I would like to talk about the Petrellis, and their abilities. Specifically Arthur, Peter, and Gabiel(Sylar). All three have absorbtion/mimicry powers in some form. From the way it looks Sylar and Arthur need to touch the person(or brain), whereas Peter's appears to rely on proximity.
Arthur and Sylar seem to have an intuitive knowledge of how to use the powers. While Peter's power is set off in various ways. Such as times of need(healing), automatically(invisibility,phasing), or emotionally upset(Ted's power).

Here's the ones I can remember:

Peter's absorbed abilities:
Precognitive Dreaming(Angela Petrelli)
Precognitive painting(Isaac/Sylar)
Putting people in other bodies(Future Peter)
Healing(Claire/Adam Munroe)
Knowing an objects history through touch(Sylar)
Super Hearing(Sylar)
Liquefying objects(Sylar)
Space/time Manipulation(Hiro)
Nuclear radioactivity/Exploding(Ted/Sylar)
Super strength(Nikki)
Super strength from fear(Knox)
Blue Flames(level 5 guy)
Magnetic manipulation?(2nd level 5 guy(May not have gotten this)
Super speed(daphne)
Persuasion(eden/Sylar(not sure of this one))
Super memory(Sylar)
Power stopping/Memory steal(Haitian)
Electronic Manipulation(Micah)
Midas Touch/Gold(Elle's Dad/Sylar)
Sonic Scream(Jesse)
Mohinder's grossness(???)(future Mohinder)
Power Steal(Arthur)
(One future Peter has normal fire)

Sylar's Learned Abilities:
Telekinesis(guy in watch shop)
Freezing(Body of person where Parkman finds Molly)
Super Memory(Charlie)
Liquefying Objects(Zane)
Super Hearing(Mechanic lady)
Precognitive Painting(Isaac)
Nuclear Radioactivity/Exploding(Ted)
Midas Touch/Gold(Elle's Dad)
Knowing an object's history through touch(Bridgett)
Sonic Scream(Jesse)
Undisplayed(previous kills are mentioned, but the powers not shown)
(Maya's brother? Candace's view altering/shapeshift)
(some powers 'lost' from Shanti virus, but future Sylar(s) had/have Ted and Candace's powers)

All Peter's abilities(only electricity shown)
possibly has telepathy(implied)

Well, what I want to know is what the hell is wrong with Peter Petrelli? Future Peter is all badass even without the healing(that should have worked because of proximity to Claire in the future, unless he loses them to Arthur then picks up some other artificial ones). But anyway, present Peter seems to be an idiot about using powers. Like when he was retrieving the virus from the vault. He strained with telekinesis when he could've just phased through it. He also apparently doesn't remember that he has the Haitian's powers. Maybe he's using them on himself, and just doesn't remember. Then of course he could always heal and remember. So when he enters his father's room instead of using the Haitian's power stop, he walks in, becomes visible, and immediately does... NOTHING!
It serves him right to lose his powers to his father. Loser.
Although by Peter picking up Sylar's Ability, the understanding, the mechanics of how powers work, he therefore passed them on to Arthur, along with "the hunger". Perhaps this is a form of power poisoning?
Why don't they send the Haitian with some ultra-potent Shanti virus, and shoot Arthur up?
I believe pansy Peter deserved to be metaphorically spanked by Papa Petrelli.

On a side note here are some other things I wonder about:
Maybe future Ando killed a shapshifter instead of Hiro.
What the hell happened to Claude? Is he still around being a super voyeur and all around jerk?
Oh, and I really enjoy how Peter left Caitlin in the Virus future. What a dumb@$$.

On a creepy note Peter could have used the healing power and Sylar's power to learn the inner workings of his own brain-matter. Could have been a great scene. Peter digging around in his own skull, with Sylar supervising.


  1. peter is the biggest plot hole by far. Maybe thats why they had his dad take his powers. so that they could kind of start over with him. and i totally agree how retarded it is that they start a love story with peter.. and then just completely go away from it.

  2. I don't know anything about this hibbidy jibbidy and I am not sure I am hip to it's jive but pappa Barsody is one cool cat but he is NOT allowed in the Boom Boom Room!

  3. Didn't Peter get freezing from Tracy in the plane? I don't remember Sylar being able to freeze ever. Also the random blue flame guy is Claires Uncle/Birth mom's, brother.

  4. Peter's Freeze mentioned is from Sylar's in season 1, which Sylar got from Molly's parent(or possibly one of the previous kills). Sylar used it to make it snow in his mother's place and displays the ability in "5 Years Gone" as well.

    For the Blue fire, this was before they had mentioned his relation to Claire's mom.