fast travel to Scarlett's Booty(lol) definitely was a GREAT choice, it was awfully tedious having to drive back and forth through Knoxx so frequently.
     Looking forward to seeing what Mr. Torgue's has to offer, even though I personally don't like Torgue manufactured goods.
     So after playing the crap out of Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty, I must say- it's both highly entertaining and extremely frustrating.   
     The main mission and side stories are all well and fun(note: I played as Zer0 in play through 2.5), but the last 2 missions are ludicrously difficult.  I mean TRULY, ABSURDLY, OUTRAGEOUSLY difficult.  Some gamers can afford to waste massive amounts of time on boss fights and raids, but some of us are not. 
     I like to enjoy the completion of the game and Hyperius and Master Gee are hampering that.  Then when they are beaten, I've heard there are glitches that prevent credit from being given.  It happened to me with Hyperius- we got a 4 man team to beat him over a 45 minute fight, then game froze.  It's also happened to me with Vermivorous on numerous occasions.  Every time we've beaten him, the system either freezes up or he just vanishes with like 10% health remaining.  I love this game, but these problems need to be addressed quickly- as they are killing the enjoyment factor quite swiftly. 
     Even Terramorphous is much easier than these two, and he took me forever to beat.  Getting knocked off a cliff repeatedly and forced to restart the fight gets tiresome REALLY fast.  At some point- a fellow gamer gave me a Bee shield and Conference call shotgun to speed things up, and I thank them much for that.

     Anyway - I do appreciate the fact that both Hyperius and Gee can only be beaten once every 24 hours.  On the flip side making the sub-par Seraph weapons take 14 days of raids to gather enough Seraph crystals to buy is just stupid.  After a week of trying, I've only managed to gather 9 crystals.  That's a single Hyperius raid that didn't freeze on me with a groups of 4 people playing.  I'm getting to the point of why even bother. 
     So- I'm going to attempt to beat Gee and call it quits until the next DLC release.  Hopefully it'll be better balanced and less buggy.  I'm more than willing to wait for a bug-free game.

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