Borderlands 2: Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage and New DLC ideas

     With Borderlands 2's next DLC- Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage- on it's way I'm really thinking about all the things that could be added to the game.  The only thing I could guess about this DLC is that Mr. Torgue will be some kind of Michael Bay 'Splodey-pants obsessive.  Perhaps he'll even part Transformer.  Always using capitol letters and explosions. 
     I saw earlier today that Mr. Torgue took over Gaige's twitter account.  There are many YELLING TWEETS AND!!!  In addition- a picture and video have been released.
     By the looks of the pic, he's Macho Man Randy Savage's brother on a motorcycle.  Maybe this does have something to do with racing.  Maybe a Bike as a new vehicle?

     Here's the video link, as the embed feature doesn't seem to work for me today:

     The first thing is  I'd like to talk about is NEW PLAYABLE CHARACTERS:
     Gaige the mechromancer is a hell of a tank, and super fun to play as.  It is a wonderful start for expanding the story with another playable character.  But for the new one(s?) I really thought about what could be done.  There are plenty of opportunities in Borderlands. 
     My first thought is of a Hyperion robot that has gone awry.  Really, their characters in game are great- MAL, Jimmy Jenkins, H3RL-E, Innuendobot 500, C3n50r807- so why not have a damaged or modified Hyperion bot just doing whatever it wants?  Think of all the things Gearbox could do with this idea. 
     How fun would it be to play a tiny Hyperion bot like Jimmy Jenkins or P3RV-E?

     I mean, even a larger loader-type robot that could deploy a Wee Jet loader or, even better, have a loader that houses a Loot Midget.  We have Salvador the Gunzerker, but he really isn't a midget.  I would love to see a playable character that is super dinky.  Possibly because of the size have a smaller hitbox, but take more damage to balance them out a bit.
     Or a WEE Bandit character riding a Skag?  Maybe that would be a special ability.  A bandit character with a Skag would be wonderful.

     Another new Playable Character idea- one of Handsome Jack's doubles.  Maybe even a Handsome Jack New-U spawn that gets messed up in the spawn process.  He could have a ButtStallion special or some such.  What about calling in Hyperion forces, maybe a Moonbase launched robot?

     What about a Guardian character?  We haven't seen any of them for a while and could use some story of what they are.  Are they Eridians that were left behind to guard the Vaults?  Are they bio-organic machines made to protect something?  Perhaps part of Tannis's studies on the Eridian culture has resulted in a method of communication with any remaining Guardians.  Or- if Atlus or Hyperion have killed them all off - why can't someone use a New-U, scan the remnants and then "print" more?
     Then of course the Seraphs.  I would like to hear more about these mysterious beings.  If they aren't used as playable characters, at least give us more information and history of the Seraphs, Eridians and Guardians.

     On to the GAME CONTENT section:

Claptrap's secret stash missions-
  • Defeat Ug-Thak, Lord of Skags
  • Pilfer lost staff of Mount Schuler
  • Defeat Destroyer of Worlds
  • Dance, dance, baby

  •      When will these be playable, or at least referenced?  Like some guy heard of another guy that wen looking for the staff and was obliterated by the Destroyer.

         How about a trip to the Hyperion moonbase.  This is almost a given with one of the DLCs.  It's been there the whole game teasing us.  Populate it with 100 Handsome Jacks due to abusing the New-Us, and continuously respawning more until you delete his New-U save information...

    ...or... the game spawns a version of YOUR character that you have to kill(your own Doppleganger) - explain Jack's "scarring"- why it's a blue color).  I don't know, but this should be definitely a complete moment of overwheming insanity.

         Also what has Mr. Blake been up to all this time?  I figure he's helped the "good guys' on a number of occasions so he could make an appearance, perhaps a mission giver.

         Reveal the Cult of the Vault.  At least shed some new light on wht it is.  Seriously, they leaave symbols in all kinds of odd places and are themselves no where to be found.

         Atlus returns- perhaps an interplanetary ship returns, a derelict ship, lost manufacturing plant, a gun legendary stash buried somewhere, Marcus' salvaged atlus guns- SOMETHING!  I doubt in the 5 or so years since they were mostly destroyed there has to be something left somewhere on Pandora.

         More use for eridium(specifically MASSIVELY increasing the bank/vault/claptraps stash)- if it's so rare why do I have more than I can use?  Many players are in agreement- the bank needs a massive overhaul.  I recall hearing that players wouldn't need to worry about bank space.  That is NOT the case.  I have like 8 mule characters just for the bank space.  Maybe combine it with Claptraps stash into a wonderful super vault of weaponry. 

         More vehicles: Make a Buzzard or Skag vehicle.  The skiff is neat, but I want either a flying Buzzard or something ALIVE- enemies can ride Skags, why not us?  What about a Rakk?  Best of both worlds.

    ...and baby Bloodwings.  I saw an egg/baby in the end credits...

         More updates later.

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