God of War: Where to go from here

     After slaying most of the Grecian world, where does Kratos have to go?  God of War 3's ending had a semi-hidden symbology that points to one conclusion- the Phoenix.  A bird carved in the stone Kratos is bleeding on. 
     Kratos could become a phoenix of Greek lore.  A chance to rise from the ashes he's worn since the tragic day he slew his wife and child.  It would give him an opportunity for penance as opposed to the unbridled rage that wound up destroying the Greek nation.   Think of Heracles- a man going into a self imposed servitude.  Completing tasks to help those in need. 
     Kratos could focus his rage to help liberate other lands.  A world tour of destruction.  What would the Egyptian gods do when a usurper came to overthrow their tyranny?  How about the Thor of Norse mythology- could Mjolnir be enough to stop Kratos?  Fujin and Raijin could be a dual boss battle in Asia.  Anansi in Africa, Coyote from Native America, and Tezcatlipoca in an Aztec world. 
     There's a wealth of world mythos to draw upon.  Kratos has a chance to grow into something more than a petty vengeful god.  Will the series continue in a new direction?  We'll have to wait and see.

     There's also this recent potential hint from God of War: Ascension that may be a clue to the future of the series.  The cistern painting and it's change once the "puzzle" is solved.  Then again, maybe there's something in the series people have missed.  An eclipse maybe? 
     Is it another land?  What is that mountain fortress, and where is it?

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