Gearbox at PAX East.

     Anyone else expecting a bunch of frivolous information from Mr. Pitchford at PAX East tomorrow?  Probably a bunch of vague, over-hyped statements mostly focused on their cash cow Borderlands.  They had the teaser for their new playable character stating that the new vault hunter was heading to PAX E, so at least we may get the full reveal.  I hope it's the previously mentioned "Quasimofo" as that sounds like an amazing character.
     Will they give any news on the raise in level cap or "Massive Expasion" for Borderlands 2?   How about the blunder called Aliens: Colonial Marines?  With a bit of work Aliens could be fixed.  By a bit, I mean a butt load of work.  It would be extremely nice if Gearbox would release statements on the mistakes made.  They can't ignore it forever.  A simple apology would go a very long way.     It would be nice to know that all the big promises we were given would actually be made right.

Gearbox's PAX East live panel-    (Sunday, March 24th at 12:30pm ET)

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