The Wolverine Pics, Poster, and 6 seconds of footage

Caught in his zipper!
     I see there is a plethora of new things for the upcoming film The Wolverine.  Horribly photoshopped posters and 6 seconds of random movie pics have not increased my hopes of this being better than X-men Origins.
     Apparently tomorrow we'll be getting to see 30 seconds of footage, and then the next day- an actual trailer- so I'll wait to see more.  The fact Jean Grey has been spotted is questionable.  Maybe she's just a cameo shoved into it.  Maybe a flashback, I don't know.  The cheese factor in the first 6 seconds is pretty high.

     Seriously Marvel- what the F***!- just give Wolverine the R rating and real grit.  I want dark and feral.  He is the best there is at what he does and what that is is a killer.  Not a hugger.  Make this and you will have a film to rival DC's Batman (Dark Knight) series.  It's what the fans want.
     Really, give this the real dark treatment.  We want Barry Windsor-Smith's Weapon X.  We want Chris Claremont and Frank Miller's Wolverine.  Wolverine deserve's an overhaul.

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