Ant-Man: Edgar Wright

     Recently someone leaked a recording of the teaser trailer footage for Edgar Wright's Ant-man movie that was shown at San Diego Comic-Con International.  The small snippit I saw contains some very Wright looking shots, and has the feel of a classic era comic.  Ant-Man has a small but intelligent use of his shrinking powers to take out a couple guys guarding an elevator.  Is he breaking into somewhere or escaping?  The trailer also makes me think about the possibility of his Giant Man persona as well, and what kinds of things he'll use the ant communication abilities for.

     I know the IMDB site lists the main character as the Hank Pym version, but how will they handle him?  From the comics I'm familiar with the fact that he descends into an unlikeable character and ends up creating The Vision.  Which would be a wonderful tie in if they use Agent Coulson as the model.  Then Vision eventually leads to Ultron, a huge bad guy that is currently in Marvel's big crossover event Age of Ultron.  Hopefully, being the movie version they'll leave out the wife beating issues.

     Wright has a history of more lighthearted things like Shaun of the Dead, Spaced, Hot Fuzz, and most notably the wonderful handled video-game influenced Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  Which makes me wonder why he wouldn't want to go with the more morally ambiguous Irredeemable Ant-Man, Eric O'Grady.  Considering he was made by Robert Kirkman creator of the Walking Dead.  It would seem to be a much more fitting character for Wright, as the "hero" is highly reluctant, but ends up thrust into situations where he at least tries to do some good, and mostly sucks at it.  O'Grady, a low level S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, gets the suit from his best friend that had it when he died, and he primarily uses it for voyeuristic business, and as such he would make an interesting Ant-Man to watch, as he repeatedly lies, steals, cheats, but then tries to fit in by renouncing his ways and attempting to be a hero.  He would be the type of guy that would stop a robber, then shrink to tiny size to steal candy bars from a vending machine.

     If it is the Pym version, I'll wait to see how he is handled.  If it turns out to be O'Grady, my excitement will be much higher.  Because it's an Edgar Wright film I'll enjoy it either way.

     On a good side note- Wright is also responsible for my favorite fake trailer for Tarantino's Grindhouse films, a campy looking horror film called "Don't."  So well handled, it is absolutely hilarious.

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