Borderlands 2: SXSW Interactive This Weekend

     Gearbox will be presenting some stuff at SXSW this weekend: http://www.gearboxsoftware.com/community/articles/1010/gearbox-at-sxsw-2013

Here's a bunch of stuff you'll never actually get!
     That they're doing this itself isn't a surprise, but I am quite curious to see what gets announced this weekend.  Mostly because Gearbox and Mr. Pitchford have been extremely quiet since the massive Aliens: Colonial Marines fiasco.  Personally I believe there is still plenty of hope, despite repeated letdowns from over-hyped Borderlands DLCs and Aliens.  Not much hope left for Aliens to get the fixes it desperately needs, but for them to focus on Borderlands is what'll probably happen.  Take the spotlight off their shame.  Borderlands is their money making work horse, so much so it is hurting their other games.  While I enjoyed the DLC's and Aliens, they were NOTHING like what was advertised. 
     *cough cough*  ...Duke Nukem Forever...  *COUGH!*

     Gearbox- this weekend you will have a chance at redemption.  Surprise us, make us be enthusiastic about Borderlands again.  Tell us what is in store for our beloved Borderlands franchise.  Don't tell us about all the magical fluffy stuff that we want to hear, then not deliver.  We faithful Gearbox gamers want to know that you will make good on the promises made first and then what's to come for the series.  Notably the much larger bank space and the "Massive Expansion" of General Knoxx caliber size and quality.  We want to hear about the new characters and what's coming of the raise in level cap, but ONLY if it's actually going to happen. 

     Because of Gearbox's predictability here's what'll probably be announced:
1)  The alleged 4th "Massive Expansion" DLC is coming.  Possibly before the once stated "July" time.  No real time frame given- most likely to be listed as "soon," but I wouldn't be surprised if they push it off a while.
2)  An additional season pass with 4 more DLC's. 
3)  The 6th character that has been in the works for a while.
4)  Gearbox will be joining the micro-transaction bandwagon for skins, heads, and guns.
5)  Probable addition of 3rd Ultimate Badass playthrough.
6)  Level cap increase.  Or rather, no level cap raise because of [insert excuse here].
7)  Future of the Borderlands-  An announcement of Borderlands 3 or Borderworlds for the next gen systems.

     So with Gearbox's typical vague and over-hyped news, those are the types of things I think we'll get.  Not real answers, just things that a majority of die-hards have already speculated.
     I wouldn't be too off put by these things.  Just getting more DLC's would be nice.  New characters will hopefully keep it interesting enough.  New DLC's will, more than likely, be short, because they can make tons of money for less substance.  None of the 3 released were even remotely as large or good as Knoxx.  Sure there were a lot of backtracking, but the truth is, Knoxx's DLC had like 40+ missions, 2 new vehicles, and an epic Invincible with a TON of new weapons. 
     A note about the guns and loot.  Gearbox- increase the parts types.  I am sick of finding the same exact guns repeatedly.  Sure they may have minuscule differences in ammo capacity or damage, but they are close enough to be the same damn gun.  You can't say there are 87 bazillion guns if 75 bazillion of them are duplicates.  We want actual legendaries that feel NOTHING like the other things we get.  We want guns that have a wide variety of playstyles.  Maybe add a new rarity to introduce the new weapon types.  More differentiation.

     One big item for the hardcore Borderlands-ers is knowing that they planned additional levels for characters (as the Achievement/Trophy states- "For now") then were, as yet, unable to complete the job is crap.  Shouldn't it have been planned WHILE the other 3 trees were being made?  That simple foresight would've been helpful, hearing that the extra levels could be gamebreaking is not. 
     So Gearbox- give us concrete news, not a bedazzled turd.  Gold plated shit is still shit, and all of your supporters know it.  All we ask is honesty.  Don't repeat the mistake of Aliens.

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