Tomb Raider: No Single Player DLC?

     Well, in some sad news- it has been said there will be NO single player DLC... at least for "now" it isn't in the plans.(see pic and link below)  While I sort of understand from a designer standpoint (where would the stuff go on the island?)  I'm certain that there is still plenty of unexplored areas on Yamatai, so what gives?

     The Tomb of the Lost Adventurer was an all too short extra for the pre order bonus.  I noticed the entrance to the tomb was already in game, just bouldered up to prevent access until later.  Anyway here's a pic from the interview on Reddit with Karl Stewart (Global Brand Director for Tomb Raider) and Noah Hughes (Creative Director for Tomb Raider)
Here's the link to the interview:
     Not too much of a problem.  I DO want more story and play, but if they are focusing on saving the good stuff for future game installments, I'll be fine with that.  How about some co-op tomb raiding?  I wouldn't mind that.  Everything is team deathmatch, and it gets old fairly fast.
     On the flip side- the multiplayer is pretty good, but it doesn't play nearly as fluidly as Uncharted 3's, I mention it because they are VERY similar.  It gets choppy with high frequency, even with my PS3- which is high end and runs super smoothly with damn near anything.  The hit detection appears to be off- I'd unload an entire clip into a person's head and torso and they 2 shot me with a pistol?  What the hell? 
     There is an additional issue I have, many times during multiplayer I end up on a team of 2 against 6.  Seriously, the team switch needs to be fixed.  It's enough of a problem when it's 4 on 4, and one team is all level 40+ against a bunch of under level 10s.  There needs to be a bit more balance added. 

     I do have plenty more to say about this game, but because the post is like 5 pages long, I'll break it down into smaller bits over the next few days.

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