A Few Good Drafts

     Hello readers, it's been a very busy time for me.  Plenty of awesome new games are out, I'm heading back to school, there are tons of great movies this summer, and I have a slew of other miscellaneous things in the works (stories, art, comics, etc). 
     With tons of things keeping me overly busy I may get a bit behind on output here- but hopefully these back up posts (the 76 drafts) will keep people happy and returning to this blog.  Considering there's only a "few" drafts to keep me afloat I can never be too sure. 

     What readers have to look forward to- posts about the future of Star Wars, plenty of Metal Gear ramblings, self made fan art, mini comics about Dead Space, a half finished pic of Valiant Comics' Bloodshot, stupid memes I've made, and random little comic strips.  Plenty of small things I hope will entertain anyone that happens to stumble by.


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