Kick-Ass 2 Red Band Trailer

There's a dog on your balls!
     It's been a few years since reaing the original Kick-ass comic series, and a bit less since the first film- but DAMN does this second one look great!  I was worried when they adapted it for film that it wouldn't be as brutal or funny, but they did remarkably well and produced a highly enjoyable comic book movie.  Now I have no reservations for this one.  As it stands, there will be plenty of moments of laugh out loud humor in regards to horrible violence, something quite typical in Mark Millar's(wrote the comics) body of work.

     Of course Cloe Grace Moretz's Hit Girl and Jim Carrey's Colonel Stars and Stripes are stealing the show in the red band trailer.  If you've read the comics, they pretty much steal that show as well.  Hit Girl is trying to fit in at a school with all the "normal" girls and kids, and Stars and Stripes is a former bad guy, being a born again Christian trying to do "good" by turning away from his old ways.  Sounds like a recipe for violent and absurd humor to me!

     This'll be a must see.
Here's a link to the trailer(having trouble with the embed function): http://youtu.be/7UMbwxbgv8U

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