TMNT: Out of the Shadows

My original post draft from Oct. 2012-
     With the new TMNT show out and doing quite well- why hasn't this show been put into works for a video game?  Make it a 3rd person action beat-em-up.  The levels could be open world- free to go where ever you pleased.  Also- 4 player online multiplayer potential would be a given. 
     In addition, make more than the 4 usual selectable Turtles as playable characters.  Maybe I want to play as Casey Jones, April O'Neil, or Master Splinter.  Heck, make some oddball characters available, maybe exclusives for future DLC?  Fugitoid, Ray Fillet or Mutagen Man?  I want to see these old action figures come to life in the new style.  That added to a massive, open world video game and this has HUGE potential.  Think of the Lego Lord of the Rings game- a very large map world with replayable story levels embedded in it.  Something like that could do well using the vast TMNT universe.
New updated post because of articles and a trailer I just saw-
     Well, I should've seen this coming.  The trailer was released for Activision and Nickelodeon's team up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.  True to form, it is a 3rd person brawler/beat-em-up.  And there is going to be 4 player online multiplayer(presumably as co-op). 
     This would be the first of 3 rumored games in the works, and is set to be released this summer on XBOX live, PSN, and PC.
     My only real critique is- why are the Ninja Turtles so creepy looking instead of being ACTUALLY based on the new Nickelodeon show???  I swear I read a couple weeks ago that Activision was going to make games BASED on the new show.  While this doesn't appear to be connected to the show- I wonder why they are going this particular route.  What happened here?  The show is extremely popular and would draw in buyers solely because of that fact.  I know it's still pretty early, there isn't much in the way of screen shots and video, and there supposedly are 2 more games in the works- so, you know, things may change.  Is this a small hint at what Michael Bay is having in store for the TMNT?  I hope not, keep him away.

     I can only imagine that Michael Bay will be to the Ninja Turtles what Joel Schumacher was to Batman.

     Regardless, I grew up with these 4 in the 80's and am pretty excited to see them making a wonderful comeback. 

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