Comixology: SUBMIT: A Huge Opportunity

     This single new option should've been done a long while ago.  With the modern options for self publishing and E-publishing, this is something that should've happened already.  Something that one of the larger companies should have implemented long ago.  What makes this so appealing is the "advertising."  You now have the potential to be seen by a wide audience of comic loving peers.       

     Honestly, it is an unbelievable new option for all of us that are struggling writers/artists that continually get overlooked for work in the field of comic books.  Granted- this doesn't guarantee anything.  It doesn't mean we will gain fame or notoriety.  There is no sure fire way to be seen.  No sure way to be read or appreciated.  BUT, the sheer potential is amazing.  Just amazing.  This is an opportunity unlike most aspiring comics creators have ever had. 

     I feel like a wonderful future is on the horizon, despite the problem of being inundated with material in the comic book market- which WILL happen.  People will be forced to sift through a monstrous load of competition to get to whatever you/we/I produce.  But that won't really matter.  What does matter is that this will hopefully fuel a creative competition in the field to make the absolute, BEST possible creations, and that means something.  It means we now should look forward to, what I hope will be, a sort of comics Renaissance.
     This new option has renewed my hope and love of comics for the future.  My interest has been waning lately with all the lackluster titles and general apathy of the big creators.  I'm sick of all the predictable storylines.  Sick of the same stupid shit happening over and over.  The industry has become tired.  Where's all the access to indie greats?  It's here and now.  This could very well be a moment to give the big 2, Marvel and DC, a run for their money.  Image has done well, and Valiant is knocking it out of the park recently (I love Bloodshot and XO Manowar!)- but now, NOW- Comixology's "Submit" could change the field in a massive way.

     And you know what- we need this renewal.  New blood and fresh ideas to reinvigorate a sluggish market.  By sluggish I mean the market is over saturated with poor quality productions.  Stories and art that has lost it's appeal.  Does Wolverine have to be in 15 titles every month?  And as much as I love Batman, he may need a break.  Too much is bogging down the system.  It seems like some creators aren't even trying to produce better work.  It feels like they're just producing to make money, without the love behind it.  What happened to the excitement from years ago?  Storylines and cross overs that made me WANT to read and share and talk about.
     This is a great chance for bold new creations.  A chance for subtle beauty and creative freedoms to be restored.  A new avenue for imagination without the limitations of possible publishers that "might" consider your work.  I, for one, am looking forward to both creating and finding many new comics and creators.

     It's ridiculously hard to break into this field and I wish all of you well with this new road into the comics business. 

     Comixology's "Submit" is an opportunity.

     This is the time to act on all those dreams and aspirations. 

      This is our chance.

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