The Potato Fairy?

Hey peoples this is just a recap of the morning of Oct 18, 2008. I woke up, got ready and left to get some delicious Panera breakfast. What did I discover? Low and behold, I had been visited by the Potato fairy! A rare and magical cousin to the Tooth fairy.

While I was in the land of sleep this little creature decided I was to be blessed with the gift of a raw spud upon my car's windshield. I do truely feel that a good thing has occured.

A beautiful sunny day and a visit from a formerly non-existant mythological being. What strange lives we live.

1 comment:

  1. I think you should use this positive energy and surround yourself with it. Perhaps bring it to the gym with you. Maybe, just maybe if you leave it on the night stand you will be visited by a magical creature, they call it a "female" and when this creature enters your domain you will blissfully enjoy its presence. You will be become one with it, all because of this spudtastic phenomenon!